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Language Skills (Secondary)

Good morning everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the reading material yesterday. Today, you could look at the following: Butterfly Butterfly-life-cycle

Remember you can:

  • read the text
  • listen to an adult read to you
  • answer questions with a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response
  • answer questions with a choice of two or three options
  • answer the questions in full sentences.

Have fun!

Laura Leathem (Language and Communication Teacher)

7th May – Thursday

Hello Yellow Class!

Hope you are all well and everyone is keep safe.

Here is a guide to Thursday! Please take it at your own child’s pace.

 Circle Time – We start our circle time singing “hello – super simple songs” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVlcKp3bWH8

This is also the time we started to learn some Spanish. Leave you here some Spanish translations.

Good morning – “Buenos Dias”

Hello – “Hola”

How are you? – “como estas?”

We then talk about how we are feeling today (happy, sad, tired, and excited). We find how does the weather look like and what day it is –You can do your calendar book.

And we finish our circle time sharing the last day news – Feel free to share your news, sending me some photos of your day by email

 MovementHere some of our favourite movement songs. You can use this ones or any other of your preference





Life skills – I set up a challenge for you this week. What about help mum and dad cleaning the dust at your house.

Fiddly Fingers try this

all you need is some pasta and straws.

stringing pasta. pipe cleaner "needle". could also dye pasta Colourful pasta necklaces

STORYa nice story thanks to Lorna


Sign of the day – Don’t forget to be practicing the sign of the day – if you want to send me a video then feel free

Music – Go to the Music section and choose one of the activities that your Music teacher prepared for you. Have fun J

Sensory – Have fun with shaving paint

DIY Marbled Paper - The Best, Easiest, & Cheapest Method Step-by-Step

Dance – Go to the Dance section and choose one of the activities that your Dance teacher prepared for you. Have fun J