8 thoughts on “Virtual Prom Pictures

  1. Mrs Morrison

    All the photo’s look fantastic! Wish we were all able to be there and celebrate with you! Thanks to all your families for making your Prom Night a great success – you all did a great job with the decorations, costumes and party food!! Well done

  2. Kirsty Reid Post author

    There was a huge amount of hard work that went into these parties. Thank you so much for sharing all your pictures with me. I’m updating the pictures and videos with more as they come in so keep your eye on the post. Have a good rest today and we can have a nice week of reflection next week on the blog. K.x

  3. wlstephen.ferris@glow

    What fantastic photos and videos of a lovely crew from Pinewood. So sad we can’t have a send off together but so happy for the brilliant senior students who’ve left. Well done you guys!

  4. Pam

    How grown up you all look !
    Wish we were all there with you .
    Hope that you have all had a great time . Love the outfits by the way.
    Keep safe


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