What is going on in P2


  • We read the Big Book, the story about Anna. We were learning how to write a description
  • We were practising our handwriting with letters ‘Oo’ and ‘Pp’
  • We were learning about symmetry and patterns
  • We were practising counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, also we were making numbers in the most effective way using a Rekenrek
  • We were learning about God and Heaven. We shared our vision of how Heaven could look like. We also were learning about Jesus as the Way, The Truth and The Life
  • We were upskilling our Spanish, and we were learning how to say bread/pan, eggs/huevos etc.
  • In Science we were learning about our fifth sense, the sense of touch, we also were learning about parts of our hands
  • We started to learn Jingle Bells in BSL, as we cannot sing right now. That was good fun
  • We had our outdoor learning and we created clocks
  • In PE we had lots of fun with Mr Muldoon



Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Koziel



P3 and P3/2’s Busy Week!

This week P3 and P3/2 have been busy learning lots of new things across all of our curricular areas. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Maths- We have continued to learn about fractions. This week we learned to find halves and quarters of amounts. We have learned that we can draw pictures to help us solve these problems. We also learned about doubling and halving.
  • Literacy- In Reading this week we have enjoyed creating a new character for our books. We labelled our character and then wrote a description about them. In Writing, we have learned how to write a description. We know these tell us about a person, place or thing. They describe what they look like and what they can do.
  • HWB- We have learned about the right to privacy. We know this means that we can have a safe place. Adults have to help us protect our right to privacy, especially on the internet.
  • Social Studies- We have been learning about the phases of the moon. We know that this can appear as different shapes because of the way the light hits the moon. We also learned about shadows, we made shadow puppets and learned how shadows are created.
  • RERC- We have been praying for people who are special to us. We created memory crosses. We have also been thinking about what makes us special.


This week we have been…


  • Learning about the new sound ‘ea’ e.g. leaf, read, dream etc.
  • Learning about verbs, we know that all action words are verbs e.g. painting, singing, dancing etc.
  • Practising our handwriting with the letter ‘M’ ‘m’ and ‘N’ ’n’, we know how important is to have good handwriting.
  • Learning about giving change from 20p. We were using the smartboard, toy shop and worksheets to familiarise it more.
  • Learning about maths through a story where we were talking about a shopping basket and the items we could buy. We were thinking about how many items we could have all together.
  • We also have been learning about Queen Margaret of Scotland who was a great Saint.
  • Learning about our next sense which was taste.
  • In big writing, we wrote a recount story about the book; ‘Never bite a tiger’.
  • We also have been learning about emotions. We were talking about behaviour, then we analysed why sometimes our body is red, or why we cry sometimes.
  • To learn about anti – bulling, we had the discussion about situations which are not very nice and about what to do if something like that happens around us.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Koziel



P3 and P3/2’s week

This has been another busy week for us. Keep reading to find out what we have been up to.

  • In handwriting we have been continuing to learn how to form letters correctly for cursive script.
  • We have been learning about being kind.  This is anti-bullying week so we have been thinking about how to show other people we care and are kind.
  • We have been continuing to learn more about ten frames.  we have been trying to use the mist efficient strategy to show a number.
  • This is Maths through Story Week.  we have been reading the story Pezzettino and learning about halves and quarters.  We can find halves and quarters of a shape and number.  We also designed our own characters.
  • We have been learning more about nouns, verbs and adjectives and can identify them and write sentences with them.
  • We been continuing to learn our spelling words and looking at different sounds.
  • We have been learning about recounts and wrote a recount about tidying our bedrooms.  We shared our tips with our friends! We are experts at tidying up!
  • In RERC we have been learning more about St Francis of Assisi.  We tried to write our own prayers to thank God for all the animals and creation in the world.
  • Father Jeremy visited us this week.  He came to talk to us about God and the Church.
  • We designed a road safety poster for a competition about park smart.
  • We also discussed the special talents and gifts we have.  We created a display about the talents that St Nicholas children have.
  • This week we have also been using the laptops to complete quizzes on our Accelerated Reader books.

What a busy week!

P7’s Week

Outdoor Learning

We have been working on our team work by playing rounders. We are improving all the time!

We did a skills competition with Ross from Active Schools. We had to do things like dribble, jump, step ups. We hope we win!

We have been continuing to do our Daily Mile. We are trying to improve our time.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about decimals. We have been adding them and subtracting. We also had to work out missing number calculations.


We wrote an imaginative story. We were given a door as a stimulus and you had to write a story about what was behind it. It allowed us to be very creative.

We wrote another story about a girl in a jar. We were working on character development.

World War 2

We began our world WW2 topic. We learned about the Blitz, Blackout and evacuation. We also learned about the battle of Britain. We also learned about Pearl Harbour.

We are looking forward to another busy week next week.

Another lovely week in P2…


  • We have been learning about nouns. We know that a name of a person, place or thing are nouns. We were writing sentences and we pointed out how many nouns we can see.
  • We were writing about our weekend using extended sentences with connectives (and, so, but, because). We still practised capital letters, finger spaces full stops and adjectives. We were also practising the sound ‘ay’ and ‘ai’, we know that the sound ‘ay’ goes usually at the end of the word ( day, pray, say) and ‘ai’ in the middle (rain, main, paint).
  • In Maths we were learning about money. We were playing in our toy shop, but also we were using ITC games and traditional worksheets. We were adding using the Rekenrek. The most effective way this time was the near double strategy.
  • We prayed for people who died in our families and for the brave soldiers who died for our freedom as well.
  • In science, we still continued to expand our knowledge about our senses. We were learning about the sense of smell. We were talking about the most beautiful and the most disgusting smell for us.
  • We also had lots of fun during PE and outdoor learning. This week we made 3D shapes from outdoor resources (sticks, stones etc.)
  • We were learning about Road Safety. We know how important it is and we know that we need to: Stop – Think – Use our senses to make sure we are safe when we are going to cross the road.
  • We also had some time to learn about emotions. The topic for this week was about behaviour. We were discussing why sometimes our behaviour is not appropriate and what we can do to change it.



Have a nice weekend,


Mrs Koziel

New Nursery Routine

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to give you a little update on what has been happening the past few weeks at nursery. We are continuing to keep the children in two ‘bubbles’ but we have now transformed the classroom next door into another fantastic learning space. This means that including our popular garden we now have three learning areas for the children, meaning that the bubbles don’t crossover and the children can still access the same experiences as they would being in the nursery.

All these changes have been put in place to keep all our little learners as safe as possible during these unprecedented times. The staff are so proud of every one of them as they have coped with these changes amazingly well. These changes mean there is less children in each area at the one time and they all seem to embracing this opportunity, keeping busy and engaged in all the activities and fun on offer to them daily.

Staff members are also allocated to bubbles and this means that we when you arrive at nursery with your child, he/she will be brought in by the members of staff in their bubble. This is so we can keep the children in each bubble on separate sides of the cloakroom and we can only have limited numbers in here at a time. We would like to thank you all for your co-operation and support at this time and please be assured that staff will try their best to bring your child into the nursery as quick but as safely as possible. You may need to stand in que for a few minutes but this is for the safety of all the children and we appreciate your patience.

We also want to thank you all for wearing your masks in the playground and for keeping a safe distance from staff at the nursery door.

If you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak to a member of team, please give us a phone on 01506 858907.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend,

The Nursery Team


Snapshots of our week in P3!

This week P3 and P3/2 have been very busy learning lots, keep reading to find out what we got up to:

  • Maths- We have continued our Money topic this week. We have been learning how to estimate the cost of things. We know that an estimate is a guess. We have also learned to partition using ten frames e.g. 10 is made of 9 +1.
  • Literacy- In Reading we have been answering Blooms Button questions about our stories. In Writing, we have continued to learn about Recounts and we wrote our own about tidying our rooms and we will use this to help us at home.
  • Health & Wellbeing- We have been learning all about our emotions. This week we listened to a story called ‘My Many Coloured Days’ by Dr Suess. We then matched up the colours with emotions e.g. blue represents sadness. We created new characters that would fit in to the book based on the emotion we were given.  In PE, we played Eliminator and we also did some fitness drills.
  • Topic- We continued our Sun, Moon & Stars topic. We learned the way that the Sun, Earth and Moon orbit each other. We now know that this is the reason we have day and night.
  • Art- We created a picture of the Sun, Moon and Earth showing their sizes and their positions. We used oil pastels and focused on light and shade to show day and night on Earth.
  • RERC- We learned all about Remembrance Day. We know this is a day where we think and pray for those who passed away in war.
  • Music & Drama- Miss Doolan helped us to learn all about rhythm, we went outdoors and created rhythms using outdoor objects like sticks and stones.

Have a look at what we have done.

  • This week we were practising our sentences and we remembered about capital letters, finger spaces, adjectives, and full stops. Also, we were learning about the sound ‘ee’, ‘oo’ and ‘ck’ as well as reviewing the previous sounds which we have learnt before. In our Big Writing, we wrote a ‘Friendship Recipe’ and that was a very interesting experience. We were learning about past tense (eg. adding ‘ed’ at the end of a word or changing  ‘go to went, see to saw, buy to bought’ etc.)
  • We also were learning about differences between a fact and opinion. We know that a fact must be proven and opinion is only our point of view.
  • At Maths we practised counting in 2s forward and backwards and we were looking for the most effective way to make a number using the Rekenrek.
  • We were working hard to learn how to analyse data using pictures and Bar Graphs and also Tally Charts.
  • In RE we were learning about All Saints and All Souls Day. We were praying for the people who died in our families.
  • In Science, we were learning about senses. The next sense which we were learning about was sight. We know how important all the senses are.
  • In Art, we were making our Remembrance Pebbles. We painted them white and then we drew lovely poppies on them. We also made firework art when we were learning about staying safe during Bonfire Night.


I hope you will have an amazing weekend.


Kind Regards,


Anna Koziel

P3 and P3/2’s week

This week we have been learning about:

  • In ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ we were learning about why dark is necessary.  We looked at diurnal and nocturnal animals.  We know some animals are awake at the daytime and some at nighttime. Owls are an example of a nocturnal animals.
  • We have been learning about money.  We were looking at a restaurant menu and trying to work out what we could afford to buy.  We looked at the cost of the items and the coins we would use to pay for the items.
  • We painted a pebble for Remembrance Day and then we placed them at the  foot of the statue at the Strathbrock. we know  Remembrance Day is on the 11th November.
  • We were continuing to learn about recounts and this week we write a recount of the main events from our reading book.
  • With our rekenreks we have been using the strategy part, part, whole.
  • This week we looked at bonfire and fireworks safety and we created information posters. We know posters have to have information  and they need to be bright and colourful.
  • This week we also learned about verbs.  We know they are doing words.
  • We have been learning more about our emotions and feelings.  We tried to list all of the emotions that we know.
  • We had PE outdoors and we completed the daily mile and some games where we had to listen and follow instructions.
  • We have also been looking at different ways to show a number – we know you can use coins, tens frames, tally marks, words and pictures.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Another great week in Primary 1a, 1b and 2/1

We have all had another fun and busy week in Primary 1 and Primary 2/1. Here are some of the things we have enjoyed:

In Literacy, we learned the sounds ‘v’, ‘g’ and ‘z’. We also practised blending sounds together to read and write words – we are getting really good at this! We wrote a recount of a story called ‘The Bird and the Cat’ and some of us in Primary 2 tried our best to write short sentences with finger spaces. Wow!

In Maths we practised putting the days of the week in order. We know that we don’t come to school on Saturdays and Sundays as this is the weekend. We also learned about the seasons and the months of the year. This was quite tricky so we will keep practising this in school and at home.

Well done to everyone for trying Seesaw and Sumdog at home this week. Your teachers have particularly enjoyed seeing pictures and videos of your homework shared with us on Seesaw. Look out for next week’s homework and another maths challenge on Sumdog.

Finally, we have had some Halloween fun this week with a themed obstacle course in PE, arts & crafts, dances, emotion spinners and party games in our fantastic costumes!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


We had a lovely week!

  • At literacy, we were learning about recount stories using First, Then, Next, Lastly. We tried to include all our success criteria: capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and wow words. We were practising our handwriting and now we know a new sound: ‘ph’ e.g. pharmacy, elephant, Sophie or photograph.
  • At maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes properties: faces, vertices and edges.
  • For RE, we have been learning about St Ruth and St Jude Thaddeus, we know how good these people were and that they listened to God.
  • In Spanish, we were reviewing our knowledge and we were learning how to say: ‘Can I go to the toilet, please?’ ‘Puedo ir al bano?’
  • In Science we were learning about senses, the first sense which we were learning about was hearing.
  • We also had a chance to do some experiments this week. We know that hand gel with alcohol is flammable so after using it we should not go too close to a fire. Next, we have drawn spiders on a tin foil, poured a little bit of water over it and our spiders became alive. J The most interesting was the experiment where we created a vacuum inside the upside-down glass with the help of a little candle.
  • We also did lots of activities with Mr Muldoon. PE was great!
  • We were learning about emotions. We know that we have lots of different emotions and that our bodies can react differently when we feel in a certain way.
  • Today we came dressed up in Halloween costumes – it was good fun. We decorated pumpkins and talked about how we celebrated Halloween last year as well as how it is going to look like tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Mrs Koziel


Busy week in P3/2

This week in P3/2 have been very busy.

  • We have been learning all about barn owls.  We know that barn owls have fluffy wings and they are silent when they fly.  They swallow food in one gulp and they eat about 4 rodents a day.  They also do not hoot like other owls they screech.
  • We have also been learning about money.  We have been trying to make a sum of money using the least amount of coins.  We know that you can make an amount of money in lots of different ways.
  • In handwriting we have started to learn about cursive writing.
  • We designed a Christmas card for a competition for the Scottish Government and the theme was NHS.
  • In HWB we have been thinking about our emotions and thinking of things to do if we feel stressed.
  • We have been learning about a recount and learning the different features.  We know you use the words first, next, after and then. We also looked at nouns and plurals. We know plurals often  end in a ‘s’.
  • In Writing we wrote a potion for Hallowe’en. We used lots of different ingredients then wrote the instructions to help other people make our potion.
  • In PE we played some Hallowe’en themed games . It was fun.
  • This week we also said goodbye to Mrs Davis in the office.  We will miss her. We had Mass to celebrate all the work she has done in the school.

Another exciting week at nursery!

Hi Everyone,

What a fun week we have had at nursery. There has been lots of Halloween fun, including pumpkin carving, art and crafts, dressing up and delicious ‘spooky’ snacks. I think great fun has been had by all.

Lots of the children went a walk to the woods this week too. The children all demonstrated good listening as we walked there and back and knew to keep safe by holding their partners hand and staying in the line. We were very proud of all our little learners! When we got there the children had great fun throwing all the leaves up in the air. They were comparing sizes of the different leaves and matching colours. We even brought some back to the nursery for the craft area.

A lot of children have commented on how it dark it is when they finish nursery so the week ahead we will learning more about dark nights and keeping safe. If your child has a torch at home they are welcome to bring it into nursery (please put their name on it).

We will also be doing some fireworks arts and crafts as bonfire night is coming up so expect to see some glitter next week! There is a photo of the snack menu for next week so you can see what your little one is being  offered.

We hope you all have a great weekend.

The Nursery Team

Have a look at what we have been up to in Nursery

Hi Everyone,

The children have been busy learning more about Autumn time and what happens to the animals in autumn. We used our big smartboard to learn about hibernation and what animals hibernate. We have been leaving some food in the garden, hoping to see some visitors.

We are still keeping safe in our bubbles. We decided that we should name our bubbles. The children participated in a vote for the name, The choices were…

Caterpillars and Butterflies

Moon and Stars

Tigers and Cubs

Sunshine and rainbows

The most popular names were…………… Butterflies and Caterpillars!

So if your child is in the morning or afternoon session they will be in the butterfly group and if your child attends full days they will be in the caterpillar group.

The children recorded the votes using the blocks. This was a great way for them to understand the voting system, as they could see straight away what names had the most votes. See the photos below.

The children are welcome to dress up for Halloween on Thursday, More details are in the newsletter.

The newsletter will be given out this week if you haven’t already received it. We will also send it out via the school app.

We hope you all have a great weekend,

The Nursery Team


Primary 7 Space Surprises!

Space Week

We learned that the Earth has been changing – it’s patterns. We found out these interesting facts:

  • 80% of the Great Barrier Reef has been bleached and lost its colour
  • Some squirrels fly
  • Plankton Blooms provide 50% of the worlds oxygen
  • We lose 260 billion tonnes of ice every year
  • Flamingos are not born pink it’s a chemical in algae that turn them pink.
  • Forest elephants fight if there are more than one male to prove their dominance.

We made videos about everything we learned!


We designed our dream house using area and perimeter.

We also started using our SumDog accounts to practise our numeracy skills.


We were outdoors lots. We loved doing our daily mile and playing rounders!


We created inventions to present to the Dragon’s in Dragons den. We are using our creativity, skills for work, business and public speaking. We can’t wait to do our pitches for our products!

Last week of the term…


  • We have been practising our spelling with the sounds ‘oy’ and ‘oi’ with words like: toy, boy, avoid coin. We know now that the most ‘oy’ sounds are at the end of words and the most ‘oi’ sounds are in the middle of words
  • We were designing our houses as part of our topic, we were writing descriptions about the materials we need to build the house. We know that we need cement, bricks, sand, metal, glass etc.
  • We had outdoor learning where we made houses from natural materials we found or brought to school from parks. It was good fun.
  • In Science, we were learning about sliding and friction, which we found very interesting.
  • In maths, we were practising ‘double’ and ‘near double’ strategies and also ‘double add one’.
  • We were talking about Autumn – the current season – and we were writing Autumn poems.
  • In RE we were praying to Mary on the Rosary.
  • In Art, we were expressing ourselves painting the Monet’s Sunset. Well, we tried to.
  • We also practiced Spanish, we know now basic words such as; asi asi – so so, mal – bad, por favour – please, gracias – thank you, sentaos – sit down, silencio- silence and more.

Have a lovely holiday everyone,

Mrs Koziel

Another fun week in Primary 1a, 1b and 2/1

We have had a great week with lots of fun indoors and outdoors. Here are a few things we have been up to:

  • We enjoyed P.E. outdoors with Mr Muldoon
  • We practised ‘friends to 10’ and made paper chains in maths
  • We learned ‘h’, ‘u’ and ‘d’ in literacy, and practised blending all the sounds we have learned so far to make words, such as ‘m – u – d’ = ‘mud’
  • Some of us read our reading books
  • We had a go at coding on the iPads and with the Beebots – thank you Miss Gibson!
  • We enjoyed being outdoors, collecting leaves and sticks to make hedgehogs and autumn wreaths. We will learn more about autumn after the holidays as part of our topic

We hope you all enjoy the October break and can’t wait to see you all after the holidays!


P3/2’s week

Here is some of the things we have been about learning about this week:

  • We have started a new topic – Sun, Moon and Stars. We started to read the story of ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’. We learned about Plop the baby barn owl who is afraid of the dark.  We looked a description of him and how the author used adjectives to describe him.
  • With rekenreks we have been learning about doubles and near doubles.
  • We have been continuing to practise our handwriting. We have been revising the letters p, h, u and r.
  • We created our own characters in writing. We had to use describing words (adjectives) to describe our characters appearance and how they behave.
  • In numeracy we have been learning about adding 1 , 10 and 100 to a number. We know that adding one changes the ones number, adding ten changes the tens number and adding 100 changes the hundreds number.
  • As this October we were saying a decade of the rosary. We know October is one of the months of Mary.
  • We were using the bee bots and the ipads to do some coding this week with Miss Gibson.
  • We used oil pastels to create an owl image on black card.
  • We had some PE outside and were playing listening games. We are trying hard to improve our listening.
  • In P3 science we thought about sounds we liked and disliked.
  • In P2 science we were learning more about forces and building ramps for toys.

We are looking forward to our October holiday.

Primary 5’s Week.

Hello everyone! We hope that you are all well and are keeping safe.  We are still working hard in our classes and doing all we can also to keep safe including : lots of hand washing, sticking to our own seats, remembering the one way system and going to break and lunch at different times.  Easy peasy!

What have we been up to?

Some of us are almost finished reading our chapter books.  We read every day in class, sometimes with our groups and with the teacher, sometimes on our own and occasionally in pairs.  We have learnt lots of new vocabulary which we hope will enrich our overall skills in literacy.  We are continuing to work hard to learn how to spell new words and use the strategies taught in class to help us remember some of the more challenging words.

In maths we have been introduced to some cool songs which are fun and will help us to retain the multiplication facts.  The 8 times table song to the tune of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele is a particular favourite! Our teachers wish that these songs had been around when they were learning their tables.

In science we have been learning about the ‘Water Cycle’ and how condensation and evaporation works.  We sometimes take water for granted and we shouldn’t as a lot of work goes into ensuring that the water poured from our tap is safe to drink.  We also started a new topic which will run over a few weeks, ‘Natural Disasters and Mining in West Lothian’.  We are really looking forward to learning more about mining, as it is such an important part of our history.

In P.E and HWB we completed more fitness circuits this week ad spoke about worries and emotions.  We completed our health and wellbeing check in onlne too.

It was P5’s turn to host Mass on zoom this week. We prepared the reading, prayers of the faithful and the repsonsorial psalm.  We enjoyed Mass as it gave us a chance to reflect on our week and give thanks to God.  A lovely time of our week.

All in all it has been a good week!

Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Mac and Mrs Kilpatrick.

We had a lovely week in P2. Here is the overview of our work…

  • We have been practicing handwriting with proper letter formation.
  • We have been learning about different openers. We know that to make our stories more interesting we should use different openers in every sentence. We were writing about our weekends, remembering about all the success criteria.
  • We had good fun with the new artist. This week we were learning about Claude Monet. We were painting the ‘Bridge over the water’.
  • In RE we were learning about the 3 Archangels – Michael, Raphael and Gabriel as 29.09 is their feast day. Also we were learning about Padre Pio who is a Saint in the Catholic Church.
  • In Maths we have been practicing Rekenrek skills, finding the most effective way to make a number with one or more pushes. We were learning about ‘double’ and ‘near double’ strategies.
  • In Spanish we were learning about how parts of the face are called. We know that ears are ‘las orejas’ or eyes are ‘ojos’, the mouth is ‘boca’ and hair ‘pelo’
  • We had lots of fun in PE with Mr Muldoon who had the lesson out in the fresh air
  • We were praying on the Rosary as October is the month of Mary


Have a nice weekend everyone,


Mrs Koziel

Another busy nursery week!

Hello Everyone,

The children have been learning more about autumn this week, especially the change in the weather. Please remember that we access outdoor play every day so please remember hats and wellies for your child to wear or cold and wet days.

We have been making our own autumn trees in the art and craft area and these are now displayed proudly on our nursery wall. Some children have also been out about to see the signs of autumn and collect some leaves to use in the nursery. They even managed to pick some blackberries! Discussions and stories have led on to us learning more about hibernation so we will be focusing on this over the next few weeks.

The children are doing amazingly well at remembering all the Wellbeing Icons and what they mean. The icon we have been focusing on this week has been ‘achieving’. . We have a board in the nursery cloakroom to celebrate your child’s individual achievement, from out with the nursery. If you have any photos of your child doing something special at home or from a club they attend then please e-mail it to the nursery and we will print it out and share it on our board. The nursery e-mail address is:


Have a look at the menu plan to see what is for snack next week.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

The Nursery Team



P4’s great week (28.9.2020)


This is what our Primary 4s thought about their learning this week:

We were learning about Venn Diagrams. I think it was fun because it was fun go outside. I think learning about this was not tricky but not easy either.

We’ve been learning about silent texts as part of the West Lothian INspire challenge. It was fun because in writing we had to pretend that we were one of the birds in the story.

I enjoyed writing the recount about the birds because I liked the story.

I liked doing the internet safety poster.

I enjoyed logging onto Glow and exploring the different things like the mail and Sway. Our next steps are to remembering how to log onto Glow without any help.

I liked the STEM challenge – making paper aeroplanes and adding paperclips but still managing to make it fly. It was fun!

Our week in P3/2

In P3/2:

  • This week we have been learning about Moses and the ten commandments. We know these are important rules that God gave to Moses to share with his people.
  • This week in STEM our challenge was to build a house. We discussed what a house would need and then we worked together to try and build a house using either lego or art straws.
  • We have been learning about fact families. We know that from one addition sum we can find 2 subtraction sums and another addition fact. We have been dice to play a game and a game on the laptops.
  • We have been practising our handwriting this week and practising the letters b and p.
  • We have been counting forwards and backwards in numeracy in 2s, 5s, and 10s.
  • We been looking at a picture and writing sentences about what we thought was happening in the picture. We had to use capital letters and full stops.
  • We have been making numbers  using our rekenreks and trying to calculate sums.
  • We created our own character and then wrote sentences to describe them.  we know we use adjectives  to describe a character in more detail.
  • The P3s were outside on Monday doing a science experiment with musical instruments. We had to think about when we could hear the noise.  We discovered the further away you are from the instrument the less you hear.
  • The p2s we were learning about forces and we were learning about twisting, pushing and pulling. we were using hula hoops to learn about forces.
  • This week we have also been raising money for Macmillan.  We have been guessing the number of sprinkles on a caterpillar cake, dressing down and designing a cup or cupcake.
  • This week we also learned about road safety and that we should be safe by following the rules – stop, look, listen and think.

An amazing week in P7!

Maths Week

We took part in lots of maths challenges this week as art of Maths Week Scotland 2020. We did John Swinney’s challenge every day.

Outdoor Learning

We took lots of our learning outdoors. We made up our own games, took part in challenges and created outdoor art work by creating patterns with natural objects.

Digital Learning

We had a visit from Miss Gibson to teach us even more digital skills. We used Scratch to make animations, OneNote to answer questions and Photoshop to edit pictures.

P3’s Super Learning! (w.b.28.9.20)

Primary Three have had a super week with lots of fun learning. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Maths- In Maths, we have been learning about Addition. This week we have started to learn some fact families. We can do a mixture of adding and subtraction sums using a group of numbers. We learned that we can switch the numbers round when we add and we can get the same answer!
  • Literacy- In Writing, we have been learning to write descriptions. We created our own superheroes and we used wow words (adjectives) to describe them. In Reading, we read our books and completed a comprehension sheet about them.
  • HWB- We learned about road safety and keeping safe outside. We know about the green cross code and crossing the road safely.
  • RERC- We have been learning about the Moses. We know Moses was asked by God to give the Ten Commandments to the world. We know a commandment is a rule from God that we must follow.
  • Art- We have been learning about an artist called Claude Monet. Did you know that he was born in France and that he paints landscapes? We recreated the painting ‘Bridge over Waterlillies’. We used paint and sponges to make our own version.
  • Music & Drama- We went outside and collected some natural materials to build the witch’s house from the story.
  • Science- We were investigating how distance affects sound. We worked with a partner and played a musical instrument while changing the distance we stood at to investigate how loud or quiet the sounds were.

P1a, P1b & P2/1 Weekly Update! W.C. 28/10/20

As always we have had another very busy week full of learning. This week we have been learning about:

“We have been learning about symmetry. Symmetry its the same on both sides”

“We painted butterflies and folded them in half to make them the same on both wings”

“We listened to some Spanish songs”

“We played basket ball and it helped us to practise our bouncing and throwing. It was so much fun”

“We learned the sound e, f and b in Primary 1”

“In P2 we learned igh, oi, oy and we kept practising ai from last week because it was still hard for us”

“We played some games with Mr Muldoon at gym time”

“For science the other P2 came up and we were still doing forces. Pushing and pulling and twisting and we went outside and did it with the hoops and the tyres”

What We Have Been Learning in Nursery This Week…

Hello Everyone,

We are all very proud of how well the children have adapted to the new routine of being in their ‘bubbles’. This has been a really smooth transition for them. We have been having lots of discussions about keeping safe and what Coronavirus means to them, have a look at the pictures to see what they have been saying.

This week the children have noticed a change in the weather and we have been learning about Autumn time through stories and discussions. We now have a cosy woodlands role play area in the nursery for the children to play in and learn about how the animals are preparing to hibernate. It even has a camp fire to keep them warm!

The wellbeing icon we have been learning about this week is ‘Included’. The children are doing an amazing job remembering the names of all our Wellbeing Icons and using them in their everyday play and discussions. Have a look at what Included means to some of the children.

The children requested that the role play get changed into a bedroom so we have been working on that this week with their help. You may have noticed that your child has had a new hair style at nursey this week, this is because our bedroom has a dressing table with hairbrushes and mirror and the children have really enjoyed being hair stylists!

Have a look at the snack menu to what your child will be enjoying next week for snack.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

The Nursery Team

Primary 5’s Week

It has been a short but productive week for P5.  Lots of learning has taken place including:

Spelling! We have been learning to spell common words but those ones which are especially tricky including the words ‘Edinburgh’ and ‘beautiful’.  We have been learning useful strategies to help us to spell these words. We use mnemonics and look for words inside the word.  We love to be challenged with our weekly words!

We have been revising how to calculate addition sums using the formal written method.  Although we are great at using our number talks strategies for solving calculations we need to know how to do these too in the written way.

We have spent a lot of time outdoors completing the daily mile, working through fitness stations during P.E and enjoying the last of the September sun when listening to our class novels.   P5b are particularly enjoying listening to’ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Roald Dahl has certainly captured our imaginations.

Our letter writing skills have improved immensely too. We wrote a thank you letter to a member of our family thanking them for something nice that they had done.  Our teachers were really impressed at how well we did.

It has been a very busy week!

Have a nice weekend everyone, P5 with Mrs Macdonald and Mrs Kilpatrick.


P5’s Week

P5 have worked well this week.  We have:


Spent time outside completing fitness tasks with Mr Muldoon and our teachers.  We also did the BLEEP test! Our faces were very red after this activity !  We also checked in each day with our teachers.  We also took full advantage of the nice weather when we did a scavenger hunt around the playground.  It was a scavenger hunt with a twist though, we had to  use our 5 senses to find lots of things that smelt, things that felt smooth to the touch and lots of other things.  It was really enjoyable.


In Literacy we wrote another letter, this time to complain.  We all had various compaints, littering, the states of local parks, people speeding in their cars, dog fouling etc… Don’t mess with the P5s as they certainly know how to put their point across! We also celebrated Roald Dahl day this week as we learnt more about the great  man himself and made up a factfile on him.


We continued to practise our number talk strategies including: partitioning, compensation and making tens.  We also were very active in our learning playing games to reinforce our knowledge of place value. In addition to this we also revisited how to solve calculations using the formal written method.


During R.E we learnt about Our Lady of Sorrows. We learnt that there were 7 times in Our Lady’s life when she felt great sadness.

Another Busy Week at Nursery

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have all had a lovely week. We have been very busy in nursery learning about our Wellbeing Icons. We have been learning about ‘Respected’. Please ask your child what this means to them.

We have also had to spilt into our ‘Bubbles’ as our numbers have increased. This is for the safety and protection of all children. We will now be bringing your children into the cloakroom in their bubbles so please be patient with us and remember to keep a 2 meter distance from others.

The children have adapted well to this and we have been having discussions about what Coronavirus is and how it has impacted their lives.

We have been lucky with the weather this week and have been enjoying lots of play outdoors we have also been exploring numbers and numerals by counting and sequencing shells.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the long weekend if you are taking advantage of it.

The Nursery Team

Busy week in P2..

Another busy week in P2

  • In literacy we were practicing our handwriting. We want to get really good at letter formation.
  • We were learning about sound ‘ch’ e.g. chop, chip, church etc. We tried to hide those words in the picture.
  • We were developing our reading skills, trying to read our books with expressions.
  • We were also trying to focus on summarising the Gruffalo story. We know that summarising means telling what happened in the story in few sentences only.
  • In Maths we were learning using Rekenrek, trying to focus on how many pushes we need to do to make no 15. We know it can be 5+5+5 or 10+5 or 7+3+5 etc. We know now which way is the most effective.
  • We were also practising ‘Place Value’ using ‘Partitioning Strategy’ e.g. 583 = 500 + 80 + 3
  • In RE we were talking about Triumph of the Cross and also about Mass and Bible. We know that God speaks to us through the Bible. We also know that Bible is divided in two parts: Old and  New Testament.
  • In Spanish we were learning about body parts singing the song: ‘Cabeza y hombros pierna y pies‘ which means: ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’.
  • We had also fantastic time making faces with shapes as Picasso did in the past.
  • In PE we had lots of fun activities and also we spend time in outdoor learning practicing maths and literacy in the fresh air.
  • We were learning about homes and houses, we now know different types of houses e.g. bungalow, detached, semi-detached etc.
  • In science we continued to learn about forces. This time we were focusing on spinning. That was a good fun.


Have a lovely September weekend break and see you all on Wednesday 23.09.20


Mrs Koziel


Primary 1a, 1b and 2/1 Weekly Update

We have had another busy week in Primary 1 & 2! This week we have learned about:

“We have been learning about different shapes”

” We have been making patterns”

“A pattern does the same thing over and over and over again, it repeats”

” we learned about k and ck, we learned about o too”

“One afternoon we did some planting”

“We learned about plants in science, we know that they all have roots”

“A plant has flowers and leaves too”

“The long bit next to the root is called the stem”

P3/2’s learning this week

This week we have reading more of Matilda.  We know about the newt and Matilda put it in a glass to frighten Miss Trunchbull. We were answering questions on the story and had to answer them in sentences.  We know that you must use a capital letter and a full stop in a sentence.  We have been making predictions and trying to guess what we thought characters were feeling in a story about a Marshmallow.

We have continued with Rekenreks and we were learning about how to show a number with 2 or 3 pushes. We are working very hard with our Rekenreks.

In art, we learned about Picasso and made a Picasso inspired face using different shapes. He used lots of shapes and ‘funny parts’ not always in the correct place in his art work. We love his pictures of faces.

We have been continuing  to learn about hundreds, tens and ones.  We were ordering numbers and can find the biggest and smallest number. We made a human number line in the correct order. We also tried to make the biggest number we could with some digits.

We have been learning about good and bad choices.  We know when we make a decision our decisions have an affect on others. We know that at times we can all make the wrong choice.

This is coding week so worked on a pirate activity were we had to create a pirate name then try to find the treasure. We then went outside and created a grid to code our classmates. It was fun to direct them to find or miss an object we found outside.

Another Busy Week in P3!

This week in Primary Three we have been busy with our learning!

  • We have continuing to learn about place value, we  spent some time looking at expanded form and breaking the number into pieces. We played lots of games this week to help us revise what we had learned. We enjoyed playing a dice game which helped us practice writing 3 digit numbers, We are beginning  to learn about ordering numbers, we played a game on whiteboards where we had to write some numbers biggest to smallest.
  • In Literacy, we have been learning how to complete comprehension questions, we are trying our best to answer in a sentence. We also did some comprehension questions based on our reading books this week.
  • In RERC, we have continued to learn about choices. We imagined a scenario where we didn’t make a good choice and we drew pictures of who the bad choice would affect and wrote about why they were affected.
  • In Science, we have been learning about Sound. We had fun guessing some household sounds from a clip then we completed a quiz about different animal sounds, we matched the sound to the animal.
  • In Art, we continued our Picasso artist study. We enjoyed making a collage based on faces. We looked at Picasso’s face pictures and used these for inspiration. We liked the fact they were angular, they had lots of shapes and colourful.
  • In Drama and Music, we learned about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we enjoyed retelling the story in small groups to the rest of the class.

Primary 6 – Learning so far

We have been working really hard across the curriculum.

Numeracy – In Number Talks we have been using different strategies to solve number problems.  Strategies include compensation, partitioning and friendly numbers.  We try to choose the most efficient strategy to solve the problem.

We have also been learning about Place Value and looking at 5 and 6 digit numbers.  We know that each digit can be placed in a column and that helps us when we are adding 10s, 100s, 1000s etc onto a large number.  We also know that zero can act as a place holder and if we forget to write the zero in a number it can change the number completely.


Literacy – We have been revising adjectives and similes and we took our learning outside.  We found natural objects such as leaves, stones and sticks and we used different adjectives to describe them and similes to compare them to other things.  We also stamped out the syllables.

We have been reading a class novel by Michael Morpurgo called ‘The Elephant in the Garden’.  We created comic strips to show important events that have happened so far.


Science – We have been learning about the solar system and we know that there are 8 planets and they are nicknamed the Rocky planets and the Gas Giants.  We took our learning outside to see the scale of the distance of the planets from the sun.  We used a trundle wheel to measure this and we realised that the part of the playground we were in wasn’t big enough to show the distance from neptune to the sun!


Drama – We have started to write our own scripts for Charlie and the Chocolate factory and are looking forward to filming these using the green screen.


We have done lots more learning and will share more next week!

P5’s Week!

Aren’t the weeks flying by ? This is what we did this week.


In literacy we moved on to another set of words and used lots of different approaches to learn how to spell these.  We used the reflective reader task, ‘Picture It’ to draw a character using the description that was provided.  This was a very worthwhile task to do as it taught us that skilled writers use adjectives, similes and metaphors  to write about characters.  We are going to write our own character descriptions and get a friend in class to read them and draw the picture using our descriptions.  We have also been practising our letter writing skills and wrote to the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. We hope that she writes back, watch this space.


We practised our multiplication facts.  We are really beginning to understand how important these are to our understanding in fractions and division.  We also continued to practise reading and writing 5 and 6 digit numbers and have become really skilled at reading and writing these with ease.


We managed to get outside in the lovely fresh air to do P.E.  We also completed the ‘Daily Mile’, which we love ! We spoke about being resilient and know who is on our team should we ever need help.


We continued to be mini engineers  finishing off our stop/go signs.  The designs were all fantastic and lots of thought had gone in to fulfilling the design brief.  A big well done to P5 for being so creative!


Have a look at P2’s hard work.

  • In Maths we were practicing place value again and also odd and even numbers
  • We were estimating who is taller and who is smaller and we were checking the exact height of a few of us using a meter tape. We know that 1m = 100cm
  • We were upskilling our maths knowledge by using the Rekenrek and it was good fun.
  • We did some coding using exact instructions. We are able to reach the destination e. g. 5 steps forward, turn left etc.
  • In literacy we were practising handwriting with the letters Aa and Bb also we were reviewing our knowledge about Vowels and Consonants.
  • Our new sound for this week was ‘sh’ now we know how to write words like: shop, shed, shut, dish etc.
  • We were making ‘Staying Safe’ posters, where we told everyone what to do to avoid Covid 19 as best as we can.
  • Picasso was an artist who inspired us to draw irregular funny faces. We also know that Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga in Spain.
  • We spent lots of time doing outdoor learning, especially when the weather was really nice. We were practicing maths, literacy, coding and science outside.
  • In science we were learning about forces. We were developing our knowledge about pushing and pulling.
  • On Tuesday we were celebrating Mary’s Birthday so we were praying to Mary more than usual as well as being nicer to each other.
  • We were also learning about our Solar System (we will be learning more about this in P3), we know now that we have 8 planets and that the Sun is a star.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Mrs Koziel


P7 Weekly Roundup!


We wrote letters to Miss Morgan – we are missing her lots! We wrote to tell her all about our favourite bits in P6 and how we are getting on in P7. We also wrote our own Macavity poems we used the original poem and adapted it to make it our own.

Maths and Numeracy

We learned doubling and halving strategy in number talks. We did lots of practice on this. We also worked on a lot of multiplication strategies.


We learned about the four evangelists – Mark, Luke, Matthew and John. We had to answer questions all about them to see what we remembered from our learning last week. We also had to find stories and quotes in the bible.


We made our own Spanish videos having conversations in Spanish.


We began writing scripts for our news reports interviewing one of the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We are looking forward to using the green screen next time.

Outdoor Learning

We did lots of outdoor challenges this week. One was about climate change – the people on the inside were earth and the people on the outside were greenhouse gasses we had to use beanbags to throw back and forth to represent this. In our house tables we went on the wall and had to work as a team to get in order of our names etc. It was really hard not to fall off!



P1a P1b and P2/1 Weekly Update

We have had a busy week and have learned lots of  new things! This week we have enjoyed:

“We learned about lots of different shapes and made shape pictures.”

” We know about 2d shapes, they are flat and don’t stick out like 3d shapes”

“3d shapes are like cubes and cones and cylinders and stuff not the flat ones like circles”

“When it was sounds time we learned about t, i and n” -Primary 1

“We learned hard sounds this week we know about ai and the other ay and oa too” – Primary 2

“We found a wiggly worm in the garden and looked at him close in the bug finder” p2/1

“We did lots of learning outside the week and some of us made an obstacle course”  


Another Busy Week in P3!

This week in P3 we have been working very hard, keep reading to find out more!

  • In Maths, we have been continuing to learn about Place Value. We can read, write and count 3 digit numbers. We have even began to learn about expanded form. We know that this is when you break a number into its parts.
  • In Literacy, we are continuing to practice our prediction skills, we know a prediction is a guess about what is going to happen in a story. This week we watched a clip called ‘The Clock Tower’ to help us with our reading skills.
  • In Art, we have been learning about the Spanish artist Picasso. We know that he used shapes and angles in his artwork. We enjoyed looking at his art and guessing what they could be. We enjoyed doing art outside by collecting outdoor materials (leaves, stones and sticks) to create faces.
  • In Health and Wellbeing, we designed dreamcatchers. We learned that the web catches bad dreams and the feathers at the bottom give us good dreams. We talked about how our emotions can be linked to our dreams.
  • In PE, we were using hula hoops to practise throwing and catching. We had fun playing lots of games to practise our skills.
  • In RERC, we learned about Mary and we celebrated her birthday. We have also been revising our school values, we drew a picture linked to our school values and wrote a sentence about a time when we followed our St Nicholas values.

What we have been learning at nursery this week…

Hi Everyone,

It has been another busy week at nursery this week. Most of our new children have now started and have settled really well with the help of all the children at St Nicholas Nursery Class. Well done!

We have been learning more about ourselves and friendships with an ‘All About Me’ topic. The children have been taking part in discussions about how we are all different and that makes us all special and unique. The children made self portraits of themselves using mirrors to check eye and hair colour. The portraits are now proudly displayed on our nursery wall.

We have also been learning about our wellbeing Icons with a focus on Safe and Healthy this week. Have a look at the photos to see what some of the children said about keeping safe and being healthy.

Please see the attached photo to see what is on offer for snack next week (week beginning 14th September).

We hope you all have a great weekend!

The Nursery Team


Busy time in P3/2

This week in P3/2 we have been:

  • doing drama outside.  We were pretending to be Miss Trunchbull and Bruce Bogtrotter and thinking about how they felt and spoke to each other.  We then created a new ending to the cake scene.

  • In Numeracy, we have been learning more about place value. We have been playing different games including guess my number. We managed to guess Mrs Canning’s number more than once.
  • In Art, we were learning about Picasso and we went outside to create our own Picasso inspired faces using leaves, twigs, stones and anything else we could find outside.  We also used chalk.

  • In Literacy, we were making predictions about a story called the Clock tower.  We had to guess who was in the tower, why the balloons changed colour and why we thought there were balloons in the town.
  • We started reading new books this week and we made a prediction about what we thought the story was about.
  • In RERC we were looking at our school values and thinking about how we show these values in St Nicholas. We know the values are respect, kindness, trust, honest, friendship and fairness.
  • With Miss Doolan we have been learning about Jack and the Beanstock. We had to make an accent, we had to clap the beat and we were making pictures.
  • We were also learning about Mary and thinking about what we think of when we think of Mary.
  • We  have been learning about our emotions and we made dream catchers and thought about our good and not so good dreams.
  • In Spanish we were learning the days of the week and months of the year.

What a busy week!

P5’s Wonderful Week

Another busy week for the P5’s! Lots of learning and fun was had!


We learnt more spelling patterns and practised these in class.  We also used our digital learning skills to create a word seatch, this was fun!

We continued to use the roles in literacy circles to help us with our comprehension skills and did lots of reading in class.  We are making a big effort to read as much as we can.


We focussed on the compensation skill in ‘Number Talks’ and made posters explaining how this strategy works. We have moved on to reading and writing 6 digit numbers.  We have also practised our multiplication facts with our number partner.


We spoke about our one trusted adult and checked in on a daily basis with our teachers. We know that we are cared for and respected and can talk to our trusted adults at any time.


We got our hands dirty (not really! ) to become mini engineers and  designed a a STOP/GO sign.  We were given a design brief and then left to it and encouraged to be as creative as we wanted.  We really enjoyed this task as it made us think and none of them looked the same.  We are looking forward to doing more STEM challenges as in the bext few weeks.


During R.E we learnt that Jesus has many roles : Priest, Prophet and King. We spoke about occasions and stories from the Bible which show these roles and spoke about the importance of leading our lives in his example.

P2’s busy week.

Such a lovely week in P2

  • In Maths, we were learning about Place and Value. We know now about hundreds, tens and ones. We were learning how many ones are in a ten and how many tens are in a hundred. We were recapping counting in 2’s 5’s and 10’s forward and backwards. In our Maths Journals, we had some fun finding many ways to show the number 10 e.g. 5 people have 10 legs all together.
  • In Spanish we were practicing basic greetings such as: Buenos Dias, Buenas Tardes, Buenas Noches, also Como estas ?, Bien – good or Mal – bad.
  • In literacy, we were learning about proper sentences with capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, whilst neatly writing on the line from left to right. We know now that sentences need adjectives so that they are more interesting. We were also learning about predictions, which means that we were guessing what is going to happen in the story.
  • In Art we continued Wassily Kandinsky’s expressions. We made lovely pictures using circles, triangles and squares. During our art expressions, we were listening to classical music.
  • In Health and Wellbeing, as part of our SHANARRI topic we were learning about being Safe, we were talking if we feel safe at home and in school and what to do to feel safer in various situations.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you on Monday,


Mrs Koziel


Primary 7’s Wonderful Week

This week we’ve been learning…


We did a story about the Curse of Cogston House – it was a horror story. We started by creating our own plans. We had to use similes and metaphors. We had to use lots of adjectives. We had to describe all of our senses. We had to create a scary setting.


We learned about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We learned what they did for other people. Matthew started off as a tax collector and made the first Gospel. Mark crossed the sea to tell others about Jesus. John was very young when he became an apostle.

Maths and Numeracy

We had to think of 4 different strategies to answer subtraction calculations. We played an online game – it was a clock that had letters on it and we had to use clues to solve the problem.

Outdoor Challenges

We made a portrait of ourselves or another person using twigs and leaves. We made dens for a little toy – the toy had to fit inside and be protected. We made a number square with chalk and sticks (3×3) and all of the numbers had to add to 15. We made the alphabet out of things we found outdoors.

We all had a lovely week!

Fun in P3/2

We have had another busy and fun week. Keep reading to find out more.

  • We have read more of Matilda. We know that she had magical super powers. We thought about what we would do with Matilda’s powers when we were feeling different emotion. For example, if we were angry we might use her powers to break something. We talked lots about different emotions and why they are important.
  • We thought about Matilda’s parents and how they were quite mean to her.  We think Matilda should be nurtured by a kind parent.  We labelled and drew pictures of Mrs Wormwood.
  • We were learning about place value.  We know that hundreds, tens and ones are.  We played different games to practise making the numbers.  We used the deans material and played a matching ice cream game.
  • We played a game to see how many words we could make from another word.  It was tricky.
  • With Ms Gilmore we created a collage using different types of paper and shapes.
  • We have been practising the Hail Mary Prayer prayer this week.
  • We looked at some tricky words and tried different techniques to spell them. We tried rainbow writing, bubble writing and dotted writing.
  • We thought about making good and bad choices and why it is important to make good choices.
  • We made predictions this week in Literacy.  We watched a clip of a boat sailing and where we thought about who we thought was in the boat and where we thought it was going.  Then we watched the end to see if we were correct. We know that when we make a prediction we might not always be correct.

What a busy week!

Welcome Everyone

It has been a busy few weeks here in the nursery. We have welcomed many new children into our setting and we are so proud of all our returning children as they have been so kind and supportive towards the new children.

We are focusing on learning more about each other and talking about our feelings and experiences. We will be sending home more information on this over the next few weeks.

If you would like to email us a picture of your family we can display it in the nursery. You will find the new nursey email address on the newsletter.

Have a great weekend

The Nursery Team


Another Busy Week in P3!

This week in P3 we have been learning:

  • In Maths, we have began to learn about place value. We have been learning to read and write 3 digit numbers (using hundreds, tens and ones). We also had a go at building numbers using Dienes materials which helped us to see how many hundreds, tens and ones. We did some Maths outside by clapping 3 digit numbers and our partner guessed what number we had made.  We learned the importance of zero as a place holder.
  • In Literacy, we have been learning about prediction. We know that a prediction is where you make a guess.  We had a go at predicting what would happen in a story called ‘Little Boat’ and we enjoyed finding out if we got the right answers.
  • In our topic ‘Matilda’ we learned all about Matilda’s parents. We had a think about the qualities that she had. We learned about what parents have to do to look after us and keep us safe.
  • In RERC, we have been reflecting on our choices that we make. We discussed the difference between good choices and bad choices. We now know how we can help others with our actions.
  • In Art, we continued our learning about the artist Kandinsky. This week we looked at another piece of art he created and we had a go at creating our own shape collages.
  • In Music and Drama we learned all about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We completed different tasks to deepen our understanding.

P4’s busy week

This is what P4 said about this week’s learning:

In Number Talks we have been learning the strategy of doubles/near doubles. I found this ‘in the middle’ because my favourite strategy is partitioning.

We are learning about place value and we even went outdoors to do some games that helped us understand this better.

Our Topic is about keeping safe. This week we have been learning how to keep safe at home. For example, don’t open the door to strangers, stay away from fire or hot things, don’t touch the switch with wet hands, etc.

We also recapped when to use full stops and capital letters. I feel confident with this now.

We’ve been learning some Spanish. We played a really fun game to practise the colours. This game was very exciting to play!

We did some reading comprehension too. One of our favourite activities was creating a drawing about ‘Dragon the Cat’ using descriptive information.

P2’s Great Work!

P2’s Great Work!

  • We have been learning this week about SHANARRI. The subject we have chosen is Respect. We know that our teacher respects us because she always listens to what we have to say.
  • We know how to describe things, especially Gruffalo the Monster.
  • We had a math test this week and we did great! We need tests to understand what we know and what we need to practice a little more.
  • We were practising our handwriting with our first and second name.
  • We were praying to God with the ‘Our Father’. We know that Jesus Christ taught His disciples this prayer.
  • We have learnt about the abstract artist Kandinsky, and we know that he was from Russia.
  • We have been practising math using Rekenrek with just one push.
  • We had lots of fun learning outdoors.
  • We learnt about the difference between ‘I need’ and ‘I want’. We know now that we need water, shelter, clothes, food, fresh air and what we want are sweeties, cinema, popcorn etc.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!












P5’s Super Week!

It has been a great week in Primary 5 ! What have we been learning ?

In Literacy we have learnt new spelling words and used a variety of different ways to practise including : rainbow writing, bubble writing and other handed writing.  We especially like to use our other hand to write and practise our words, it is fun.

We were introduced to Literacy Circles and all of the different roles within this.  We have been ‘Word Wizards’, ‘Character Cops’, ‘Pirate Predictors’ and’Illustrious Illustrators’.  We have learnt that these roles will help us  to further extend our comprehension skills and deepen our knowledge about texts.

Talking about texts, we are reading,’Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.  It has been fantastic so far but all if this talk of chocolate makes our mouths water !

In numeracy we have been working with 5 digit  numbers and learning their values depending on their place.  We have also been recapping the ‘Making Tens’ strategy during number talks.  We all agree that this strategy is a good one to use.

We have started our new topic, ‘Engineering’.  We have learnt about some famous Scottish engineers and are looking forward to making our own inventions in the coming weeks.

Last but not least, we made some beautiful stained glass windows that will be used to decorate our church for our First Holy Communions. God bless all of the P5 children who will be celebrating this Sacrament tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Mrs Macdonald and Mrs Kilpatrick.

Primary 7’s Wicked Week

Check out our week… We’ve learned lots!


We’ve been learning about poetry through the poem MacCavity. We heard a song that goes along with it – it’s from Cats the musical movie 2019. We drew MacCavity and we labelled our pictures using similies and metaphors from the poem.  We also learned about proper nouns, bossy verbs and common nouns. We enjoyed learning this very much!

Maths and Numeracy

We’ve been revising the 6,7,8 and 9 times table. It’s helped us get better with recalling these tables. We’ve also been learning about prime numbers – you can only divide them by itself and 1! In Number talks we’ve been learning partitioning and compensation. We are improving every day!

Expressive Arts

We did some Autumn art and examined Autumn colours and the change in trees losing their leaves. We did drama and music through Charlie and the chocolate factory. We learned about analysing a character and created a role on the wall for Charlie. We also began to learn about soundtracks and how these impact the atmosphere, mood and genre.

We hope you enjoy seeing our work. We are looking forward to next week :)!

P3/2 hard at work

This week in P3/2 we have been very busy and learning lots of different things. Keep reading to find out what we have been doing.

  • We have been reading Matilda and have been drawing and writing about what makes a good and bad teacher. We would rather have Miss Honey as a teacher than Miss Trunchbull!
  • We have been learning about wants and needs.  We know that a want is something we don’t need to have but is nice to have.  Our needs are medicine, water, clean air, shelter, food and clothes.
  • We have been learning about how Father Jeremy is like the Good Shepherd and looks after us. We are like his sheep.
  • We started to think about our new science topic sound. We thought about what we know and what we would like to learn.  We would like to learn about our ear and how sounds are made.
  • We have been working on some maths and number problems to see what we can remember.
  • We have been looking at a rekenrek and using it to show numbers.
  • We have also been thinking about how we can show numbers in different ways.
  • We looked at the artist Wassily Kandinsky and tried to create our own circle art work.
  • In handwriting we have been practising forming our letters correctly.
  • We practised the Our Father prayer this week.  We know this is an important prayer to God.
  • We have been learning about describing words and how to use them in a sentence to make them more detailed.  We went outside and we were using describing words to describe a stick.

We have had a busy week!

P3’s Busy Week (w.b.24.8.20)

This week we have had a lot of fun with our learning. Keep reading to see what we got up to!

  • In Drama we learned about the differences between Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull. We used voice, our bodies and our imaginations to think about the differences between the characters. Most of us agree we would rather have Miss Honey!
  • In Maths, we have been practising our counting to 100 and have started skip counting in 2’s all the way to 100. We have enjoyed playing games like Switch to help with our counting. We have been using Rekkenreks to practice our number skills.
  • In Literacy, we have been practising spelling our Fry’s words. We have had a go at reading using Accelerated Reader on our laptops. We took our Literacy outside with Mr Muldoon and we described objects we found. We then used our describing skills to write descriptive sentences.
  • In Art, we have been learning all about the artist Kandinsky. We recreated his famous circle paintings and learned some facts about him too! Did you know that he used music to inspire his paintings?
  • In RERC, we have been learning all about the parable of ‘The Lost Sheep’. We learned about the story and we found out that the shepherd is like God and we are like the sheep. We know that Father Jeremy is also like the shepherd in the parable as he looks after our community.

Wow! What a week for Primary 2! Take a look at what we have been up to…

Wow! What a week for Primary 2! Take a look at what we have been up to…


We have been talking about our trusted adults and we have chosen 2 from home and 3 from school.

Our teacher read us a book called ‘The Gruffalo’ (which was amazing!). Next, we played ‘Gruffalo Corners’ and ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’. We revised common words and played fun outdoor word games too!

We have designed our class charter and we now know all our rights, also we have been drawing self-portraits to decorate our classroom doors.

We have been practising math sums with a missing number along with adding and later we had a bit of R.E., where we learned about Noah’s Ark and prayed to God for our families, friends and ourselves!

Our Health and Wellbeing is a very important part of us that is why we spent the time to learn about all the different emotions and SHANARRI. We know all the indicators: S- Safe, H- Healthy, A-Active, N- Nurtured, A-Achieving, R- Respected, R-Responsible, I- Included

Of course, we are still practising our handwashing skills since we all know, how important it is especially at this time.

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday, everyone!

Mrs Koziel


A Busy Week in P3! (w.b. 17.08.20)

This week in P3 we have learned:

  • In Literacy we have been practising our sounds- we used the Vowel House and have been practising our Fry’s Words too.
  • We have been doing a mini topic on Matilda- we predicted what we thought the story would be about before we started reading. We also read a description of Matilda and used clues in the story to draw what we thought she looked like.
  • In Maths, we have been practising our counting (we can count forwards to 100 and backwards from 50). We also played some games like Switch and Figure Me Out where we wrote sums about ourselves.
  • In RERC, we learned all about Noah’s ark. We wrote about the story and we drew Noah and his ark.
  • In HWB we chose who our Trusted Adults are and spoke about why it was important. We also completed our class charter and have chosen a Toy Story theme because we like the messages in the story: To infinity and beyond, no toy gets left behind and you’ve got a friend in me. These are our key messages in P3.
  • In Expressive Arts, we learned all about the 3 Little Pigs- we made masks, we coloured in pictures from the story, we retold the story and we recreated the story through drama.
  • In Art, we designed owls and made a tree to have on our class door.

P3/2 have been busy this week!

Primary 3/2 have had another busy week back at school.  To find out some of the things we have been doing keep reading!

  • we have been drawing a self portrait of ourselves to make a lovely display for our classroom door.
  • we have started reading Matilda. We made a prediction about what the story would be about and drew a labelled picture of Matilda.
  • we read the story of the Colour Monster and have been learning about our feelings.  Each day we are going to going to check in so other know how we are feelings.
  • we put our photograph on a  picture of our body for our class room display.
  • we have designed our class charter and talked about our rights,  We decided to use a Pokemon theme for our charter.
  • we have been talking about our trusted adults and have made a hand with our trusted adults for our classroom.  we know they need to be someone we can got o if we have a problem and that they will help us.
  • we have been learning about SHANARRI and know what all the indicators are – Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured,  Achieving,, Respected, Responsible and Included. WE know how e feel about each of these things.
  • we have been reading and trying to spell some Fry’s Common words.
  • we have been playing maths games outside and revising our number bonds to 20.
  • we have doing drama outside pretending to be characters from Matilda and using facial expressions to show our feelings.

What a busy week!

P3/2 First Week Back

Primary 3/2 have had a great start to the new school year this week.

We have been completing lots of health and well being tasks focusing on forming friendships and getting to know one another.  We have shared what we were doing during lockdown and the summer holidays.  During our home learning day we had a think about some targets we could set ourselves this term with the help of our parents and had a counting challenge to test our number knowledge! We also thought about what topics we would like to learn about this year.

We are looking forward to another fun week next week!

Short but very busy week for P2…

We have completed our first week in our school and already working hard to get our classroom set up for the year ahead. We had a lesson about hygiene practice, how to wash our hands properly and how to avoid Coronavirus as best as we can. We know that we need to wash our hands before entering the classroom, after changing shoes, before and after every meal, before and after playtime and of course after using the toilet. It means that we need to wash our hands as many times as we can.

On the first day, we had lovely time learning outside. The weather  was beautiful that day. We were learning some maths and practicing letter formation using chalks whilst having fun.

We had a chance to watch ‘The Story of Moses’ in the Bible for Beginners and we tried to draw a picture to reflect on what we have noticed in the story.

Today we had a wonderful time practising our number bonds up to 10 and we recapped some of the sounds. Later we had some free-choice time where we played outside.

We are excitedly looking forward to the next week of learning. There will be lots of hard work ahead but also lots of fun, we can’t wait!


Mrs Koziel



A Super Start to P3!

Primary Three have had a great start to this new school year this week. We have been completing lots of health and wellbeing tasks focusing on forming friendships and getting to know one another.  While we completed our day of home learning we had a think about some targets we could set ourselves this term with the help of our parents and had a counting challenge to test our number knowledge!

We are looking forward to another fun week beginning on Monday!


P1 Fitness Fortnight – Week 2

Primary 1 have had another great week enjoying their fitness fortnight challenges! This week we have :

– Researched the importance of exercise and made an informative poster.

– We continued to take part in our virtual sports day- Forth house were the winners!!

-Made a healthy smoothies and wrote instructions for someone else to follow.

-We took part in lots of fun fitness maths activities. Using exercise is a great way to help us improve our numeracy skills.

-Joined in on Basketball drills by following online videos.

-We also took part in some relaxation activities to help us focus on taking care of our mental health.


Well done everyone! We have had a fantastic year teaching you all and want to wish everyone a happy and fun filled summer holidays. We can’t wait to see you all back at school in August when you will be big Primary 2!

Miss McKeown & Mrs Gardiner ☀️😊


See you soon!

Hi Everyone,

Please click on the link below to see our primary 1 transition information:


Go to this Sway

We are really looking forward to welcoming all of our new primary 1  children on Wednesday 12th August at 9:00am. Until then, have a fantastic summer break with your family!

See you soon,

Mrs Evans

P3 Schools out!

This week Primary 3 took part in the second week of Fitness fortnight.  Here are some of the things we have been doing this week:

  • We researched the importance of exercise and made a poster.
  • In Literacy, we wrote letters to our favourite sports stars, telling them all about ourselves, why they have inspired us and asked them questions about things we wanted to know about them.
  • We continued to take part in our virtual sports day- Forth house were the winners!!
  • Using our knowledge of healthy eating we drew a healthy lunch box.
  • We made a healthy smoothie and then wrote instructions to help someone else to make the smoothie.
  • In Numeracy, we took part in lots of fun fitness e.g. roll to dice and then add the numbers together to complete the exercises set.
  • We took part in a few sumdog challenges.
  • We watched video about sun safety and then created our own video to tell others about what we knew about sun safety.
  • We also became the teacher and taught our families some new skills.

Here are some pictures of our work this week.

Primary 3,  we just wanted to thank you for all your hard work this term.  It has been very different term for us all but you have risen to the challenge and we are very proud of you.  Thank you so much for all the pictures we have received.  We have loved seeing your work and how well you are doing.

We hope you all have a great summer holiday.  Relax and have fun with your family.  We will see you in August when you are in Primary 4!

Happy holidays.

Mrs Canning and Miss McCormack

P2 Fitness Fortnight- Week 2

Primary 2 have been enjoying their second week of fitness fortnight. Here are some of the fun activities we have completed this week:

-We wrote letters to our favourite sports stars, telling them all about ourselves, why they have inspired us and asked them questions about things we wanted to find out about them.

– Researched the importance of exercise and made an informative poster.

– We continued to take part in our virtual sports day- Forth house were the winners!!

-Made a healthy smoothie and wrote detailed instructions to help someone else to make the smoothie.

-Took part in lots of fun fitness maths activities e.g. roll to dice and them together then use the answer to complete the exercises set.

-Joined in on Basketball drills on YouTube.

-We also took part in some relaxation activities

– Completed a dance class with Oti Mabuse on YouTube.

– We watched video about sun safety and then created our own video to tell others about what we knew about sun safety.

– We became the teacher and taught our families new skills.

– Using our knowledge of healthy eating we drew a healthy lunch box.

Here are some pictures of this week’s activities:

We can’t believe that it is now the last day of term. We hope you all have a fantastic summer holiday and can’t wait to see you all in August.

Mrs Alexander and Mrs Koziel

Week 6: A special message from you!

Hello Everyone,

You have been so busy over the last few weeks, preparing for coming to primary school and taking part in our fitness fortnight. I wanted to say a big well done to you all – I am so proud of you! Your nursery teachers, P1 teachers and I have all really enjoyed seeing everything that you’ve been doing at home and we absolutely loved meeting most of you on your transition visits.

I hope you enjoyed the letters that your buddies sent last week. Your buddies have been very busy answering all of your questions and you can find the answers to these on the ‘Buddy Question Time’ sway.

Your task this week:

We only have a couple of days left before the end of term but I would now like to invite you to send something  back for your buddy. You could choose to do a  card, a drawing or a little video. Take a photo of what you decide to do and then send it to our mailbox: 


We will then send these on to your buddy. I’m sure they will be delighted to receive something from you!

Have a lovely day in the sunshine 🌞

Mrs Evans 🌈


22nd- Fitness Fortnight Week2

22nd- Fitness Fortnight Week2
Please find the Fitness Fortnight Week 2 grid below. Enjoy your next fitness week.

Remember to send us some pictures of your home learning to wlstnicholas-ps@westlothian.org.uk

This is our last week of school, we cannot belive how quick this term was.
We hope you all will have lovely summer holidays but please remember to stay safe. See you again in Agust 🙂

Mrs Alexander and Mrs Koziel

Fitness Fortnight Week 2

P3 Weekly Plan- Fitness Fortnight Week Two (w.b. 22.06.20)

Hi everyone,

Please find attached this week’s home learning grid. These activities are a continuation of our Fitness Fortnight. Please remember to send us a couple of pictures of your child’s learning with a sentence about what they have enjoyed.

Please contact the school mailbox if you have any issues.

Thank you for you support during this term and we hope when Friday lunchtime rolls around you have a wonderful summer holiday. The boys and girls have worked very hard and have shown how responsible they can be leading their own learning. We are very proud of them!

Miss McCormack & Mrs Canning

Fitness Fortnight Week 2 (1)


Fitness Fortnight Week 1 in Primary 6

Primary 6 have been super busy completing all the fitness fortnight challenges this week.

We have been busy calculating all our numeracy facts linked to sports events. Designing banners and posters to promote a healthy lifestyle and to support our house during our virtual Sports Day.

We created an acrostic poem and a healthy eating plan for our new P1 buddies next session. We tried new mindfulness activities to relax our mind and promote well-being and gave Mr Muldoon a helping hand creating some fun sporting events for the virtual Sports Day.

We can’t wait for Fitness Fortnight Week 2 !

P5’s Week!

Free Youth Exercising Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...




P5 seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the first week of our famous ‘Fitness Fortnight’.  Lots of fun activities were planned to get the kids active and others were to do with healthy eating.   Judging by the feedback given on Teams, the P5s had a great week.

Some of the activities that we planned included:

‘Scavenger Hunt’ – The children had to run  around the house and garden in the fastest time possible looking for household items and time each other.

‘P.E Mathopoly’ – This involved the children playing a monopoly style game with exercises and challenges scattered around rhe board.

‘Flexibilty Challenge’.

‘Mouldy Bread Science Experiment’, designed to remind the children of the importance of hand washing. The children had to handle bread with dirty hands and handle bread with clean hands and were asked to seal the slices in separate bags and we will look at the each slice again next week.

Make a healthy fruit kebab. The pictures sent in of these had ours mouths watering!

Design a healthy menu.

Write an acrostic poem on healthy eating.

Create a fitness circuit.

Design a banner for Sports Day.

To top off our fantastic week we participated in our ‘vIirtual Sports Day’.  Lots of fun activities were planned, 15 in total! Again, the children seemed to really enjoy this, well done everyone who took part. We can’t wait to see which house groups wins with the most points. Watch this space, all will be revealed !

Thanks for working hard, P5!

Mrs Mac and Mrs Kilpatrick.



P1 Fitness Fortnight – Week 1

Primary 1 have been enjoying their first week of fitness fortnight. Here are some of the exciting activities we have completed this week:

-Designed our own sports day banner

-Blindfolded ourselves and took part in a quiz to guess what fruit/veg we were eating

-Created an acrostic poem for the word HEALTHY

-Took part in lots of fun fitness maths activities

-Used our creativity to create a game/activity

-Created our own circuits and then wrote instructions on how to complete the circuit

-We have taken part in lots of fun exercise activities such as Just Dance and Jumpstart Johnny

-We also took part in some mindfulness activities


Today is our virtual Sports Day! We hope you are all taking part and enjoying yourselves. PLEASE REMEMBER TO RECORD YOUR SCORES USING THE FORMS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PLAN!! Thank you 🙂

Fitness Fortnight in P3- Let the Games Begin! (w.b. 15.06.20)

Primary 3 have had great fun this week completing challenges from the first week of our virtual fitness fortnight. So far we have made house banners for Sports day, completed a fruit and vegetable taste quiz and completed some maths and literacy activities that incorporate exercise such as spelling our names workout and estimating and measuring how far we can throw an object. We are also thinking about our mental health and completing mindfulness activities too.

Friday was our virtual sports day- we have had lots of fun throughout the week completing as many challenges as we can (and getting our families involved) to earn points for our house!

Keep up the hard work P3-not long to go until the holidays now!

P2’s Fitness Fortnight busy week…

  Fitness fortnight in P2

As you may know, fitness fortnight has started and now we have already gone through half of it! Have a look below and see how P2 got on…

When you think of sport you usually think of physical exercise and nothing more but, with the help of some pens and markers, we included literacy in our week by making incredible sports day banners! As well as that, we made an acrostic poem to the word HEALTHY and created mind-blowing posters about the importance of healthy eating.

Along with literacy comes maths and yes, you guessed it- we did an outstanding job with that too by doing activities like,  throwing bean bag (and other safe, soft objects) and estimating how far we threw them. Next -with a hand from an adult – we measured them exactly and checked how close we were with our estimation! Also, we set a timer and saw how long it takes us to do 20 squats then rounding the seconds from the timer to the nearest whole number (if we could). We made a circuit and timed how long it took us to get through it along with all the members of our family, later trying to beat our time!

What’s fitness fortnight without some plain old sport? With the help of YouTube, we have done a workout with ‘Jumpstart Jonny’ or ‘Joe Wick’s’ and ‘Just Dance’ too! Later we had a lesson to learn some martial arts! As well as spelling out our name by doing different types of exercises and taking a time to step back by taking part in the ‘Cosmic Zen Den’ video.

On top of all this, we did an exciting taste quiz to explore different foods and made activities or games to share with all the other boys and girls.

Phew! What a busy week!


Week 5: Fitness Fortnight

Hello everyone,

It was so lovely seeing some of you today and we are really looking forward to meeting some of you tomorrow. Here are this weeks transition activities. We are looking forward to seeing your photos this week.


Mrs Evans & P1 Teachers


Go to this Sway

Fitness Fortnight Week One & House Groupings

HI everyone,

Please find attached this week’s plan and a list of children in each house. This is to help with our virtual sports day on Friday (please see the plan for details of how this will work).

We hope you all enjoy our virtual Fitness Fortnight this year. Remember, to send a couple of pictures of your child completing their favourite activities to the school mailbox to be featured in the blog on Friday.

Please get in touch through the school mailbox if you need any help.

Miss McCormack & Mrs Canning

Fitness Fortnight Week 1 

P3 house teams fitness fortnight w1

Our little children hard at work…

Hi everyone,

We have received fantastic photos this week from our nursery children. The children  listened to a story about a very scary crocodile. They then used their imagination to take the crocodile on their own adventure.

We’ve also been learning to recognise our own name over the last couple of weeks.  We’ve made our name using different materials and we’ve also spotted lots of photos of children writing their name! Amazing!

We’ve had a think about different shapes this week too. Some of us hunted around the house for different shapes and we even saw people having a go at an online interactive shape game. Here are some of the other things that we have been up to:

Well done boys and girls! You are going to be amazing primary 1 children! 🌟

Keep being amazing!
Mrs Evans


Primary 6 Week 10 Home Learning

Primary 6 have been very busy this week with our online learning.

Maths – Currencies  The children have been learning about Currencies.  They have been trying out activities to convert Euros to Pounds – initially without a calculator then by Thursday using a calculator for some fun Currency Challenge cards.  The children were also provided with a Foreign Exchange Instruction Card for the Thursday task.  The activities were enjoyed by the children.          Great use of division strategies, Primary 6.

Literacy – Informative Writing  The children really do enjoy writing and this week we looked at Informative Writing – a piece of non-fiction writing which gives information about a particular thing.  This week’s task was to write about camping.  We provided a video about a family setting up in a campsite in a national park near Florida.  Some great pieces of writing were done using topical vocabulary and great camping facts.  Well done, Primary 6.

Topic – Our Government  Primary 6 have been learning about Our Scottish Government this week.  We started off with describing the job of a politician and we looked at their responsibilities and what a day in the life of them would be like.  We then looked at the role of the Scottish Government and created a list of priorities a government should have.  The children were asked to explain their pecking-order of priorities.  We also had a look at manifestos and the children became a politician and wrote their own manifesto creating slogans and three ideas that they thought would be important to the people of Broxburn and Uphall.  I think we have some budding politicians in the making!!

Art  The children looked at some artists’ work that expresses how the artists feel lockdown affects us.  The children then thought about how lockdown is affecting them and created their own pieces of art choosing from abstract, naturalistic or paper cuttings collage.  Each piece of art is a story about how lockdown affects them.       Great creative expression, Primary 6!

Virtual Camp  On Wednesday the children participated in ‘virtual camp’ activities to compensate for missing their camp this month.  The children enjoyed Mini Raft Making, Star Gazing, Den Building, Timing A Bed Change, Tracking Animals, Futuristic Tent Design and cooking S’mores.  The children sent us some great photos of these fun activities.  Great work, Primary 6.

Well done Primary 6!  As always we are very proud of your dedication to completing your tasks and thank you to our supportive parents too.





Home Learning in P5!

We’ve had a very busy week of learning and yet again P5 have produced some marvellous pieces of work.

In Number Talks we looked at multiplication and subtraction (lots of partial products and repeated addition strategies being used) and in maths we looked at symmetry and did a little revision on lots of other aspects of mathematics.



In Literacy we had fun looking at Onomatopoeia words and Wow we did well! Everyone was asked to develop a Word Art poster about themselves and the results were incredible, unfortunately they contain names in them so can’t be shown here, but take my word for it that Mrs Mac and myself were so impressed!

Other tasks in literacy were to use our spelling words in various activities. We designed a poster showing 5 Acts of Kindness and we designed crazy uniforms for pupils and for the teaching staff, which I’m sure they would all love to have for real! There was also an opportunity to practice some French greetings…Bonjour!


In our topics we looked at making Power-Points and Sways on sea animals to celebrate  World’s Ocean Day! These were amazing and very informative. There were some science tasks to carry out, one of these was to watch Dr Chips showing us how to build a Solar Oven, very useful to have if we ever have a power cut!

One of the Art tasks we had this week was to use the drawing techniques of hatching, cross hatching, shading and gradating to capture an image of a Giant Panda, I think you’ll agree that P5 rocked this task, it’s a shame that only a few examples can be shown on the Blog.

Well done P5 for all of your hard work this week, have a lovely weekend and we will catch up again on Monday. Take Care everyone.

Mrs Mac and Mrs K


Primary 1 Weekly Update (W.C 8/6/20)


Well done Primary 1 for another week working hard from home. We have been busy with our home learning packs and grids and are almost ready to become big Primary 2’s now! Here are some of the things we have been learning about:

Writing: During writing time we have been learning about functional writing. This week we were focussing on writing lists and learning what a list looks like and should contain. We wrote a list of 10 things we love to hand on to our new teacher to help them get to know us better.

Phonics: We started to learn about the magic e and how he changes the sound of the vowels! This was quite tricky and we will continue to work on this next year. We watched videos and completed a sumdog spelling challenge to help us with this.

Maths:  In maths we continued our learning of money from last week. We gained a better understanding of how to make amounts using different coins and we learned to pay for things and work out basic change. We even started to learn about budgeting and used our budgeting skills to plan our own lunches online!

Topic: We have had lots of super feedback from talking to parents about how much the children are loving their dinosaur topic! This week we played some dinosaur exploring games and made dinosaur artwork from our hand and footprints!


P2 Home Learning

P2 have had another busy week. Here are some of the things we have been learning:

  • In literacy we have been learning to write setting descriptions. We had  to describe the picture given to us by using lots of adjectives.
  • We had to read a passage and spot the silly words. Then we had to think of more sensible words to replace them.
  • In maths we were learning about multiplication. We have been looking at repeated addition and arrays to help us work out multiplication questions.
  • We also looked at sharing things equally between different sized groups using concrete materials.
  • In Health and Wellbeing we looked at not giving up. We had to think of something we found hard then draw a picture and write down advice for yourself or to help someone else achieve this.
  • As part of our Living Things topic we created posters about our favourite animals and presented them to our families. We had to make sure we spoke clearly and loudly and looked at our audience.
  • In RE we watched a video about God speaking to Moses. We then wrote about what happened and drew a picture.
  • In Drama we watched a video and acted out the Three Billy Goats Gruff.
  • We we learned different body parts in Spanish to help us play along to the Harry Potter theme tune.

Primary 4’s Weekly Reflections

Primary 4 have been impressing their teachers again with lots of great effort and work on Teams this week! Well done everyone.

In Numeracy we have been learning the 7 times table and stretching our brain with different number challenges. We have also enjoyed active learning tasks around right angle turns. Some children sent us video clips of them following instructions to make different quarter turns to the right. Very impressive!

In Literacy we have learned to spell the names of different European countries and have placed them on the map. In writing we pretended we were owners of a 5 star hotel and created persuasive posters for Ed Sheeran to come and stay! We enjoyed reading the first chapter of JK Rowling’s new book, ‘The Ickabog’, and developed our skills in making notes and organising information under different headings.

We had lots of fun on Thursday when we went on a ‘virtual’ class trip to Edinburgh Zoo! All of our activities were based around buying entry tickets, visiting Penguin Rock, researching different zoo animals and creating animal masks to wear. We even visited the online shop and chose a ‘zoovenir’  to buy.

Here are some reflections from our P4 children:

“The tricky part was the right angles and the easy part was reading ‘The Ickabog’.”

“I enjoyed learning about all the animals of Edinburgh Zoo because all the activities were fun.”

“I enjoyed learning the 7 times table because I didn’t know it but now I do.”

“My favourite thing was learning about the European countries – now I know how to spell their names, where they are on the map and what their capitals are.”

“My learning in Numeracy this week can help me work out my change when I go to the shops for juice and sweets.”

“I enjoyed reading the first chapter of ‘The Ickabog’.”

“I really enjoyed researching koalas as they are my favourite animal.”

“I enjoyed the Health and Wellbeing PE challenge because I love gymnastics.”

P3’s Home Learning

Another busy week in P3. We are so proud of you all for all your hard work during this time. Keep reading to find out about some of the things we have been learning.

  • In our Egyptian topic we have learning about mummification.  We have learned about how the Egyptians completed this task.  We even tried to mummify a piece of fruit.  It was fun!
  • In mathematics we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  We have been looking at the properties of the shapes and finding the edges, vertices, corners and faces on shapes.  We have played lots of different games about shapes this week. Even a sumdog challenge.
  • In RE we have been looking at stories of how Jesus healed the sick and why this is important.
  • In literacy we have been spotting the silly word in a passage about elephants. Then finding words we thought would make more sense.
  • We have also been drawing an image of a character called ‘Badjelly the witch’. We had to read the description then draw what we thought the character would look like
  • In Art, we looked at a still life picture and thought about what we liked/disliked. Then we tried to draw our own still life picture.
  • In Science, we have been learning about the skeleton and even tried to make our own from twigs and stones.
  • We also  looked at a story about ‘Oor Wullie’ in Scots and answered questions about  it.
  • We also looked at how things are made from different materials and when we recycle we need to split our rubbish into different bins.  We tried to help at home this week.  This will make us very responsible citizens by recycling correctly.

Here are some of the lovely pictures we have received this week.  Thank you P3 and well done! 


Week 4: Questions, questions, questions

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well this week. Please click on the link to find the transition activities for this week. If you haven’t already, please can you send us a photo of your little one with 2/3 of their favourite things. We are going to use these photos as a display and the children will be able to see their photo when they start school in August. It would be really lovely to have all of our children on the wall.

I hope you enjoy the activities this week,

Mrs Evans


Go to this Sway

P2 Learning Grid 10

Hi everyone,

We have attached the learning grid for this week (w.c 8.06.20). Please send pictures of your child’s work letting us know what they are enjoying to the school’s email (wlstnicholas-ps@westlothian.org.uk). Thank you to those of you who have sent pictures so far, it’s great for us to hear how children are getting on and it lets us plan for future learning.

Enjoy the tasks 😉

Mrs Alexander and Mrs Koziel


P2 Home Learning- Week 10 (3)

P3 Home Learning (w.b. 8.06.20)

Hi everyone,

We hope that you had a lovely weekend. Please find attached the home learning plan for this week (w.b. 8.06.20). If you are able to, please send us a couple of pictures of your child’s learning along with a sentence or two about what they have enjoyed. This will help us to inform our future planning.  Thank you to those of you continue to send us weekly pictures.

Please email the school mailbox with any questions or concerns you may have.

Miss McCormack & Mrs Canning

Home Learning week 10


Super work from our nursery children!

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe that it’s the end of another week! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the activities – I’ve really loved seeing all your wonderful photos. This week we were thinking about things which make us unique. Here are some of the things that you said made you unique:

We’ve also had lots of photos of boys and girls having a go at the literacy and numeracy activities too:

Big well done everyone! Keep up the good work and keep sending us photos of what you  are up to!

Speak soon!
Mrs Evans & P1 Teachers

Another Busy Learning Week for P5 from Home

Hi Everyone!

There were many activities set for this week, many involved doing research, while others focused on doing revision.

Number Talks looked over the strategies for subtraction and Multiplication. In Maths, we looked at revising our skills at adding and subtracting whole numbers and Place Value. We also used our skills to work out real life maths problems involving the planet Mars.


There were various spelling tasks over the week, one I particularly like to look over is the hidden word task, as there are always words that the children come up with that we were just not expecting!!


We researched famous Mathematicians: Albert Einstein and Sir Issac Newton to name a few.  We looked into our climate and our environment and discovered the differences between the two terms. As part of our environment studies we investigated the Scottish Fishing Industry and also learned to identify some of the fish that swim around our seas.


There were a few fun challenges, we had a General Knowledge Quiz about animal facts and we also had a Sumdog challenge.

Our week finished with a lovely Mass from Father Jeremy. It was so nice to hear familiar voices! We also had probably the worse rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ ever!!! I think Father enjoyed it though! Happy Birthday Father Jeremy from P5!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, stay safe and we will all ‘meet’ up again next week.

Mrs Mac and Mrs K!!


Fantastic Learning in P3! (W.B. 1.06.20)

P3 have had another fantastic week of home learning. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Literacy– we have continued to learn new spelling patterns this week and have been practising our words through Active Spelling activities. We are continuing to develop our note taking skills using Newsround, we then discussed what we had watched with our families. To develop our comprehension skills we have completed some Reflective Reading tasks like ‘Spot the Silly Word’ and completed a Task Map on toy adverts. We are continuing to read books for enjoyment and we created mini flip books of our favourite stories. We used an Authors Live episode as a stimulus for writing this week, creating our own adventure stories.
  • Maths– We are continuing to use Sumdog and other games to develop our Numeracy skills. In Number Talks, we learned more about the ‘friendly numbers’ strategy and practised this at home. We have been learning about volume this week, we know that we measure volume in litres and millilitres. We enjoyed doing practical activities to develop our measurement skills such as making our own scales using bottles and filling jugs with different amounts of water.
  • Health & Wellbeing- We continued to learn about the importance of Growth Mindset this week. We listened to the story ‘I Can’t Do That…YET!’ and drew pictures of things we can do just now and something we would like to learn to do. Some of our boys and girls have completed some sports challenges while they’ve been at home-completing a charity run and a football skills challenge- well done!
  • Social Studies- In our Ancient Egyptians topic this week we have learned all about the Gods and Goddesses. We did some research on BBC Bitesize and played a game as well as using a table to answer questions.
  • Science- This week we have continued our Inheritence topic. This week we learned how animals are classified into families. We watched a video and then created posters for each animal family with details of characteristics and the animals in the family.
  • Art- we are continuing to learn about the visual elements. This week we created a sunset landscape and focused on the elements of line, pattern and colour.
  • RERC- This week we have been learning about Jesus’ Twelve Apostles. We watched a video which taught us the twelve special friends that Jesus had. We used our knowledge to create a picture and labelled each of the apostles. We also learned about Patron Saints, researching St Andrew (our national saint), St Nicholas (our school saint) and St John Cantius (our parish saint). We know Saints were people who committed their lives to serving God and helping others.
  • Technologies- Our technology challenge this week was to compare technology in the past and present. We asked our parents about the technology they had growing up and compared this to what we use now. We used Google Images with our parents help to find pictures of past technology.

Well done for all of your hard work P3- keep it up!

P1 Weekly Update

P1 have had a busy week. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to…

  • In numeracy we have been revising money. We have been discussing why we need money and where it comes from. We had a go at ordering coins, sorting coins and even set up our own wee shops where we had a go at being the shopkeeper and the customer.
  • For literacy this week we had to plan a movie night for our family. Firstly, we wrote a letter to our family explaining why we wanted to have a movie night. We then created tickets for our movie night and lovely posters.
  • We are still enjoying our topic. We have been looking at dinosaur diets and researching omnivores, herbivores and carnivores.
  • For art, we followed a tutorial on how to draw an allosaurus.
  • We continued with our growth mindset series. This week we thought about what to do if we are stuck and why using the word “yet” is important.
  • For R.E we spent some time reflecting on our year in P1, thinking about what has went well and what we want to get better at in P2. We then finished with a prayer to God to ask him to help us with our journey into P2.

Thank you for all your hard work this week P1. We are very proud of you all.


Primary 4’s weekly update


This week Primary 4 have been busy learning lots of things on Teams. In Literacy they have been working on homophones (there, their and they’re) and practised to using adjectives, connectives and different openers to upgrade sentences. They did such a good job with this task that their teachers had a really hard time choosing the top 3 from each class! They also made some wonderful posters, SWAYs and PowerPoints describing the positive qualities of someone they admire. It was lovely to read all the nice things they had to say about their mums, dads, aunties. In Maths P4 have been working on the 6 times table and learned to use the words likely, unlikely and impossible to talk about probability and chance, for example, It is likely that it will rain tomorrow. Some of our P4s also enjoyed learning about Spanish painter Picasso and made beautiful abstract masks.

Well done Primary 4!


Another busy week in P2…

Primary 2 had a very busy week. Have a look at what we have done at home…

  • We were learning about the meaning of ‘non-fiction’, we wrote interesting facts in our jotters.
  • Rainbow writing is a fun strategy that we used to make us more confident in our spelling. We used the website ‘Doorway speller’ to practice our common words.
  • Learning to describe things in writing as well as speaking is very important. That is why we practised using adjectives to describe our favourite book characters.
  • Imagine you were asked to split a pizza in half for your other friend. You would have to know how to split things in half. Luckily we know how to do this because we were practising splitting things in half all week.
  • As well as that, we made sure that we will not forget all the things that we have learnt throughout the week by playing the ‘Sumdog’ challenge and filling out a worksheet about halves and quarters that our teachers have set for us.
  • ‘Lunes, Martes, Miercoles…’ these are some days of the week in Spanish. P2 already know what they mean since we practised this by listening to a video on YouTube.
  • An international language is a language that lots of people around the world can understand at least a bit. Through expressive arts, we can talk about our feelings in a way that is easy to understand. This is why we watched a video about ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ and joined in along with our families.
  • Staying fit is key to leading a healthy life. To help us, we did a Go Noodle activity which was found on YouTube.
  • We all have most likely seen an ant before, but – how much do we know about them? Lots now! This is because we have learned about Minibeasts for science and then watched a video to learn some facts about ants! Later, we also learned about what plants need to survive.
  • For RERC, we looked at Psalm 65: 9-13 and contemplated it, praying with our family. Also, we watched a video on YouTube about how God spoke to Moses and later talked about it with our family. Next, we drew a picture of what happened. Some of us even wrote a few sentences to go along with it!


Week 3: It’s all about you!

Hi everyone,

We hope you have had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the sun stays for a little longer!

This weeks transition activities are attached below. This week we would like to learn more about your little boy or girl. They have a little activity to complete which encourages them to think about and talk about what makes them unique. We would also like you to send us a photo of your little one with two or three of their favourite things. We are going to use these photos to put on a display in our primary 1 area for them starting school.  We hope you enjoy the activities this week. Remember to show us what you’ve been up to by sending in some photos.

Go to this Sway


Speak to you soon!

Mrs Evans

This Weeks Eco Challenge!

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who managed to complete last weeks challenge. You are helping us to achieve our action plan for this year while we are all working from home! That’s amazing!

Take a look at this weeks challenge:

Go to this Sway

Let’s see if we can get even more people completing the challenge this week.

Speak soon!

Eco Leaders

P3 Home Learning (w.b. 1.06.20)

Good Morning everyone,

We hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!

Please find attached the learning grid for this week (w.b. 1.06.20). Remember to send a couple of pictures of your child’s work and a sentence about what they have enjoyed learning this week to the school inbox. A huge thanks to those of you that have sent in pictures so far- it’s great for us to hear how the children are getting on and helps us to plan for future learning.

Have a great week and please get in touch via the school inbox if you have any questions.

Miss McCormack & Mrs Canning

Home Learning week 9 final



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