Orange Class – Friday 19th June

Hello everyone and good morning!Hello

First of all today we have to say …….Cute Happy Birthday Card with Colorful Balloons - GIF

To one of our classmates who’s birthday is today!                                                                                All your friends in Pinewood hope you have a super birthday!

We will start the day with AssemblyClick on the link.

Let’s have some movement!

It is time for circle time.

It’s time for Lorna’s sign of the day.

Do you want to see what your friends have been up to?

Story Time.  This is for anyone with a birthday today!

Time for jobs for today.  Which ones will you do?

How about a bit of sensory fun?

It’s Time for Yoga.  We’ll take it easy as it’s Friday!  Level 1.

Finally, we can relax.

Have a fun Friday.






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