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Today in music we will ‘choose and sing.’ This week’s song to prepare for Friday’s assembly with Tracey is Special kind of Heroes.
Join in and have fun singing along.

May you find peace. For the next song you will need some shakers. Ask whoever is in charge of your kitchen for salt or spice container. You could even put rice into a tupperware dish and remember to secure the lid! There are a few signs for you to learn as well.

Finally we’ll finish with some relaxing music and enjoy some reflection time.

Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning Group 6

Here are today’s activities.

Morning Routines


Movement – How about a bit of superhero yoga today to get the day started!

ICT/Technology – Have a look at Steve and Kirsty’s posts today

Dance – Have you been learning Rachel’s new dance steps?

Story -A piece of cake by Jill Murphy

Story Challenge – Today’s story challenge is simply to bake a cake with some-one in your family, and enjoy eating it together!

Lorna’s sign of the Day

Fiddly Fingers –  Can you use your scissors to make toilet roll people with spiky hair? Once you have finished, you could give them a haircut too!

Cutting Invitation for Toddlers & Preschoolers with hidden learning & skill building opportunities! Practice Scissor Skills with TP Roll Haircuts!acraftyliving… Source by eimearpender Toddler Preschool, Toddler Crafts, Preschool Crafts, Crafts For Kids, Free Preschool, Preschool Curriculum, Toddler Play, Scissor Skills, Scissor Practice

Gardening/CDT with Scott

HWB – We have talked about healthy food and healthy bodies over the last few weeks. Part of keeping our bodies healthy is exercising. Can you play a game of PE Bingo with your family? The boards you need will be attached to today’s e-mail. Good Luck!

Cartoon color Fitness sign

Tuesday Challenge– This weeks Tuesday Challenge is set by Nicci! Will you take the challenge?


Group 5 Circle Time Tuesday 28th April

Hello Everyone,

How are you today? Today, I feel like Mr Forgetful because I keep forgetting to do things and forgetting what I have in my kitchen cupboards to make for dinner!

Mr Forgetful - GIF on Imgur

Who do you feel like today? Remember to ask someone in your house too?

The weather today looks like it is going to be sunny and cloudy but it rained last night so for movement why don’t you go outside and see if the rain has woken up any snails. Let me know if you find any.

Snail GIFs | Tenor

What are you going to do for life-skills today? Maybe you could make a sandwich. I wonder what you will put in it? I like banana and peanut butter!

Chunky Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

For ICT check out Steve and Kirsty’s posts or maybe try some online colouring ..


For Dance check out Rachel’s latest post. I am sure she will have something great for you to do.

Have a break and then come back at 10.30 for Story time. Today’s story is Mog and the Granny and it was chosen by Alex. Thank you Alex

Mog and the Granny by Judith Kerr

Check out Sign of the day with Lorna and then for fiddly fingers why don’t you find an interesting way of writing your name. You could use pasta …

Learn To Write Your Name With Spaghetti Letters | Preschooler Activity

or Lego

How To Make Lego ALPHABET (Complete) - 10664 Lego Bricks and More ...

or things you find in the garden…

Write Your Name with Nature — Edmonton & Area Land Trust

After lunch check out Scott’s suggestions for Gardening / CDT and then for Health and Well-being have a walk round your garden or, if you have a grown-up to go with you, round your local area.

Have lovely days and let me know how you are getting on.