P1 Fitness Fortnight – Week 2

Primary 1 have had another great week enjoying their fitness fortnight challenges! This week we have :

– Researched the importance of exercise and made an informative poster.

– We continued to take part in our virtual sports day- Forth house were the winners!!

-Made a healthy smoothies and wrote instructions for someone else to follow.

-We took part in lots of fun fitness maths activities. Using exercise is a great way to help us improve our numeracy skills.

-Joined in on Basketball drills by following online videos.

-We also took part in some relaxation activities to help us focus on taking care of our mental health.


Well done everyone! We have had a fantastic year teaching you all and want to wish everyone a happy and fun filled summer holidays. We can’t wait to see you all back at school in August when you will be big Primary 2!

Miss McKeown & Mrs Gardiner ☀️😊


See you soon!

Hi Everyone,

Please click on the link below to see our primary 1 transition information:


Go to this Sway

We are really looking forward to welcoming all of our new primary 1  children on Wednesday 12th August at 9:00am. Until then, have a fantastic summer break with your family!

See you soon,

Mrs Evans

P3 Schools out!

This week Primary 3 took part in the second week of Fitness fortnight.  Here are some of the things we have been doing this week:

  • We researched the importance of exercise and made a poster.
  • In Literacy, we wrote letters to our favourite sports stars, telling them all about ourselves, why they have inspired us and asked them questions about things we wanted to know about them.
  • We continued to take part in our virtual sports day- Forth house were the winners!!
  • Using our knowledge of healthy eating we drew a healthy lunch box.
  • We made a healthy smoothie and then wrote instructions to help someone else to make the smoothie.
  • In Numeracy, we took part in lots of fun fitness e.g. roll to dice and then add the numbers together to complete the exercises set.
  • We took part in a few sumdog challenges.
  • We watched video about sun safety and then created our own video to tell others about what we knew about sun safety.
  • We also became the teacher and taught our families some new skills.

Here are some pictures of our work this week.

Primary 3,  we just wanted to thank you for all your hard work this term.  It has been very different term for us all but you have risen to the challenge and we are very proud of you.  Thank you so much for all the pictures we have received.  We have loved seeing your work and how well you are doing.

We hope you all have a great summer holiday.  Relax and have fun with your family.  We will see you in August when you are in Primary 4!

Happy holidays.

Mrs Canning and Miss McCormack

P2 Fitness Fortnight- Week 2

Primary 2 have been enjoying their second week of fitness fortnight. Here are some of the fun activities we have completed this week:

-We wrote letters to our favourite sports stars, telling them all about ourselves, why they have inspired us and asked them questions about things we wanted to find out about them.

– Researched the importance of exercise and made an informative poster.

– We continued to take part in our virtual sports day- Forth house were the winners!!

-Made a healthy smoothie and wrote detailed instructions to help someone else to make the smoothie.

-Took part in lots of fun fitness maths activities e.g. roll to dice and them together then use the answer to complete the exercises set.

-Joined in on Basketball drills on YouTube.

-We also took part in some relaxation activities

– Completed a dance class with Oti Mabuse on YouTube.

– We watched video about sun safety and then created our own video to tell others about what we knew about sun safety.

– We became the teacher and taught our families new skills.

– Using our knowledge of healthy eating we drew a healthy lunch box.

Here are some pictures of this week’s activities:

We can’t believe that it is now the last day of term. We hope you all have a fantastic summer holiday and can’t wait to see you all in August.

Mrs Alexander and Mrs Koziel

Week 6: A special message from you!

Hello Everyone,

You have been so busy over the last few weeks, preparing for coming to primary school and taking part in our fitness fortnight. I wanted to say a big well done to you all – I am so proud of you! Your nursery teachers, P1 teachers and I have all really enjoyed seeing everything that you’ve been doing at home and we absolutely loved meeting most of you on your transition visits.

I hope you enjoyed the letters that your buddies sent last week. Your buddies have been very busy answering all of your questions and you can find the answers to these on the ‘Buddy Question Time’ sway.

Your task this week:

We only have a couple of days left before the end of term but I would now like to invite you to send something  back for your buddy. You could choose to do a  card, a drawing or a little video. Take a photo of what you decide to do and then send it to our mailbox: 


We will then send these on to your buddy. I’m sure they will be delighted to receive something from you!

Have a lovely day in the sunshine 🌞

Mrs Evans 🌈


22nd- Fitness Fortnight Week2

22nd- Fitness Fortnight Week2
Please find the Fitness Fortnight Week 2 grid below. Enjoy your next fitness week.

Remember to send us some pictures of your home learning to wlstnicholas-ps@westlothian.org.uk

This is our last week of school, we cannot belive how quick this term was.
We hope you all will have lovely summer holidays but please remember to stay safe. See you again in Agust 🙂

Mrs Alexander and Mrs Koziel

Fitness Fortnight Week 2

P3 Weekly Plan- Fitness Fortnight Week Two (w.b. 22.06.20)

Hi everyone,

Please find attached this week’s home learning grid. These activities are a continuation of our Fitness Fortnight. Please remember to send us a couple of pictures of your child’s learning with a sentence about what they have enjoyed.

Please contact the school mailbox if you have any issues.

Thank you for you support during this term and we hope when Friday lunchtime rolls around you have a wonderful summer holiday. The boys and girls have worked very hard and have shown how responsible they can be leading their own learning. We are very proud of them!

Miss McCormack & Mrs Canning

Fitness Fortnight Week 2 (1)


Fitness Fortnight Week 1 in Primary 6

Primary 6 have been super busy completing all the fitness fortnight challenges this week.

We have been busy calculating all our numeracy facts linked to sports events. Designing banners and posters to promote a healthy lifestyle and to support our house during our virtual Sports Day.

We created an acrostic poem and a healthy eating plan for our new P1 buddies next session. We tried new mindfulness activities to relax our mind and promote well-being and gave Mr Muldoon a helping hand creating some fun sporting events for the virtual Sports Day.

We can’t wait for Fitness Fortnight Week 2 !

P5’s Week!

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P5 seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the first week of our famous ‘Fitness Fortnight’.  Lots of fun activities were planned to get the kids active and others were to do with healthy eating.   Judging by the feedback given on Teams, the P5s had a great week.

Some of the activities that we planned included:

‘Scavenger Hunt’ – The children had to run  around the house and garden in the fastest time possible looking for household items and time each other.

‘P.E Mathopoly’ – This involved the children playing a monopoly style game with exercises and challenges scattered around rhe board.

‘Flexibilty Challenge’.

‘Mouldy Bread Science Experiment’, designed to remind the children of the importance of hand washing. The children had to handle bread with dirty hands and handle bread with clean hands and were asked to seal the slices in separate bags and we will look at the each slice again next week.

Make a healthy fruit kebab. The pictures sent in of these had ours mouths watering!

Design a healthy menu.

Write an acrostic poem on healthy eating.

Create a fitness circuit.

Design a banner for Sports Day.

To top off our fantastic week we participated in our ‘vIirtual Sports Day’.  Lots of fun activities were planned, 15 in total! Again, the children seemed to really enjoy this, well done everyone who took part. We can’t wait to see which house groups wins with the most points. Watch this space, all will be revealed !

Thanks for working hard, P5!

Mrs Mac and Mrs Kilpatrick.



P1 Fitness Fortnight – Week 1

Primary 1 have been enjoying their first week of fitness fortnight. Here are some of the exciting activities we have completed this week:

-Designed our own sports day banner

-Blindfolded ourselves and took part in a quiz to guess what fruit/veg we were eating

-Created an acrostic poem for the word HEALTHY

-Took part in lots of fun fitness maths activities

-Used our creativity to create a game/activity

-Created our own circuits and then wrote instructions on how to complete the circuit

-We have taken part in lots of fun exercise activities such as Just Dance and Jumpstart Johnny

-We also took part in some mindfulness activities


Today is our virtual Sports Day! We hope you are all taking part and enjoying yourselves. PLEASE REMEMBER TO RECORD YOUR SCORES USING THE FORMS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PLAN!! Thank you 🙂

Fitness Fortnight in P3- Let the Games Begin! (w.b. 15.06.20)

Primary 3 have had great fun this week completing challenges from the first week of our virtual fitness fortnight. So far we have made house banners for Sports day, completed a fruit and vegetable taste quiz and completed some maths and literacy activities that incorporate exercise such as spelling our names workout and estimating and measuring how far we can throw an object. We are also thinking about our mental health and completing mindfulness activities too.

Friday was our virtual sports day- we have had lots of fun throughout the week completing as many challenges as we can (and getting our families involved) to earn points for our house!

Keep up the hard work P3-not long to go until the holidays now!

P2’s Fitness Fortnight busy week…

  Fitness fortnight in P2

As you may know, fitness fortnight has started and now we have already gone through half of it! Have a look below and see how P2 got on…

When you think of sport you usually think of physical exercise and nothing more but, with the help of some pens and markers, we included literacy in our week by making incredible sports day banners! As well as that, we made an acrostic poem to the word HEALTHY and created mind-blowing posters about the importance of healthy eating.

Along with literacy comes maths and yes, you guessed it- we did an outstanding job with that too by doing activities like,  throwing bean bag (and other safe, soft objects) and estimating how far we threw them. Next -with a hand from an adult – we measured them exactly and checked how close we were with our estimation! Also, we set a timer and saw how long it takes us to do 20 squats then rounding the seconds from the timer to the nearest whole number (if we could). We made a circuit and timed how long it took us to get through it along with all the members of our family, later trying to beat our time!

What’s fitness fortnight without some plain old sport? With the help of YouTube, we have done a workout with ‘Jumpstart Jonny’ or ‘Joe Wick’s’ and ‘Just Dance’ too! Later we had a lesson to learn some martial arts! As well as spelling out our name by doing different types of exercises and taking a time to step back by taking part in the ‘Cosmic Zen Den’ video.

On top of all this, we did an exciting taste quiz to explore different foods and made activities or games to share with all the other boys and girls.

Phew! What a busy week!


Week 5: Fitness Fortnight

Hello everyone,

It was so lovely seeing some of you today and we are really looking forward to meeting some of you tomorrow. Here are this weeks transition activities. We are looking forward to seeing your photos this week.


Mrs Evans & P1 Teachers


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Fitness Fortnight Week One & House Groupings

HI everyone,

Please find attached this week’s plan and a list of children in each house. This is to help with our virtual sports day on Friday (please see the plan for details of how this will work).

We hope you all enjoy our virtual Fitness Fortnight this year. Remember, to send a couple of pictures of your child completing their favourite activities to the school mailbox to be featured in the blog on Friday.

Please get in touch through the school mailbox if you need any help.

Miss McCormack & Mrs Canning

Fitness Fortnight Week 1 

P3 house teams fitness fortnight w1

Our little children hard at work…

Hi everyone,

We have received fantastic photos this week from our nursery children. The children  listened to a story about a very scary crocodile. They then used their imagination to take the crocodile on their own adventure.

We’ve also been learning to recognise our own name over the last couple of weeks.  We’ve made our name using different materials and we’ve also spotted lots of photos of children writing their name! Amazing!

We’ve had a think about different shapes this week too. Some of us hunted around the house for different shapes and we even saw people having a go at an online interactive shape game. Here are some of the other things that we have been up to:

Well done boys and girls! You are going to be amazing primary 1 children! 🌟

Keep being amazing!
Mrs Evans


Primary 6 Week 10 Home Learning

Primary 6 have been very busy this week with our online learning.

Maths – Currencies  The children have been learning about Currencies.  They have been trying out activities to convert Euros to Pounds – initially without a calculator then by Thursday using a calculator for some fun Currency Challenge cards.  The children were also provided with a Foreign Exchange Instruction Card for the Thursday task.  The activities were enjoyed by the children.          Great use of division strategies, Primary 6.

Literacy – Informative Writing  The children really do enjoy writing and this week we looked at Informative Writing – a piece of non-fiction writing which gives information about a particular thing.  This week’s task was to write about camping.  We provided a video about a family setting up in a campsite in a national park near Florida.  Some great pieces of writing were done using topical vocabulary and great camping facts.  Well done, Primary 6.

Topic – Our Government  Primary 6 have been learning about Our Scottish Government this week.  We started off with describing the job of a politician and we looked at their responsibilities and what a day in the life of them would be like.  We then looked at the role of the Scottish Government and created a list of priorities a government should have.  The children were asked to explain their pecking-order of priorities.  We also had a look at manifestos and the children became a politician and wrote their own manifesto creating slogans and three ideas that they thought would be important to the people of Broxburn and Uphall.  I think we have some budding politicians in the making!!

Art  The children looked at some artists’ work that expresses how the artists feel lockdown affects us.  The children then thought about how lockdown is affecting them and created their own pieces of art choosing from abstract, naturalistic or paper cuttings collage.  Each piece of art is a story about how lockdown affects them.       Great creative expression, Primary 6!

Virtual Camp  On Wednesday the children participated in ‘virtual camp’ activities to compensate for missing their camp this month.  The children enjoyed Mini Raft Making, Star Gazing, Den Building, Timing A Bed Change, Tracking Animals, Futuristic Tent Design and cooking S’mores.  The children sent us some great photos of these fun activities.  Great work, Primary 6.

Well done Primary 6!  As always we are very proud of your dedication to completing your tasks and thank you to our supportive parents too.





Home Learning in P5!

We’ve had a very busy week of learning and yet again P5 have produced some marvellous pieces of work.

In Number Talks we looked at multiplication and subtraction (lots of partial products and repeated addition strategies being used) and in maths we looked at symmetry and did a little revision on lots of other aspects of mathematics.



In Literacy we had fun looking at Onomatopoeia words and Wow we did well! Everyone was asked to develop a Word Art poster about themselves and the results were incredible, unfortunately they contain names in them so can’t be shown here, but take my word for it that Mrs Mac and myself were so impressed!

Other tasks in literacy were to use our spelling words in various activities. We designed a poster showing 5 Acts of Kindness and we designed crazy uniforms for pupils and for the teaching staff, which I’m sure they would all love to have for real! There was also an opportunity to practice some French greetings…Bonjour!


In our topics we looked at making Power-Points and Sways on sea animals to celebrate  World’s Ocean Day! These were amazing and very informative. There were some science tasks to carry out, one of these was to watch Dr Chips showing us how to build a Solar Oven, very useful to have if we ever have a power cut!

One of the Art tasks we had this week was to use the drawing techniques of hatching, cross hatching, shading and gradating to capture an image of a Giant Panda, I think you’ll agree that P5 rocked this task, it’s a shame that only a few examples can be shown on the Blog.

Well done P5 for all of your hard work this week, have a lovely weekend and we will catch up again on Monday. Take Care everyone.

Mrs Mac and Mrs K


Primary 1 Weekly Update (W.C 8/6/20)


Well done Primary 1 for another week working hard from home. We have been busy with our home learning packs and grids and are almost ready to become big Primary 2’s now! Here are some of the things we have been learning about:

Writing: During writing time we have been learning about functional writing. This week we were focussing on writing lists and learning what a list looks like and should contain. We wrote a list of 10 things we love to hand on to our new teacher to help them get to know us better.

Phonics: We started to learn about the magic e and how he changes the sound of the vowels! This was quite tricky and we will continue to work on this next year. We watched videos and completed a sumdog spelling challenge to help us with this.

Maths:  In maths we continued our learning of money from last week. We gained a better understanding of how to make amounts using different coins and we learned to pay for things and work out basic change. We even started to learn about budgeting and used our budgeting skills to plan our own lunches online!

Topic: We have had lots of super feedback from talking to parents about how much the children are loving their dinosaur topic! This week we played some dinosaur exploring games and made dinosaur artwork from our hand and footprints!


P2 Home Learning

P2 have had another busy week. Here are some of the things we have been learning:

  • In literacy we have been learning to write setting descriptions. We had  to describe the picture given to us by using lots of adjectives.
  • We had to read a passage and spot the silly words. Then we had to think of more sensible words to replace them.
  • In maths we were learning about multiplication. We have been looking at repeated addition and arrays to help us work out multiplication questions.
  • We also looked at sharing things equally between different sized groups using concrete materials.
  • In Health and Wellbeing we looked at not giving up. We had to think of something we found hard then draw a picture and write down advice for yourself or to help someone else achieve this.
  • As part of our Living Things topic we created posters about our favourite animals and presented them to our families. We had to make sure we spoke clearly and loudly and looked at our audience.
  • In RE we watched a video about God speaking to Moses. We then wrote about what happened and drew a picture.
  • In Drama we watched a video and acted out the Three Billy Goats Gruff.
  • We we learned different body parts in Spanish to help us play along to the Harry Potter theme tune.

Primary 4’s Weekly Reflections

Primary 4 have been impressing their teachers again with lots of great effort and work on Teams this week! Well done everyone.

In Numeracy we have been learning the 7 times table and stretching our brain with different number challenges. We have also enjoyed active learning tasks around right angle turns. Some children sent us video clips of them following instructions to make different quarter turns to the right. Very impressive!

In Literacy we have learned to spell the names of different European countries and have placed them on the map. In writing we pretended we were owners of a 5 star hotel and created persuasive posters for Ed Sheeran to come and stay! We enjoyed reading the first chapter of JK Rowling’s new book, ‘The Ickabog’, and developed our skills in making notes and organising information under different headings.

We had lots of fun on Thursday when we went on a ‘virtual’ class trip to Edinburgh Zoo! All of our activities were based around buying entry tickets, visiting Penguin Rock, researching different zoo animals and creating animal masks to wear. We even visited the online shop and chose a ‘zoovenir’  to buy.

Here are some reflections from our P4 children:

“The tricky part was the right angles and the easy part was reading ‘The Ickabog’.”

“I enjoyed learning about all the animals of Edinburgh Zoo because all the activities were fun.”

“I enjoyed learning the 7 times table because I didn’t know it but now I do.”

“My favourite thing was learning about the European countries – now I know how to spell their names, where they are on the map and what their capitals are.”

“My learning in Numeracy this week can help me work out my change when I go to the shops for juice and sweets.”

“I enjoyed reading the first chapter of ‘The Ickabog’.”

“I really enjoyed researching koalas as they are my favourite animal.”

“I enjoyed the Health and Wellbeing PE challenge because I love gymnastics.”

P3’s Home Learning

Another busy week in P3. We are so proud of you all for all your hard work during this time. Keep reading to find out about some of the things we have been learning.

  • In our Egyptian topic we have learning about mummification.  We have learned about how the Egyptians completed this task.  We even tried to mummify a piece of fruit.  It was fun!
  • In mathematics we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  We have been looking at the properties of the shapes and finding the edges, vertices, corners and faces on shapes.  We have played lots of different games about shapes this week. Even a sumdog challenge.
  • In RE we have been looking at stories of how Jesus healed the sick and why this is important.
  • In literacy we have been spotting the silly word in a passage about elephants. Then finding words we thought would make more sense.
  • We have also been drawing an image of a character called ‘Badjelly the witch’. We had to read the description then draw what we thought the character would look like
  • In Art, we looked at a still life picture and thought about what we liked/disliked. Then we tried to draw our own still life picture.
  • In Science, we have been learning about the skeleton and even tried to make our own from twigs and stones.
  • We also  looked at a story about ‘Oor Wullie’ in Scots and answered questions about  it.
  • We also looked at how things are made from different materials and when we recycle we need to split our rubbish into different bins.  We tried to help at home this week.  This will make us very responsible citizens by recycling correctly.

Here are some of the lovely pictures we have received this week.  Thank you P3 and well done! 


Week 4: Questions, questions, questions

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well this week. Please click on the link to find the transition activities for this week. If you haven’t already, please can you send us a photo of your little one with 2/3 of their favourite things. We are going to use these photos as a display and the children will be able to see their photo when they start school in August. It would be really lovely to have all of our children on the wall.

I hope you enjoy the activities this week,

Mrs Evans


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P2 Learning Grid 10

Hi everyone,

We have attached the learning grid for this week (w.c 8.06.20). Please send pictures of your child’s work letting us know what they are enjoying to the school’s email (wlstnicholas-ps@westlothian.org.uk). Thank you to those of you who have sent pictures so far, it’s great for us to hear how children are getting on and it lets us plan for future learning.

Enjoy the tasks 😉

Mrs Alexander and Mrs Koziel


P2 Home Learning- Week 10 (3)

P3 Home Learning (w.b. 8.06.20)

Hi everyone,

We hope that you had a lovely weekend. Please find attached the home learning plan for this week (w.b. 8.06.20). If you are able to, please send us a couple of pictures of your child’s learning along with a sentence or two about what they have enjoyed. This will help us to inform our future planning.  Thank you to those of you continue to send us weekly pictures.

Please email the school mailbox with any questions or concerns you may have.

Miss McCormack & Mrs Canning

Home Learning week 10


Super work from our nursery children!

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe that it’s the end of another week! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the activities – I’ve really loved seeing all your wonderful photos. This week we were thinking about things which make us unique. Here are some of the things that you said made you unique:

We’ve also had lots of photos of boys and girls having a go at the literacy and numeracy activities too:

Big well done everyone! Keep up the good work and keep sending us photos of what you  are up to!

Speak soon!
Mrs Evans & P1 Teachers

Another Busy Learning Week for P5 from Home

Hi Everyone!

There were many activities set for this week, many involved doing research, while others focused on doing revision.

Number Talks looked over the strategies for subtraction and Multiplication. In Maths, we looked at revising our skills at adding and subtracting whole numbers and Place Value. We also used our skills to work out real life maths problems involving the planet Mars.


There were various spelling tasks over the week, one I particularly like to look over is the hidden word task, as there are always words that the children come up with that we were just not expecting!!


We researched famous Mathematicians: Albert Einstein and Sir Issac Newton to name a few.  We looked into our climate and our environment and discovered the differences between the two terms. As part of our environment studies we investigated the Scottish Fishing Industry and also learned to identify some of the fish that swim around our seas.


There were a few fun challenges, we had a General Knowledge Quiz about animal facts and we also had a Sumdog challenge.

Our week finished with a lovely Mass from Father Jeremy. It was so nice to hear familiar voices! We also had probably the worse rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ ever!!! I think Father enjoyed it though! Happy Birthday Father Jeremy from P5!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, stay safe and we will all ‘meet’ up again next week.

Mrs Mac and Mrs K!!


Fantastic Learning in P3! (W.B. 1.06.20)

P3 have had another fantastic week of home learning. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Literacy– we have continued to learn new spelling patterns this week and have been practising our words through Active Spelling activities. We are continuing to develop our note taking skills using Newsround, we then discussed what we had watched with our families. To develop our comprehension skills we have completed some Reflective Reading tasks like ‘Spot the Silly Word’ and completed a Task Map on toy adverts. We are continuing to read books for enjoyment and we created mini flip books of our favourite stories. We used an Authors Live episode as a stimulus for writing this week, creating our own adventure stories.
  • Maths– We are continuing to use Sumdog and other games to develop our Numeracy skills. In Number Talks, we learned more about the ‘friendly numbers’ strategy and practised this at home. We have been learning about volume this week, we know that we measure volume in litres and millilitres. We enjoyed doing practical activities to develop our measurement skills such as making our own scales using bottles and filling jugs with different amounts of water.
  • Health & Wellbeing- We continued to learn about the importance of Growth Mindset this week. We listened to the story ‘I Can’t Do That…YET!’ and drew pictures of things we can do just now and something we would like to learn to do. Some of our boys and girls have completed some sports challenges while they’ve been at home-completing a charity run and a football skills challenge- well done!
  • Social Studies- In our Ancient Egyptians topic this week we have learned all about the Gods and Goddesses. We did some research on BBC Bitesize and played a game as well as using a table to answer questions.
  • Science- This week we have continued our Inheritence topic. This week we learned how animals are classified into families. We watched a video and then created posters for each animal family with details of characteristics and the animals in the family.
  • Art- we are continuing to learn about the visual elements. This week we created a sunset landscape and focused on the elements of line, pattern and colour.
  • RERC- This week we have been learning about Jesus’ Twelve Apostles. We watched a video which taught us the twelve special friends that Jesus had. We used our knowledge to create a picture and labelled each of the apostles. We also learned about Patron Saints, researching St Andrew (our national saint), St Nicholas (our school saint) and St John Cantius (our parish saint). We know Saints were people who committed their lives to serving God and helping others.
  • Technologies- Our technology challenge this week was to compare technology in the past and present. We asked our parents about the technology they had growing up and compared this to what we use now. We used Google Images with our parents help to find pictures of past technology.

Well done for all of your hard work P3- keep it up!

P1 Weekly Update

P1 have had a busy week. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to…

  • In numeracy we have been revising money. We have been discussing why we need money and where it comes from. We had a go at ordering coins, sorting coins and even set up our own wee shops where we had a go at being the shopkeeper and the customer.
  • For literacy this week we had to plan a movie night for our family. Firstly, we wrote a letter to our family explaining why we wanted to have a movie night. We then created tickets for our movie night and lovely posters.
  • We are still enjoying our topic. We have been looking at dinosaur diets and researching omnivores, herbivores and carnivores.
  • For art, we followed a tutorial on how to draw an allosaurus.
  • We continued with our growth mindset series. This week we thought about what to do if we are stuck and why using the word “yet” is important.
  • For R.E we spent some time reflecting on our year in P1, thinking about what has went well and what we want to get better at in P2. We then finished with a prayer to God to ask him to help us with our journey into P2.

Thank you for all your hard work this week P1. We are very proud of you all.


Primary 4’s weekly update


This week Primary 4 have been busy learning lots of things on Teams. In Literacy they have been working on homophones (there, their and they’re) and practised to using adjectives, connectives and different openers to upgrade sentences. They did such a good job with this task that their teachers had a really hard time choosing the top 3 from each class! They also made some wonderful posters, SWAYs and PowerPoints describing the positive qualities of someone they admire. It was lovely to read all the nice things they had to say about their mums, dads, aunties. In Maths P4 have been working on the 6 times table and learned to use the words likely, unlikely and impossible to talk about probability and chance, for example, It is likely that it will rain tomorrow. Some of our P4s also enjoyed learning about Spanish painter Picasso and made beautiful abstract masks.

Well done Primary 4!


Another busy week in P2…

Primary 2 had a very busy week. Have a look at what we have done at home…

  • We were learning about the meaning of ‘non-fiction’, we wrote interesting facts in our jotters.
  • Rainbow writing is a fun strategy that we used to make us more confident in our spelling. We used the website ‘Doorway speller’ to practice our common words.
  • Learning to describe things in writing as well as speaking is very important. That is why we practised using adjectives to describe our favourite book characters.
  • Imagine you were asked to split a pizza in half for your other friend. You would have to know how to split things in half. Luckily we know how to do this because we were practising splitting things in half all week.
  • As well as that, we made sure that we will not forget all the things that we have learnt throughout the week by playing the ‘Sumdog’ challenge and filling out a worksheet about halves and quarters that our teachers have set for us.
  • ‘Lunes, Martes, Miercoles…’ these are some days of the week in Spanish. P2 already know what they mean since we practised this by listening to a video on YouTube.
  • An international language is a language that lots of people around the world can understand at least a bit. Through expressive arts, we can talk about our feelings in a way that is easy to understand. This is why we watched a video about ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ and joined in along with our families.
  • Staying fit is key to leading a healthy life. To help us, we did a Go Noodle activity which was found on YouTube.
  • We all have most likely seen an ant before, but – how much do we know about them? Lots now! This is because we have learned about Minibeasts for science and then watched a video to learn some facts about ants! Later, we also learned about what plants need to survive.
  • For RERC, we looked at Psalm 65: 9-13 and contemplated it, praying with our family. Also, we watched a video on YouTube about how God spoke to Moses and later talked about it with our family. Next, we drew a picture of what happened. Some of us even wrote a few sentences to go along with it!


Week 3: It’s all about you!

Hi everyone,

We hope you have had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the sun stays for a little longer!

This weeks transition activities are attached below. This week we would like to learn more about your little boy or girl. They have a little activity to complete which encourages them to think about and talk about what makes them unique. We would also like you to send us a photo of your little one with two or three of their favourite things. We are going to use these photos to put on a display in our primary 1 area for them starting school.  We hope you enjoy the activities this week. Remember to show us what you’ve been up to by sending in some photos.

Go to this Sway


Speak to you soon!

Mrs Evans

This Weeks Eco Challenge!

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who managed to complete last weeks challenge. You are helping us to achieve our action plan for this year while we are all working from home! That’s amazing!

Take a look at this weeks challenge:

Go to this Sway

Let’s see if we can get even more people completing the challenge this week.

Speak soon!

Eco Leaders

P3 Home Learning (w.b. 1.06.20)

Good Morning everyone,

We hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!

Please find attached the learning grid for this week (w.b. 1.06.20). Remember to send a couple of pictures of your child’s work and a sentence about what they have enjoyed learning this week to the school inbox. A huge thanks to those of you that have sent in pictures so far- it’s great for us to hear how the children are getting on and helps us to plan for future learning.

Have a great week and please get in touch via the school inbox if you have any questions.

Miss McCormack & Mrs Canning

Home Learning week 9 final



Eco Leaders!

Our Eco Leaders have still been working hard to complete their action plan for this year. This week they set you the following challenge…

A very big well done to everyone who managed to complete the challenge this week. We enjoyed looking at the photos you took when out and about on your daily walk:

Look out for next weeks challenge!!

Have a great weekend,

Eco Leaders

A busy week for nursery boys and girls!

What a busy week for our nursery boys and girls. As well as enjoying the sunshine, you have managed to have a go at some of the transition activities. Big well done everybody!! This week lots of boys and girls made their own feelings puppets. They look amazing! Some boys and girls also did some fiddly tasks to get their fingers ready for coming to P1. Excellent job everyone 🌟

Speak to you next week!!

Mrs Evans 🌈

Primary 6 Home Learning Week 8

Primary 6 have been very busy this week with our online learning.

Maths – Coordinates and Symmetry  The children have been learning about Coordinates :- X and Y axis, points on the grid and reading coordinates to help us use maps and find places.  The children have also been learning about Symmetry:- Finding lines of symmetry, how some shapes have more than one line of symmetry and some items have no lines of symmetry at all.  The children had fun trying out their knowledge on maps and rangoli patterns.

Literacy – Instructional Writing  The children really do enjoy writing and this week they learned about Instructional Writing.  We reminded them that Imperative Verbs (bossy verbs) need to be used e.g. Stir, Mix, Put etc.  We also showed the children how the writing should be laid out – in two parts using sub-headings; the first part for the list of items needed and the second part for the detailed steps on how to do the activity.  The children enjoyed writing an instruction on how to make a sandwich with great results!  There was an additional challenge at the end for the children to ask someone at home to follow their instructions to the word.  Well done, Primary 6.

Science – Pollination – Primary 6 have been learning about how important insects are in pollination and about the male and female parts of a flower.  They then went onto learn about different insects and animals that are pollinators and what would happen if there was no pollination.  The children created some great Sway and Powerpoints presentations sharing the dangers that bees face and how our world would change without them.

Spanish  The children watched a video that showed how Spanish children celebrate their birthdays.  They learned how to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish “Feliz Cumpleaños” and then created their own Spanish birthday cards with a special message in Spanish.  Bien hecho, Primary 6!

Drama  The children used a clip of a Doctor Who episode to take notes on character traits for three characters.  They then went onto writing their own scene for a new episode of Doctor Who and they typed their scripts up. Great work, Primary 6.

Well done Primary 6! We are very proud of your dedication to completing your tasks and thank you to our supportive parents too.

Busy Week in P1!

Primary one have been busy this week working hard in the sunshine! Here are some of the things we have been up to :

  • In numeracy we have been learning about the connection between addition and subtraction. We are beginning to apply what we have learned to word problems.
  • In writing we have started to look at functional writing and this week we wrote instructions. It was a little different to the personal and imaginative writing we are used to.
  • In literacy we read some new stories and answered some comprehension questions to help us better understand them.
  • Our new Topic is going really well and the boys and girls have been feeding back how much they are enjoying it.  This week we were learning about the Stegosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex!
  • We enjoyed this weeks stem challenge of creating new beds for our toys. We had to think really carefully about how heavy our toys would be and what materials would be strong enough to use.

Well Done Primary 1!


Primary 2’s Busy Week!

Primary 2 have had another busy week completing lots of tasks from their home learning grids. Here are some of the activities we have been doing:

  • We used Oxford Owl website to choose a book and predict what we thought would happen in the story. We used the front cover and blurb to help us.
  • For Spelling we got to choose the way we would like to practise our sound for the week and we completed a Sumdog Challenge.
  • We created a character description about an Orge using lots of different adjectives.
  • In Maths, we were learning about rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. We completed a Sumdog Challenge to help us practise rounding along with other fun activities.
  • We were revising our numbers in Spanish from 1 to 20 using songs on YouTube.
  • Having a growth mindset is very important. We watched videos about the importance of having a growth mindset and then discussed what we learned with an adult.
  • We completed a ‘What is your name?’ workout. We had to do a different exercise for each letter of our name.
  • As part of our Living Things Topic, we learned about food chains and drew an example of a food chain in our jotters.
  • We also learned about the different parts of a plant. These are petals, stem, leaf and roots.
  • We watched a Dance first and then tried to copy the moves. Later we  tried to add our own choreography.

Another Fantastic Week in P4!

Primary 4 have had another fun-filled week with lots of activities to keep them busy at home. In Literacy we revised homophones, especially ‘to’, ‘too’ and ‘two’. We also enjoyed some performance poetry by Michael Rosen. This one was called ‘Chocolate Cake’. Yum! He brought the poem to life by using onomatopoeia, so we learned a little about this too.

In Numeracy we revised fractions and applied our knowledge of division to find fractions of money. We also had fun creating our own Tangrams online!

Some children got creative with their food this week and made pieces of art with their meals or snacks! Others followed drawing tutorials online and improved their skills.

On Sunday it will be the Feast of Pentecost so we have discussed how the Disciples might have felt when the Holy Spirit came down upon them like tongues of fire. Some of our P4 children would have been celebrating their First Holy Communion this weekend and are feeling sad that they cannot.  We look forward to the time when we can all celebrate with them.

Primary 4 have reflected on their learning this week. Here is what they had to say.

“The food creation was my favourite. I made a banana car and it was funny.”

“I liked the maths because you can use fractions for slicing a piece of cake or pizza.”

“I enjoyed the onomatopoeia song!”

“I like performance poetry because I found it really fun!”

“Fractions are useful in everyday life, for example when telling the time.”

“This week I had fun making the sunburst painting and I put it on my window so now my room is colourful.”

“I like watching Newsround.”

“I enjoyed fractions. It was hard to start with but I got the hang of it in the end.”

Primary 3’s week

Another busy and hard working week in Primary 3.  Some of the activities we have been doing this week are:

  • We have been finding out about the different jobs that the Egyptians did.  We have learned about Pharaohs and researched some information about them.
  • We have been thinking about what makes a good friend and the qualities they need to have.
  • We have been learning about division.  We have been sharing lots of objects out and trying to complete some division tasks. We also tried a sumdog challenge.
  • We have been looking for the silly word in a passage and trying to think of words that make more sense.
  • We looked at a famous artist work then thought about what we liked and disliked and how we could make it better.  We then created our own art work.
  • We read a passage of information then tried to draw what we thought it would look like.
  • We wrote a story about going on an adventure on a rocket.  We thought about where we would go and what we would do.
  • We listened to the Bruno Mars song ‘Don’t give up’ and thought about our growth mindset.
  • This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday so we looked at what this is and what it means.
  • We thought about the world of work and thought about jobs people do.  we thought about a job we would maybe like to be when we are older.
  • We looked at cereal boxes and thought about how they persuade us to buy them.
  • We have also been trying to write our own questions about books that we like.

Most children are enjoying the science, art and topic lessons.  Well  done Primary 3!

Thank you for all the feedback and photographs this week. We have received nearly 100 photographs! Keep working hard P3.  We are very proud of you.

Mrs Canning and Miss McCormack

Primary 5’s Week.

Another busy week for Primary 5  learning at home. We continue to be very impressed with the commitment and motivation shown by lots of the children, a very well done to you all !

What have P5 been up to ?

In Literacy more words were issued and trhe children learnt how to spell these in a variety of ways.  Similes and metaphors were revisited and the children used these this week in their recounts.

In Numeracy, the children worked on finding amounts of fractions, used their problem solving skills and chance and probability to work out solutions .  They also continued honing their number talks skills.

The children learnt about another significant figure from the past,  Florence Nighingale. We thought that this was apt considering the great work currently being done by the NHS.

In Health and Wellbeing the children were issued daily challenges from Mr Muldoon, our P.E teahcer.  We also encouraged the children to get lots of fresh air and take breaks away from the screen. We are so lucky to live nearby green spaces!

We have to say though, (judging by the children’s reactions) that Thursday was the best day of the week as the boys and girls spent their time doing Titanic themed activities including : making models of Titanic, producing a menu fit for a first class passenger, drawing Titanic step by step, calculating how mant life boats Titanic should have had, taking a virtual tour of Titanic Belfast, making ice lollies and flaoured ice cubes and sourcing and calcuating a cruise for 2. We planned the day like this as we should have all been going to Belfast to visit the Titanic Museum, but the Corona virus put paid to this.  However, the P5s didn’t  allow this virus to dampen their  spirits and a fun day was had by all with lots of fantastic work produced.

A very well done P5 !

Mrs Mac and Mrs Kilpatrick.

P3 Home Learning (w.b. 25.5.20)

Good morning everyone,

Please find attached the learning grid for this week. Please email the school mailbox a couple of pictures of your child’s work alongside a sentence or two about what they have enjoyed learning this week. Thanks to those of you who have sent pictures so far, it’s great for us to hear how the children are getting on and helps us to plan for future learning.

Please email the school mailbox if you have any questions.

Miss McCormack & Mrs Canning

Home Learning week 8

Learning in Primary 6

A shorter week but a super busy week in Primary 6. We won’t be getting lost after lockdown after learning about directions and grid references on maps.  We are also learning about the process of pollination in our new science topic.  We also created a pic collage of the five things we do each day to keep us happy:

Be more active

Help others

Take notice

Develop relationships

Learn something new

However our most important task this week was to begin to prepare our buddy information for the new Primary 1 pupils. This year we have to be very creative using our digital skills to share information about us and our school so that the wee ones have a smooth transition into starting school.

You’ve made us smile!

Wow nursery boys and girls! We have all loved seeing your amazing photos this week. You’ve been working so hard on some of the transition activities. You’re going to be superstars when you come into primary 1! Keep up the good work everyone! You’re doing a fantastic job! 🌟🌟🌟

Watch out for new activities on Monday! 😊

P5s Working Hard From Home!

Another very busy week, we were off on Monday but still managed to fit in lots of fun, challenging and thoughtful tasks.

We had our usual daily tasks of Spelling, Number Talks and Reading, along with our energetic participation to Joe Wicks exercise classes and Mr Muldoon’s challenges; teachers included, thankfully no video footage of that!

Here are some examples of the work uploaded onto Teams from our classes. We have a lovely example of spelling and a fantastic Number Talks layout, clearly showing the strategy of removal.


In Maths we looked at fractions of a whole number and did a little place value revision. Here are some fantastic examples provided by our classes.


We also did lots of tasks for Literacy, this included, reading, developing our listening skills, writing and also looking at some grammar points. There was an activity looking at prefixes and this was particularly well done by P5. Here is just one example of the work carried out.


There were tasks to design French posters, make a happiness jar, make a wind chime, research the story of the amazingly brave girl Anne Frank. We have also been following the music scheme ‘Treasure Island’ and the children were asked to practice the 6th song of the series ‘Jimmy be Good’. Maybe we could have a P5 concert when we all get back together to showcase all of the songs we have covered! We also had some General Knowledge quizzes, for all the future budding ‘The Chase’ competitors, maybe one day we could have a go at taking on the Governess!

We hope you enjoyed today’s Mass, it was truly lovely for many reasons but in particular it was so nice to hear the children’s voices at the end. We miss you all and are so proud of how well you are all coping with things. Take care everyone and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Mac and Mrs K

Super Learning in P3! (w.b.18.5.20)

Primary 3 have had a busy week completing lots of home learning tasks, read on to see what we have been up to this week.

  • In Literacy, we learned new spelling patterns and practised our words throughout the week with active spelling tasks. We wrote a diary entry about what we did with our day off. We have continued to read lots of stories while we are learning at home and we created our own comprehension task by choosing some Blooms questions. We have also created a play script for a well known story and had fun acting these out. We are beginning to work on our dictionary skills and continued to practise putting words into alphabetical order.
  • In Maths, we have been playing Sumdog to practise our numeracy skills- a special well done to P3b who managed to place in the top 20 for the West Lothian Sumdog competition. Miss McCormack is very proud of you! We continued our time topic, where we learned how to read and create timetables. We began to look at measurement, focusing on length. We thought about why it is important to use standard measurements, had a go at measuring objects in our homes and played some Topmarks games to test our knowledge.
  • In Health & Wellbeing, we researched healthy recipes using the internet and recipe books to create a healthy meal for our families.
  • In Social Studies, we continued to learn about the Ancient Egyptians, this week we learned all about Hieroglyphics, we know that this is the Ancient Egyptian alphabet and is made up of pictures and symbols. We wrote names, designed signs for rooms in our homes and even had a go at writing a letter using hieroglyphics for someone else to crack.
  • In Art, we learned all about the artist, James Rizzi. We looked at a piece of his art work and thought about what we liked and disliked about it. We then had a go at creating our own cityscapes based on his work. This helped us to learn about the visual elements of colour, line, form and tone.
  • In RERC, we created our own prayer of thanks to God as well. We know that the work Eucharist means Thanksgiving.
  • In Science, we learned about Inheritance. We know that this means characteristics that are passed on through our genes. We looked at pictures of our family that we had at home and tried to work out which characteristics were shared in our families like hair or eye colour.
  • Our Technology challenge this week was to think like an engineer. We know engineers design things that solve problems. Our task this week was to design an invention that could be used to solve a problem in our own homes. We drew labelled diagrams and some of us had a go at designing a prototype product.

Keep up the hard work Primary Three, we love seeing all of your pictures. You continue to make us proud every day!


This week Primary 7 have been very busy learning and working at home! We had an extra special day on Tuesday as we had a video call with some students from both St Margaret’s Academy and Broxburn Academy. As the primary 7’s are unable to attend their transitions as usual, we were lucky enough to ask the high school students some questions via video call and have our queries answered very well. This opportunity helped a lot with worries about going to high school without being able to attend more transition dates and we are hoping to get more chances like this in the coming weeks.


Primary 1 Weekly Update

Primary 1, we have been so impressed with you all this week. You have been working really hard and we have loved receiving all your lovely pictures.

This week Primary 1 have been working on the following:

  • We practised spelling the common words by completing different spelling activities.
  • We have been revising addition and learning about doubles and near doubles by playing games, listening to songs and completing tasks.
  • We practised our reading and comprehension skills by reading stories on Oxford Owl.
  • We wrote about what we are looking forward to doing when lockdown ends.
  • We researched dinosaur habitats and created our own.
  • We built a flotation device for one of our toys.
  • We have been revising growth mindset. We discussed facing challenges, how certain situations make us feel and what we can do to overcome these challenges.
  • We also practised our handwriting.

Take a look at our lovely pictures!

Never Eat Soggy Waffles

This week P4 have been learning how to use compass directions (Never Eat Soggy Waffles) and brushed up on their rounding skills (nearest 10 and 100). They have really enjoyed working on their Famous Scots project in literacy and have produced some incredible posters and PowerPoints or Sway presentations. As part of their STEM, some P4s have made videos for the Sky Academy Competition as well as some impressive space rockets and toys for their pets using just some old t-shirts. They kept their bodies healthy with Mr Muldoon’s daily challenges and also their minds, with lots of Health&Wellbeing activities. We are very proud of the hard work that our Primary 4s are putting in every day. Well done!

P2 Weekly Update.

We are finishing our seventh week of home learning. We did a fantastic job as usual. Have a look at what we have done.

To broaden our knowledge of literacy we used Oxford Owl and read a book of our choice aloud with the excellent expression. Then we answered blooms questions.

We were practising our spelling words in pyramid writing. Then we logged into Sumdog and completed the spelling challenge set.

Also, we created poems about Spring, using our senses.

In addition, we were practising our handwriting by writing our addresses.

Knowing how to add numbers is a very important life skill. So for maths, we revised addition by playing games, filling worksheets and completing the Sumdog challenges the teachers had set for us.

Que clima hace hoy? What is the weather today? In Spanish, we were learning about weather vocabulary. It is good to know other languages.

We did research online about living creatures that live in our local Union Canal.

Capturing spring on a piece of paper may not be easy for everyone but for our young artistic minds it was ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’.

May is the month of Mary so we discussed with members of our families why we honour Mary so much. As well as that we watched videos from the Bible Beginners channel on YouTube.

‘Who we are and what we are good at is not fixed.’ All of us are unique and we all have different talents but that does not mean that we cannot get better at things. We looked back at all the skills we have learnt since the time we were born.

Here is what some of our pupils said:

‘I did my missing numbers within 50 without a chart!!’

‘Still loving my sum’s more than writing but love learning different subjects’

‘Working hard in my writing, I think you will be impressed with the amount I have written and how many WOW words I’ve used during home school’

P2 Home Learning Grid (W/C 18.05.20)

Hi everyone,

We hope you had a lovely weekend!

Please find attached the Home Learning grid for week 7.

Sumdog challenges will be set each week. These will be available Monday to Friday for you to access.

Remember you can email us  if you have any questions or send us pictures of your learning to the school email address: wlstnicholas-ps@westlothian.org.uk

We hope you are all well smiley

Mrs Alexander and Mrs Koziel

P2 Home Learning- Week 7 

P3 Home Learning Grid (W.B. 18.5.20)

Hi Everyone,

I have attached the learning grid for this week (week commencing 18.5.20). We would really appreciate if you could please send a couple of pictures of your children’s work with a little message telling us what activities they enjoyed that week to the school mailbox. It’s great for us to hear how your child is  getting on and helps us to plan for future learning.

Please continue to use Sumdog as we will continue to post challenges to develop Numeracy skills.

If you have any questions please email the school mailbox, we are happy to help!

Miss McCormack & Mrs Canning

Home Learning week 7 new

P1 Home Learning Grid (W.C 18.05.20)

Hello Everyone,

I have attached the learning grid for this week (W.C. 18.5.20). Please send pictures of your child’s work and emails letting us know what they are enjoying to the school inbox. Thank you to those of you who have sent pictures so far, it’s great for us to hear how they are getting on and lets us plan for future learning.

Each week we have been putting challenges on Sumdog, the challenges run from Monday-Friday before expiring. This is so we don’t have too many up at the same time because it can be quite confusing for children.

Any questions just email, we are happy to help!
Miss McKeown and Mrs Gardiner smiley


Home Learning Week 7

Primary 6 – Week 6 Home Learning

Primary 6 have been very busy this week with our online learning.

Numeracy – Angles.  The pupils have been learning about Angles and how to recognise a Right, Obtuse and an Acute angle.  They have also looked at estimating angles and calculating angles on a straight line.  To add some real life context, they had a task to look at jobs that use angles, such as, architects, engineers, doctors and athletes and write about a day in the working life of that person using angles in their work.  Well done P6!

Literacy – Recount Writing.  The children really do enjoy writing and this week they learned about Recount writing – retelling or recounting an event or experience in a factual or imaginative way.  We watched a video of author Michael Rosen talking about this style of writing then the children were asked to do their own using a famous Battle from their Scottish Wars of Independence topic and writing about the final day of that war in the eyes of a soldier.  Some excellent writing with lots of historical fact and chronological order.  Well done, Primary 6!!

Scottish Wars of Independence Topic – Primary 6 researched uniform and weapons of a soldier in the 1300s and compared this to a solider of today.  They also learned about the Battle of Bannockburn and the Declaration of Arbroath.

Music – Flower of Scotland.  The children were learning about the meaning of our national song and how this is linked to both the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 and our national flower, the thistle.  The pupils were asked to read about this with support through website links.  They were also asked to learn the song and some talented P6s provided videos of this at the end of their learning.  Well done!

Health & Wellbeing – Challenge Your Mindset.  The children were learning about fixed and growth mindsets and we used the storybook, The Dot, to think about the character’s journey from a fixed to a growth mindset.  The pupils also had the task of looking at photos of themselves as babies and thinking about how much they have achieved since then.  Some created some lovely narratives about this journey.

Well done Primary 6! We are very proud of your dedication to completing your tasks and thank you to our supportive parents too.


Primary 1 Weekly Update – W.C 11.5.20

Primary 1 have had another busy week working hard from home. Here is what we have been up to:

In numeracy we have been revising our knowledge of subtraction and learning how a number line can help us with this. We completed 2 Sumdog challenges and made posters to show our learning.

In writing we have been learning to write a recount of a story we have heard. We know that it is important to listen carefully and check our writing to make sure the events are in the right order.

In reading we have been learning to read non-fiction passages for information. We used the information to answer questions about what we had read. Lot’s of us also managed to complete our phonics challenge on Sumdog where we were learning about the sound ‘ing’.

This week we also started a brand new exciting topic all about dinosaurs! We learned when they lived, what they ate and the names (which are tricky for us to spell) of lots of different kinds of dinosaur!

Well done Primary one, another super week!

Miss McKeown & Mrs Gardiner

Super Learning in P3! (w.b. 11.5.20)

Primary Three have been working very hard this week. We are very impressed by the positive attitude that you continue to show in your learning!

In Literacy, we learned new spelling patterns through active spelling tasks. In Reading, we have been digging deeper into texts by using our Blooms Buttons to answer questions but also to create comic strips of a plot.  We continued to watch Newsround to develop our note taking skills and we used our notes to create our own version of Newsround. In Writing, we watched David Walliams read some of his book, ‘Gangsta Granny’ which we used as inspiration to create our own adventure stories using a family member as the main character.

In Maths, we learned all about Time. We know how to read a clock and some of us have had a go at adding time. We created a flyer for a fair and had to timetable all of the different events. We revised our knowledge of the seasons looking at the months, weather and wildlife you might expect to see. We used exercise to develop our estimation skills, guessing how many we could do in a set time and then having another go using a timer. We used this information to complete a table. We created a time table of our daily routines.

In Health and Wellbeing, we thought about different occasions that people would eat together. We created a set of rules for our dinner hall based on what we know about table manners.

In Social Studies, we learned more about Ancient Egyptians. We researched the River Nile and why it was so important to the Egyptians. We learned about a tool they used called a Shaduf and researched how to create our own. We also researched everyday life in Ancient Egypt and compared it to our own. We used the information we had gathered to complete a table.

In Science, we have been learning about Water. This week we created our own diagram to show the Water Cycle and how rain is created. Some of us completed an experiment to create rain in a bowl.

In Art, we learned about the artist Heather Galler. We looked at one of her famous paintings and discussed what other paintings of flowers we know. We used materials we had at home to create our own versions of the painting. This helped us learn about colour, tone, line and pattern.

Our Technology challenge this week was to design and create a chair using materials we had at home. We sat a toy on it to check it worked and made adaptions if it was too weak or too small.

We know that May is the Month of Our Lady. In RERC this week we have been learning to pray a decade of the Rosary to Mary. We looked at icons and pictures of Our Lady from around the world and drew our own picture of her. We know that Mary has many different names. We listened to three different hymns about her and wrote down all of the names she was called. We wrote these around her picture.


Primary 5’s Week

Hello Everyone!

P5 have had another good week working hard at home and posting work for  us to see. Mrs Kilpatrick and I continue to be very proud at how well you are all doing , thank you for working hard!

In literacy the children have worked hard on their new set of spelling words, writing them in all different ways including, bubble writing, rainbow writing and  used them to make a pairs game and also a wordsearch.  They have continued to practise their listening skills using David Walliam’s daily stories and learnt how the meanings of words can be changed by adding a prefix.

Lots of super stories were written this week using  the story starters that we provided.  What great imaginations P5 have ! It was nice to see that lots of the children used exciting vocabulary and some similes, very well done !

In numeracy P5 consolidated their skills on a few different concepts, including: time, money, rounding and fractions. More ‘Number Talks’ were tackled and lots of calculations solved using a number of different strategies including: chunking, friendly numbers, compensation and partitioning.

In R.E the children were encouraged to pray especially hard to Mary.  They were also asked to choose their favourite Saint and make a Powerpoint or Sway presentation. Saints Andrew and Patrick are very popular!

P5 learnt about more famous people including: Joseph Lister.  Following on from learning all about him they conducted our own science experiment using water, soap and pepper.  This experiment was useful as it reminded the children of the importance of handwashing to keep those germs away. The children also conducted a food science experiment by making soda bread.  Having looked at the pictures we can see that there are a few chefs in the making as they looked delicious!

P5 have also used skills learnt in STEM to make their own musical instrument.  Lots of cool and noisy instruments were made and some boys and girls even attached a sound file to their work so that we could listen to them, fantastic!

All in all it has been a productive week!

Here is what some of  the lovely P5’s  have said about their learning this week:

‘I have enjoyed the Brainteasers’.

‘I have enjoyed my chanter lesson and listening to David Waliams’.

‘I have enjoyed doing activities like making an instrument and doing art, it’s my favourite thing to do’.

‘I like doing the maths because it was sometimes hard and sometimes easy and it gave me a challenge’.

Here are some examples of their work.

P2 Home Learning Week 6

This week we had lots of exciting activities to do…

In maths, we were learning about Data Handling. We have completed different types of graphs/charts, extracted key information from graphs to answer questions and took part in a Data Handling Sumdog challenge.

In literacy, we have been learning the difference between Fact and Opinion. We know that a fact is known to be true and an opinion is what someone believes.

We were learning to write character descriptions. We completed a character description about a witch using lots of different    adjectives.

To develop our Spanish we used a video from YouTube to teach us how to say different greetings. Later we revised them with an adult.

We started a new topic this week called Living Things. We learned the difference between Living and Non-Living things. Living things are alive e.g. plants, people, animals and non-living things are objects/ items for example, door, table, TV, tablets.

We also learned about what Living things need to be able to survive. We know that living things need: Food, Water, Air, Shelter and Sunlight.

This month is the month of Mary. We have been practising saying the Hail Mary and are going to say it every day for the month of May. We also watched a video to learn more about Mary.

As part of our resilience topic, we were looking at respecting ourselves. With our families we discussed our strengths and qualities, if there were similarities and differences between us and why everyone can’t be good at everything. We then shared something that we would like to improve on.

This week we worked on our fitness by doing a ‘What’s your name?’ workout. We had to do a different exercise for every letter of our name.

Practically Perfect Primary 4!

Yes, we have been revising alliteration this week in Primary 4! We have also learned about the Scottish man who is famous for inventing the TV, John Logie Baird.  Our spelling sound this week was ‘tch’ and we took part in some fun activities including making  a pairs game with our words. Tuesday was National Limerick Day so we had lots of fun creating our own limericks. Some of us found this hard but we had a growth mindset and persevered!

In Maths we have learned about volume and capacity and also worked on repeated addition for multiplication sums. Our STEM activities this week included drawing a 3D alphabet and creating bird feeders. It’s been a busy week and lots of fun. Here’s what some of our brilliant P4 children had to say:

“I found the capacity experiment was fun and easy to do.”

“I enjoyed learning about John Logie Baird because I found it interesting.”

“I enjoyed filling the basin with water and guessing how many litres it would take.”

“I can help my mum cook by telling her about the litres and millilitres.”

“I liked making the bird feeder this week. I learned that birds like to eat apples, cherries, grapes, sunflower seeds and nuts.”

“I have enjoyed art and history this week.”

“This week I learned how to write a limerick. It was really fun and and I enjoyed finding rhymes and counting the syllables.”

“I can use volume and measuring at the shops because I can tell how much milk or water there is in a container.”

“I enjoyed art because I like drawing pictures for my comic strip.”

Let’s get ready for school!


Good morning everyone.  We really hope you are all well and keeping safe.  Here are a few suggestions / ideas on how to prepare your little cherub for school. As daunting as it may feel you are doing an amazing job and we know our children from St Nicholas Nursery are very resilient and confident individuals. We are very fortunate as a nursery to be adjacent to  Primary 1, which permits us to have a continuous  transition throughout the year. The children are very familiar  and comfortable with our infant area which is shared with Primary 1 on a daily basis.

Lets hope we will all be together soon.  Take care, be kind, stay positive and well.

Best wishes The Nursery Team xx

A Short but Busy Week in P5!

Hello everyone! It has been a busy few days, we have been tackling spelling tasks, ‘Number Talk’ tasks, researching famous people (we looked at Mother Theresa this week), investigating metaphors, looking at loads and loads of maths and we even squeezed in a little bit of science!

Here is a small example of what we did this week:-

Money Tasks and Number Talks


We have had some great examples, here is one to show you how well this exercise was done.



We looked at the ‘Water Cycle’ and then for fun we carried out a ‘Making a Rainbow’ experiment! It was packed with lots of scientific language for us to learn!

Your teachers are so proud of how well you are all coping with these changes, keep doing your best, but more importantly stay healthy and happy.

Take Care Everyone!


P1 Weekly Update

P1 have had a short but busy week. We have really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your work  and we are so proud of you all. Here is what P1 have been up to…

  • In numeracy this week, we have been revising weight and volume this week. We used items around our house to help with this and completed a weight and volume challenge on Sumdog.
  • In literacy this week, we have been revising the common words and some sounds that we already know. We have revised these through games and written work.
  • We listened to the story “The Huge Bag of Worries” and then drew pictures/wrote about our own worries and discussed these with an adult.
  • As May is the month of Mary, we discussed who Mary is and why she is important. We then drew a picture of Mary and wrote a short description.
  • We took time to reflect on why we are proud of ourselves and recorded at least 2 of these reasons.

Here is a collage of pictures that we have received this week. Well done to these superstars!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

P4’s short week learning from home!

Primary 4 really enjoyed the long weekend and back on Wednesday ready to learn! This week they practised spelling common words, possessive pronouns, they told us all about their weekend in their ‘weekend news’, did some work on division and explored how capacity is used around us. They have also been busy with their First Holy Communion preparation and joined the P4 Playground group on Teams, where they will be able to catch up with each other.  This is what our P4s said about their week:

– I have enjoyed finding out how many litres and millilitres something holds. I have used this to  work out how many litres of water I drink in a day.

– I learned about VE Day which stands for Victory in Europe. This is when the Second World war finished.

– Have enjoyed finding things in the kitchen cupboards for maths. I know how much is in a bottle now, because I can read the measurements on the label.

– In literacy we learned grammar and spelling which is necessary for good writing.

– I enjoyed learning spelling because I am getting better at my words.


P3’s Short but Busy Week

After a few days off to enjoy the nice weather  we went back to home learning on Wednesday.  We know it is not easy but we are so proud of you all and love seeing photographs of all your fantastic work. Thank you for sending pictures to us.

Here are some of the things we have been doing this week:

  • Learning to tell the time on a digital and analogue clock.  We even made our own clocks at home.
  • We have been writing questions that we would like to ask the author of our favourite books.
  • As May is the month of Mary we made prayers to Mary.
  • We have started to learn about the Egyptians and found Egypt on a map.
  • We have been thinking about what makes a good sentence and trying to up-level our sentences and make them even better.
  • We looked at Kandinsky’s circles in Art and tried to create our own circle art work.
  • We listened to the story of ‘Owl Babies’ then made our own wanted posters or wrote a letter to the owlets to tell them about our own fears and worries.

Here are some examples of the fabulous work taking place at home.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Primary 2 have been working very hard at home. Have a look at our blog to see what we have been learning in this short week…

In literacy, we have revised our common words to help us consistently spell them correctly.

We used the  Oxford Owl website to explore a variety of books and write a summary about what happened in the book we read.

We have also written about our feelings in our jotters. We wrote about how we feel spending so much time at home.

In maths, we have been learning about estimation. We have had some worksheets where we had to guess what number should fill the blank space on the number line. We also played some math games using the new skill of estimating.

One of the subjects in school is to learn another language. Since we are learning at home, we asked our parents for permission to have an account on Duolingo to help us uphold the knowledge of Spanish and take it to the next level.

Creativity is in everyone. It is also in all the children of P2! To use our talents and imagination, we gathered different materials and created a unique picture of what WE think spring looks like.

As May begins, we are going to try to have a better relationship with Mary the Mother of God and God himself- Our Father, by praying to them every day in our own words.

Making the right choices in our day – to – day eating can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, we know exactly what to do because we have been cutting out food and putting it on a paper plate to make a healthy meal for ourselves. This will help us to know exactly how to eat healthy in the future.



Thank you for the lovely pictures we have received so far. Remember to keep sending us pictures of your amazing work.

Take care everyone and have a nice and safe weekend

Mrs Alexander and Mrs Koziel


Probability and Persuasion in Primary 6

This week Primary 6 have been investigating probability with some games and data handling tasks. Some children chose to do their tasks outside in the sunshine and others preferred to stay inside in the shade. Lovely to have that choice while we learn at home.

We continued to develop our skills in persuasive writing by creating an advert for a product of our choice and use language that would entice someone to buy that product.

We have also been learning about the next stage in the Wars of Independence with the Battle of Falkirk,  which was not too far away in distance. The children researched some of the weapons and armour used during this period in history to create diagrams, a scratch animation advert and to design their own weapon that would have been more successful for the Scots in this battle.

Well done Primary 6 we enjoyed seeing your creativity this week.

Primary 7’s Work From Home!

The first week back to school in May has been marked by tremendous weather, exciting STEM experiments and an interview with an astronaut. Although we have continued to face challenges and missing our loved ones, Primary 7 have made an amazing effort to remain upbeat and positive throughout their online learning – a massive well done is in order!

Throughout the week Primary 7 have been working on their literacy, numeracy and engaging with lots of online quizzes! We have also been revising our Spanish.

On Wednesday, Primary 7 created their own volcano using water and food dye – we have some mixed results but it was extremely fun!

On Thursday we were lucky enough to be invited to listen to European Space Agency astronaut and former International Space Station crew member, Tim Peake. Following on from the recent cancellation of DataFest20, which included STEM events, we were able to listen to an interactive event with Tim – where the winners of the STEM Challenge asked him some very interesting questions about his expedition.

Tim also showed us some amazing photographs that he took from space and explained the details of his expedition.

The Milky Way
A Thunder Storm

We hope that everyone has had a lovely week and managed to enjoy some of the sunshine! Take care and stay safe everyone!

From, Miss Fraser & Mrs Bell

P5’s Work from Home!

Hello Everyone! This week we Joe Wicks’ed every morning

then we exercised our brains with some number talks and multiplication practice!

We also looked into inference; when we have to think about what information the author is subtly telling us. This can be tricky sometimes, so we have to practice it!


We pondered about ‘Thoughts of the Day’, we discovered that when we talk about ‘Forgiveness’ that we are actually quite a forgiving lot, even when our sister ‘borrows’ our chocolate or when our little sister thinks our head needs a seat and so throws a chair at it! What does this tell us? Well, maybe it is telling us that it is safer to have a brother? Maybe not?

Today is a very special day, it is the first of May. May is the month of Our Lady, so we have had a lot of fun making ‘May Altars’ and doing some fun crafts to decorate our own altars.


We hope you have had a good week and that you are all happy, healthy and safe. Remember next week Monday and Tuesday are holidays, so we will catch up again online on Wednesday.


Take care everyone.

Mrs Kilpatrick and Mrs Macdonald

P2 Home Learning

Here is what we have been up to this week…

In literacy, we have been revising sounds that we have learned so far using pyramid writing.

We were upskilling our sentences by trying to add WOW words to them and writing a letter to our teacher about what we have been doing during lockdown.

We also completed a book review on one of our favourite books from home.

In Maths, we have been practising subtraction using different materials we found at home e.g. pasta, pencils, blocks. We also completed a subtraction worksheet and played games online.

To develop our Spanish we used videos from YouTube to remind us how to say the colours, numbers and months of the year.

For science, we continued to learn about Forces. We have been exploring different objects that we can push and pull at home and at school.

In Art, we were learning to use textures by finding different materials at home e.g. wool, string, pasta, buttons, feathers etc. to create a picture.

We continued to develop our fitness by completing a Body Coach workout on YouTube.

We reflected with our families about why we should be thankful to God and wrote down 3 things we were thankful for. We also said our own prayers of thanks to God.


Primary 6 Home Learning Week


Primary 6 have been very busy this week with our online learning.

Maths – The pupils have been learning division and how to deal with remainders.  They’ve used Division Wheels, Division Jigsaws, Division Dominoes.  They’ve also tried Division Word Problems to add breadth to their learning.  They can see the relationship between multiplication and division more clearly now.

Scottish Wars of Independence Topic – Primary 6 have done a lot of fun work with their topic this week.                                                                        Imaginative Writing – this took the form of an adventure story of a hero in the year 1315 in Bannockburn whilst a war was raging.  The pupils were given a starter idea for the story and they produced some great writing for this.                                                                                  Report Style Writing– this took the form of assuming the role of a Newsround reporter interviewing Robert The Bruce about his life.      Portrait Art– the pupils were asked to look at various images of Robert The Bruce from the internet, money, images from movies, history books and art galleries.  They then followed an online portrait art lesson to learn tips and techniques and then produced their own Robert the Bruce portraits with fantastic results.

Collage Art – the pupils were asked to create an outline profile of themselves and fill the inside of it with collage art – cut out images and words from magazines that hopefully represented themselves.  The children were given extra support by watching an online art lesson for this.  What a talented group P6 are.  The results were excellent.

Health and Wellbeing – the children used a map of Broxburn to help plan a safe cycle route.  Consideration was to be given to roads, canal and pedestrians.  Again, great ideas and problem solving from Primary 6.

Well done Primary 6! We are very proud of your dedication to completing your tasks and thank you to our supportive parents too.

P3’s Weekly Learning (w.b. 27.4.20)

Hello everyone, we hope you are all keeping safe and well. Thank you for sending in all of your home learning pictures this week. You are all superstars for working so hard and it looks like you’re having great fun too!

  • In Maths, we have learned about symmetry. We know that pictures and everyday objects have lines of symmetry. We also created our own symmetrical pictures and went on a symmetry hunt in our homes, gardens and local area. We had a go at some Number Talks, practising our removal strategy to help us with subtraction.
  • In Literacy, we had to choose some of our trickiest words from our previous spelling lists and practise spelling them in different ways. We used a film of our choice for a comprehension task and learned a little about the 3 S’s and the 3 C’s. These helped us to make some notes about our film. We wrote imaginative stories about children who were off school- we had to use what we already knew about stories to help us with this. We did some reading for enjoyment too.
  • In Social Studies, we continued our learning on climate zones. We researched a tropical climate zone and made some notes about where it was in the world, who lives there, the weather and what we thought the advantages/disadvantages of living there would be. We researched animals that live in each layer of the rainforest. We researched climate change, how it affects us now and in the future.
  • In RERC, we learned about Holy Week. We learned that this is the final week of Lent where we learn about the lead up to Jesus’ death on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday.
  • In Art, we used our knowledge of tropical climate zones to draw a picture of a tropical animal. We thought about our art elements of line, colour, shape, form and texture.
  • In Science, we continued our Water topic. We had a go at completing an experiment to investigate which materials dissolve and which do not.
  • In Technologies, we had to design an invention which would help us to combat climate change.

Primary 1 Weekly Update!

Primary 1 have had another busy week working their way through home learning packs! Here is what we have been up to..

  • We have been writing personal stories about our favourite foods using our senses to help us. We all have our own writing targets in our jotters and have been working really hard to achieve these, even though writing is really tricky for lots of us!
  • In maths we have been learning about position, movement and direction. We have watched videos, played games and have been selecting and working through some of the activities in our position and movement grid.
  • We have been exercising to keep us healthy!
  • We have learned about the importance of prayer and were introduced to the Hail Mary as we are entering the month of our lady.

We know that learning from home is not easy and is a big adjustment for everyone but we are really proud of all our children. If they’d like us to see some of their work you can still send us this via the school email. Most importantly keep safe, enjoy some family time and have a lovely relaxing long weekend.

Miss McKeown and Mrs Gardiner



Primary 4’s Home Learning Reflections

This week in Primary 4 all the children have been working very hard as usual. Their digital technology skills are improving everyday and they are sharing their brilliant work with their teachers through Teams.

We have enjoyed active spelling activities and P.E. challenges, as well as practising subtraction strategies and learning more about weight in Maths. Our Famous Scot this week was Charles Rennie Mackintosh and some children enjoyed drawing their own ‘Mackintosh Rose’.  Every week children in Primary 4 are improving their writing skills through ‘Weekend News’ and story writing tasks. Well done boys and girls! We have finished our week by praying a Hail Mary as today is the 1st of May (the month of Mary).

Here are some Friday Reflections from our P4 pupils:

“I enjoyed learning about art because I can get better at drawing and making posters.”

“I learned new number talk strategies and how to write in paragraphs.”

“I enjoyed learning about plurals because it’s really fun.”

“This week I got more confident with subtraction strategies. I think the formal strategy works best for me.”

“I can use what I learned about weight when i’m baking.”

“The Maths quizzes were really fun.”

“I found the subtraction sums hard to start then it was easy.”

“I have been enjoying Health and Wellbeing because it’s really fun.”

“I enjoyed mindfulness because it’s relaxing and it makes me calm.”

Home Learning in Primary 6


Primary 6 have been very busy this week with our online learning. We learned how to use brackets in numeracy to help us group numbers in order to work out the answer easily.

Our writing focus was creating a persuasive letter to the Council regarding our thoughts on graffiti. We looked at some of the debating issues around this topic and the work of the graffiti artist, Banksy.  The pupils produced very well thought out and mature opinions on the subject.

Graffiti – click this link to see our points of view.

Our Science work focused on chemical reactions as we used some household solutions to try and clean the copper oxide from some old 1p and 2p coins. The most effective solution was ketchup due to the mixture of acid and salt.

We developed our drawing skills by using a Disney animation tutorial to create portraits of Pluto and other favourite Disney characters.

In Spanish, we videoed ourselves having a conversation about our feelings and role playing two characters, it was lots of fun.

Well done Primary 6 ! We are very proud of your dedication to completing your tasks and thank you to our supportive parents too.

P1 Home Learning

Here is what we have been up to this week…

We wrote stories all about our favourite hobbies. We all have personal writing targets at the front of our jotters to help us to know what to focus on in our writing. Well done if you managed to achieve your target!

We have been learning new sounds and practising some we already knew. These will help us to read and write.

We have been consolidating number bonds to 10 by listening to songs, playing games and making fact files.

We followed “Art for Kids Hub” to create some lovely pictures.

We used items and surfaces around our house to create our own rhythms and play along with our favourite songs.

We have been exercising to help keep us fit and healthy.

We have been practising counting to 10 in Spanish.

We have discussed the importance of prayer and learned “Our Father”.

We have practised our handwriting. It is really important that we know how to form the letters correctly as this will help us when we begin cursive writing.

We know that it is very different to how we usually learn P1 but you are all working really hard and we are proud of you. Keep up the good work and most importantly, keep safe and enjoy spending time with your families.

We have really enjoyed seeing these lovely pictures this week. Please send us more next week and we will include them in next week’s post.


Home learning in P2…

This week we had lots of exciting activities to do… Here are some of them…

In maths, we were learning about symmetry, we had a chance to explore symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes in our houses.

In literacy, we were revising our knowledge about question marks.

We have been reading books and then checked our understanding by completing comprehension worksheets.

We also practiced our handwriting in our jotters, writing our names and surnames.

This week we challenged ourselves by using different openers for our sentences to make our writing more interesting.

To develop our Spanish we used a video from YouTube to remind us how to say the days of the week in Spanish. Later we revised them with an adult.

For science, we were learning about Forces. We were exploring everything that you can push and pull.

Also to help relax and reduce stress, we watched a mindfulness video on YouTube and completed a mindfulness colouring sheet.

Helping our parents is just as important as learning. That is why we helped to prepare a meal with our parents by washing, peeling and cutting the food.

Thank you to all who sent photographs of their fantastic work. We are so proud of you all. Well done!!!


Cushions, inventors, recipes, digital Art and more in P4!

Primary 4 have been working really hard from home this week learning about subtraction, weight, making plurals, using Microsoft Paint to make a painting, keeping fit with the cushion challenge and learning about Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell.  This is what P4 said about their learning:

-This week I enjoyed doing Art.

– It was fun to learn chimney subtraction.

– I can use what I learned about the past tense, for example, to say “I ate a cake.”

– I learned to do kicky upees because I practised a lot.

– I enjoyed finding out how Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

– I enjoyed learning about Alexander Graham Bell in Literacy, removal strategy in Number talks and how to draw the world on MS Paint.

Primary 5’s week !

We might be at home but that doesn’t mean that we have not been working hard as we adapt home schooling.  We are very proud of the boys and girls and how well they are engaging in the online tasks.  A big thank you to your mums and dads too for supporting you with this.

What have we been up to ?

Well, lots of us start our mornings with Joe Wicks.  His exercises certainly keep us on our toes.  We also waken our brains up with a daily brainteaser.  Who can solve this one ?

What travels around the world but always stays in one spot?

In Literacy we are reading our class novels and logging in to hear David Walliams read a daily story.  We are continuing to leant new spelling words, this week we have learnt how to spell ier words.  We are also honing our writing skills by keeping diairies and writing letters to family members who we can’t see at the moment.

In Numeracy and Maths we have continued to practise our times tables using Sum Dog and Top Marks and revised telling the time in one minute intervals, recapping rounding numbers and recapping permiter and area.

We have made rainbows to hang up in our windows as a thank you to all of the keyworker who are working hard for us and logged on to Art hub and drawn Spring animals. We also watched a clip on how to create lots of animals by drawing round our handprints, this was particularly fun!

On Wednesday we had a science lesson on light and dark and drew pictures with light and shadow.  We learnt that light travels in a straight line until it hits an object, fascinating !

In R.E we have  celebrated Jesus rising from the dead and have practised the art of being thankful. We made a handprint care and wrote down 5 things that we are grateful for.  Times may be strange just now but we are still lucky for the lovely families that we have, the food in our bellies and the roofs over our heads.

Here are some examples of our work!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

All of us in P5.

P3 Home learning

This is our third week of learning at home.  Here are some of the things we have been learning about.

We have been `researching a Mediterranean climate zone and then creating a poster or video about why we should visit this area.

We have been using money this week to practice paying for items and calculating the change.  We have tried to make our own shops at home and also used topmarks games to help us.

We have been practicing common words this week and also writing  a diary about what we have been doing during this time.

We have been practicing making tens in number talks.

We have use the art hub to complete a drawing tutorial this week.

We have also been learning about things that dissolve and completing an experiment with things we have at home to discover what dissolves and what does not.

We have also tried to use dance mat typing to help us improve our typing skills.

We have also tried some additional challenges like building a den at home, doing P.E with Joe Wicks, watching the animals at Monterey Bay Aquarium and playing sumdog.  Here are some examples of fantastic home learning in P3.

Today we are going to be Scientist……

Good morning everyone…

Hope you are all well and safe.  We thought you could try out this little activity and bring the Scientist out in you. This is a great way for the children to use their imagination, problem solving skills, investigative skills while feeding their curiosity.  It would be a good way to show our support for our amazing front liners. If you could, it would be wonderful if you could send  us a little picture of you carrying out this experiment. Good luck!!  The Nursery Team xx





Make your own rainbow
Learn how to make a rainbow with this fun science experiment.
What you’ll need:

A tall glass of water (about three quarters full)
• White paper
• A sunny day
1. Take the glass of water and paper to a part of the room with sunlight (near a window is good).
2. Hold the glass of water in front of the paper and watch as sunlight passes through the glass of water and bends (refracts) and forms a rainbow of colours on your sheet of paper.
3. Try holding the glass of water at different heights and angles tosee  if it has a different effect.

You will only be able to see a rainbow when the sun is behind you and the sunlight refracts through the water droplets in the sky in front of you. Have a look here for a bit more help if you need it!
https://youtube.com/watch?v =4ziRXe-w9yg



‘A Squash and a Squeeze’

Julia Donaldson and Friends: A Squash and a Squeeze

We're very pleased to announce the very first weekly broadcast of 'Julia Donaldson and Friends.' This week Julia Donaldson is sharing a performance of the song, 'A Squash and a Squeeze' and some drawings of the characters from the illustrator Axel Scheffler.

Posted by The Gruffalo on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Sit back, relax and enjoy listening to this wonderful story read by Julia Donaldson.

We hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.

Nursery Team

Mindfulness for Children

We hope you are all well during this uncertain time. This is a suggestion to keep your little ones busy at home. The children enjoy participating in mindfulness session in the nursery where we focus on breathing and feeling good about ourselves.

This is a video from Cosmic Kids which focuses on breathing. They do lots of other videos too to keep your children active so have a look and keep safe.

The Nursery Team



Art in the Garden

Primary 6 have been learning about tourism in Scotland and have been investigating different tourist attractions. As part of our studies we decided to take an art class at the Botanic Gardens.

We learned how to create a piece of art using the skill of batik. We began with an expedition through the desert and the rainforest (greenhouses) where we drew plants that would inspire our designs. We magnified our designs and then traced them onto fabric. We then went over the design with hot wax and used fabric dye to add colour.

This was the best art we have ever created !

P3 Weekly Update

This week in P3 we have been busy learning lots of new things:

In Maths, we have been learning about halve. We can have shapes, numbers, we can put objects into equal groups and we can count and plot halves on a number line.

In Literacy this week we have been learning all about how to write a story. We know all stories have a beginning,middle and an ending. We have also been learning about settings and characters. We also visited the library on World Book Day- we all enjoyed it! We also watched Author’s Live this week. We learned about poetry and comic book art.

We had a visit from Father Isaac, he talked to us about preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  We spoke about the 10 Commandments and how we can use these rules to live by God’s example.  We also learned all about the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus.

In PE, we were playing a game called Kingball. It was quite a tricky game- we had to practise our throwing and catching skills.

In Spanish, we have been learning our colours. We know how to say what our favourite and least favourite  colours are.

In Music, we were learning about different sounds and how they are made. We drew pictures of things that you would hear making noises in a busy street. We were learning about making music from street noises and continuing to learn about body percussion.

We also did the Daily Mile this week and played some team games as part of our Outdoor Learning.

We also said goodbye to Mrs Renshaw who began her maternity leave this week. We are all going to really miss her and look forward to meeting Baby Renshaw soon!



Primary 4’s Weekly Update

This week in Primary 4 we have been busy as usual.

In topic we have learned a little bit about deforestation, for example every minute in the forest trees the same size as twenty football pitches are cut down.

In P.E. we have been playing Continuous Dodgeball.  We need to be quick and alert.

We have been challenging ourselves in times tables this week. We have a sticker chart in our classrooms to show what tables everyone knows well.

We have also been learning about adverbs. An adverb is an adjective to describe a verb.

We used adjectives and adverbs to describe a rainforest setting in our writing.

P1 Weekly Update

We have been learning about half past and o’clock

If the big hand is up the top the time is o’clock

When the big hand is at the bottom the time is half past

There are 60 minutes in an hour

There are 24 hours in a day

We looked at digital clocks, you can see them on your phone

We looked at analogue clocks, some people have them on their watches

We made a P1 Forum

The P1 Forum make decisions

We decided we didn’t have enough crayons in P1

We decided to have a pyjama day to raise some money to buy crayons

We made posters to send home

We have been learning about the 70s this week

Their televisions looked very different

They didn’t have very many channels

We watched a bit of the Wombles

We learned about the music in the 70s

Lots of the men had long hair in the music videos

We all learned the YMCA dance

We learned the oa sound

We learned the y sound


P5’s Hard working week!

This week in p5 we have been very busy learning lots of different things.

In literacy we have been learning how to spell iregular words. We have also been learning the genre of writing a diary inspired by Anne Frank. Anne was a Jewish girl but she was born in Germany. She moved to the Netherlands during the war. She was held captive by the Nazis.

In numeracy we have been going over measurement( perimeter, area, width and length ). We made measurment posters and continue to practise our times stables and the 24 hour clock time and am/pm.

In R.E we have started to learn about Lent and Jesus’s hard time in the desert. We have prepared a Lenten calendar with lots of fun activites on the countdown to Easter. On Easter Sunday we remember how Jesus rose from the dead.

In P.E we have finished with our gymnastics routines and for no  we have been playing some really great fun ball games. We hope to move on to a new active topic in the near future.

Well done Primary 5 !

Written by Catherine and Gerard.

P3’s week

This week in P3 we have been:

  • We have been learning to take notes.   We know you don’t need to write full sentences with capital letters and full stops. We use bullet points.
  • We have been learning the 3 times table. The pattern in the answers is odd/even. We know that you add 3 each time.
  • We have been learning about patterns.
  • In handwriting we have been joining words like quickly, skipping and jump.
  • We had Mass on Wednesday for Ash Wednesday.  We know that we get ashes on our foreheads and it is the start of Lent. Lent is when we prepare for Easter and we try to give up something, or do more of something.
  • It was pancake day on Tuesday.
  • We learned about the 10 commandments that God gave to Moses. We know the 2 most important  rules are: love God and love your neighbour.
  • In Music, we learned about on the street music. we were learning about body percussion – clicking and clapping.
  • In Spanish, we learned about colours we love and don’t like.  We know how to say this in Spanish.
  • In P.E we were learning how to do knots and crosses. We were also playing ‘King ball’ which was a Kings and Queens game.
  • Yesterday we listened to a talk from a Robotics engineer. He has designed lots of different robots.
  • We also completed our engineering competition designs.
  • For writing we were learning how to write an opening.  we had to think of different openers and remember them.
  • We were learning about poems.  We listened to the poem and then drew pictures to go with the poem.

What a busy week! We can’t wait to see what we will learn next week.

Primary 1 Weekly Update

In Primary 1 this week the children have enjoyed learning about:

“we were learning about the months of the year”

“I learned that spring is a season”

“In summer we have our summer holidays”

” In autumn the leaves change to red and fall off”

“In winter it is cold and you might see snow on the ground”

“This week it was Ash Wednesday, we went to mass”

“Lent is the countdown to Easter and that’s when we celebrate Jesus coming back”

” In letters we learned the sound th”

“Our group was learning the ing sound at the end of words”


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