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Next busy week in P2…

In maths we have been learning about movements. We know what is half turn, full turn, quarter turn in clockwise and anticlockwise- Derren

We have been practising our handwriting with letters Ww, Vv, Xx, Yy-Jannat and Ehtan

We have learnt about Litre and mililitre. We know that 1L is 1000 ml. We can estimate if the container holds more then 1L or less then 1L.- Matty

We know now that volume is how much liquid is in the bottle and capacity is how much water the bottle can hold.- Orla

We have been learning about Chinese New Year and we designed our own dragon masks- Thomas , Connor

In art, we learned how to draw a person and make a shadow.-Steffi

On Thursday it was a National Book Day and our P6 buddies came to read books for us and they helped to write a book review with us.- Niall

We made a prayer for Christian Unity Week. We wrote our prayers on a paper flowers and we made a bouquet.- Lauren

We have been doing gymnastics in PE. We have been doing to do pencil rolls, handstands, splits, cartwheels and forward rolls. – Caitlyn

We learned about the importance of a compass. It helps us to work out where North, South, East and West is- Inaaya.

We have been learning about Robert Burns. He was born on the 25th January 1759.- Jack and Zofia

We celebrate Burns night on the 25th January every year. At a Burns Supper they eat haggis, neeps and tatties- Penny

We looked at lots of different tartans and then designed our very own tartan- Murron

We decided that our new topic is going to be about Houses and Homes. We discussed what we would like to learn about Houses and Homes – Caiden and Orla

Primary 5’s Weekly Roundup

Image result for andy warhol pop art examplesPrimary 5 have had a busy week working hard and learning lots. 

What have we been up to ?

We learnt how to do CPR earlier in the week.  A big thank you to Dr Strachan and the nurses who came along from St John’s Hospital to show us what to do.  We also learnt how to put someone in the recovery position.  These are great skills to learn, hopefully we will never need to use them.

In literacy we have been recapping adjectives, speech marks and we now know that every time a new character speaks you have to take a new line.

In numeracy we have learnt how convert am and pm times using the 24 hour format.  This will be useful to us in later life as it will help us to be able to read bus and train timetables.

To mark Christian Unity week we worked together to compose a prayer based on the theme of kindness.  We then wrote this prayer on a flower that we made and used the flowers to make a spiritual bouquet.  Father Jeremy is going to put this on the altar.

We have also learnt about the parts of the body which make up the digestive system.  It is so interesting!

We have also been looking at Andy Warhol’s art and are in the process of making own versions.  Watch this space for pics !

Busy week in P2!

We have been practising forming the letters Ss, Tt, Uu and Vv- Harvey D and Zofia

In maths, we have been learning about area. We know that area is how much space a shape takes up.- Murron and Sophia

We have been working out math word problems. We used a Rekenrek to help us- Thomas

We have been doing gymnastics in PE. We have been practising forward rolls, cartwheels and balancing on the benches- Niall and Caiden

We had fun doing resilience tasks. We had to find people in our class that liked or done different things e.g. someone who liked pizza, someone who played a musical instrument- Amelia

In literacy, we were learning about different Scots words. We learned that wee lassie means little girl, greetin means crying, bairn means child, bahookie means bottom, bonnie means beautiful and craw means crow. – Jack and Lauren

In music, we were learning to sing 3 craws sat upon a wa’ – Freya

We have been learning to spell different words using oy and oi e.g. cowboy, enjoy, spoil- Harvey L




Primary 5’s Fantastic Fortnight.

We have hit the ground running and have had a fantastic start to 2020.

What have we been up to ?

Image result for children working clipart

In literacy we have learnt new spelling rules, focussed on characterisation (which will help us with our stories) and read read read!  We have practised our times tables as we know that these help us with our division and fractions and also honed our skills in telling the time using analogue and digital clocks.

In science we have learnt about the respiratory system and are currently learning about the nervous system. It has been fascinating to learn how the brain works and a reminder to us all to look after it. We have also entered an engineering competition, (more details to follow)  and Skyped a mechanical engineer, Jenny Roberts who told us about her work.  She was so inspring to listen to and has been involved in creating fantastic inventions.  She told us to have confidence in our designs for the engineering competition. Brilliant, we will Jenny !




In this week in P2 we…

We have been learning about 1 meter and half meter. We checked what is longer and what is shorter then 1 meter and half meter in our classes-Niall

We wrote our Learners` Statements about our  learning, Personal achievements and awards and certificates- Zofia

We have been learning how to spell tricky words like because, igloo,your etc.-Harvey L.

We have been practicing our handwriting with letters: Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr- Harvey L.

We went on the senses walk around the school  to see what we can see, taste, feel, hear- Penny

We talk and wrote about New Year Resolution, about made our own goals for this year- Caiden

In PE we played team games. We all worked well together – Leonie

A Busy Start to 2020 in P3!

We came back to school after a lovely Christmas break this week. This is what we have learned:

  • In RERC this week we learned all about how God created us in His image. This means that every person has the ability to show qualities that God shows to us (Leylan, Daniel and Logan).
  • In Art, we drew an outline of ourselves and filled it with things that tell the story of us and what makes us unique e.g. pets, favourite colours, families and favourite foods (Julia).
  • In Maths, we have been learning about Position and Movement. We learned how to find items on a map. We know that to read co-ordinates you need to go along the corridor and up the stairs. We can write co-ordinates and we can also design our own grids with objects. We had to find a partner to read each others’ maps. (Zuzanna, Joseph, Jay, Joshua).
  • In Writing this week we wrote an imaginative story all about the day our teacher disappeared, our teachers had a giggle at reading them! (Logan).
  • In Reading, we looked at a passage from ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ but there were some words missing! With our partner we had to work out what missing word would fit in the sentence. Then we had to draw a picture of what was happening in the passage, this is called Visualisation (Weronika).
  • We had our first visit of the year to the library, some of us were very excited because we missed going while we were on holiday. We have taken books out and are reading them in the classroom (Daniel).
  • In Music,  we have been learning some Scottish songs. So far, we have learned ‘Three Craws’ and  ‘Ally Bally Bee’ (Sophie).

Primary 2 this week….

We have been practicing our handwriting-Caiden, Zofia

We have been practicing adding and subtracting. The picture was Santa- Thomas

We wrote letters to Santa- Caithlyn, Jannat

We painted Robin pictures- Jack

We performed our Nativity to our mums and dads- Ellis

We sang songs, Christmas Carol Concert- Inaaya, Oliwia G.

We made Christmas cards- Murron

We designed Christmas Jumpers for our elf called Coco and Pompom- Arriana, Niall

Primary 7a have had a festive fun filled week!

This week has been extra busy for Primary 7 with so many Christmas activities going on.

On Tuesday we learned the rules we learned the rules of divisibility.

On Wednesday we had our school Christmas carol concert, it was nerve racking at first but we all enjoyed singing and performing in front of a live audience. We also did choral counting, the mystery of the cinema suspect and number talks using divisibility rules with Mrs Heather.

On Thursday Andy Weir came into to do more presentations. The presentations were about swimming, cycling, bagpipes, World War 2 and Air Fix. We also started learning Christmas songs we are going to perform Run Rudolph Run and Santa Claus is coming to town and record them. We also had a visit from Hannah from the SSPCA who explained how to keep your pets and wildlife safe over the winter, for example, if there is a hedgehog going about during the day you can feed it cat food and phone the SSPCA to get it help. She also told us some interesting stories about a man who tried to sell an alligator on GumTree. There was also a lady who bought a pineapple from Asda, she saw the leaves move and inside was a venomous snake.


In this week Primary 2 have learned about….

We have been learning how to write the School`s Senses Poems. I can see a lovely classroom, I can feel a door, I can smell Mrs Koziel`s perfume, I can hear the playground`s noises,  I can taste my lovely lunch- Zofia

We have been practicing really hard for the Nativity Show- Steffi

At maths we have been making the Numicon robots- Freya

We have been making decorations for the Christmas Fair- Naill

In Spanish, we have been learning about the colours- Jack

In music, we have been singing Christmas Songs- Jannat

In literacy, we have been learning about question marks. – Alyssa

We have been learning about St Andrews Day- Olivia L.

We are celebrating St Andrews Day on 30.11 every year-Joseph



Another busy week for Primary 7a!

Primary 7 went on a retreat to Dunfermline to learn about St Margaret. We visited St Margaret’s cave where she went to pray and spend time with God. We also got to hold a relic of St Margaret (although this was a 3D print) of her shoulder bone which was very interesting. We also had mass in St Margarets church and a tour, the church was decorated with stations of the cross, a statue of St Margaret with a child, Joseph and stain glass windows of St Margaret.

In our WW2 topic we have begun to draw St Pauls Cathedral as it was bombed during the war. Although St Pauls Cathedral was hit by 500 pound bombs twice it did not fall down. We have also been learning about the Blitz (Blitzkreigg) which meant ‘lightning war’. Robbie and Molly brought in some special artefacts from WW2 including photographs of their family in uniform, badges, ration cards, identity cards and a plaque about the Victoria Cross.

Miss Norman also visited from St Margaret’s Academy, she taught us easier methods to use for subtraction sums we found this very useful.

Number Talks Parents’ Session

Thanks to all parents who attended our Number Talks session on Friday.  They had a brief overview of the rationale behind ‘number talks’ before heading to the classes to watch their children take part in a number talks lesson with their teacher.  All parents commented on how helpful it had been.

A huge thanks to all staff and children for leading this for parents on Friday.



Primary 5’s Week.

                 We have  had another busy week with our learning. What have we done ?

We have been practising our skills in writing letters.  This is a skill which will help us even after we leave school as we will need to write letter alongside our job applications.  We will continue to hone our skills and improve in what we already know and what we can do.

We are reading lots too as we know that by practising our skills we will learn new vocabulary and increase our knowledge.  We hope to visit the library next week to choose a book!

In numeracy we have been working with money and are continuing to do calculations which help us to work out change. This is another skillk which will help us long after we leave school.

We have also been very busy practising for our assembly.  We are looking forward to seeing our families on the 15th of November as we share our learning about looking after the planet.

What we have been doing this week….?

We have been practising our handwriting, Gg and Hh-Caitlyn, Zofia

We have been learn about money- Lauren

We have been learning practising making the exact amount 26p, 20p, 5p, 1p- Arriana

We have been pretending to be shop keepers during maths- Steffi

We have been practising our Nativity Songs- Caiden

In PE we have been working on our fitness. It is important to keep fit and healthy- Inaaya

We were learning to keep safe around fireworks and created some fireworks art.- Thomas

We were learning greetings in Spanish Good night- Buenas Noches-Karel

We were learning that some people cannot use all there senses. Some people are blind or deaf-Macie

We were writing Invitation to invite our parents to our Read, Write, Count Launch- Leonie

Some of us went to Multi Sports and we did lots of different activities e.g. football, basketball, running- Harvey L.

We have been reading interesting books- Aiden

We had a Golden Time on Friday- Niall




P3 Weekly Update 4.11.19-8.11.19

This week we have enjoyed learning about:

  • In our handwriting this week we have learned to form the letters r and s in cursive script. We thought s was tricky because we have to make loops. (Kacey & Weronika).
  • We have been learning all about money- we have made posters to show what we have learned. We have been learning to make totals up to £10 using different combinations of coins and notes.We used our problem solving skills in a money maze task(Sara, Jessica-Lily & Jack)
  • In Number Talks we have been learning about addition, we can use our doubles and near doubles, making friendly numbers and empty number lines (Weronika)
  • We have learned how to use question marks in a sentence this week, most of us found this quite easy to do! (Lena P.)
  • We have been using our Bloom’s questions to help us to learn more about our reading books, these questions help us to be creative thinkers (Olivia).
  • We have made posters in trios about the Ten Ways to Cope With the Rivers of Life from our work on resilience, we know that resilience means you keep on trying, no matter how difficult something is.(Sophie & Chloe)
  • In RERC, we are learning about Remembrance, we know that in November we remember people who have passed away. We had a think about our earliest memories to help us. (Rebecca)
  • We had a hymn practice on Tuesday, we have started to learn some Christmas carols.(Lucia)
  • We have been completing different exercise circuits in PE- they were lots of fun. Some of our favourite exercises were lunges, frog jumps and hula hoops. (Owen & Neave).
  • In Music, we were making sound pictures using music from The Nutcracker (Andrew).
  • In Spanish, we were learning about greetings (Leylan).

P4’s Spooky Week


We have been learning to add and subtract numbers using partitioning – Preston

In topic  we learned to identify the organs and know where they are – Justyna and Cameron

We have been learning about adjectives, verbs and nouns. – Shahzaib

In Health and Wellbeing we made posters about resilient people like JK Rowling or Michael Jordan – Isla and James F

We wrote an acrostic Halloween poem with those adjectives, nouns and verbs – Max

Each class had to make a scary trailer for Halloween – James H and Jie-Rui

We did some spooky division, multiplication – Thomas

We drew sugar skulls and learned about El Dia de los Muertos – Patrick

We learned how to use a (consonant) or an (vowel) – Cameron

P3’s spooktacular week!

Primary 3 have had a very busy week this week!

Emma – We learned how to make  pumpkin face using black paper and crepe paper. It was fun!

Sadie – We went to the library to borrow some books.  I picked a book about brains!

Owen – we had a hymn practise to learn hymns for Mass today for All saints Day. We learned the hymns Amazing Grace and Lord I Put Your Name on High.

Chloe – in handwriting we were learning to write the cursive letters p and q.  I think q is quite tricky.

Lena – in Music we learned the Hallowe’en song – the Witch fell in a ditch!

Andrew – we were thinking about resilience. We made resilience capes with ideas of how to make us feel better when we are having a down day. We know we can talk to others, read a book, go outside, play with toys and make a cake to feel better.

Jacob – we went to Mass on Monday. We had to sign hymns and say Mass responses and prayers.

Aroush – we have been learning about money in maths.  We have been learning to use different coins to make an amount. We can find more than one combination of coins to make a total.

Jessica Lily – in number talks we have been learning to make a friendly number to help us when adding 3 digits together.

Oliver – in Writing we were writing instructions about how to play a game of tig.    We know we have to include how to play, what you need and a title that tells us about what the instruction are for.  We also need to write them in order and use time openers like first, next, then and after that.

Chloe – in grammar we were looking at punctuation and making sure we use capital letters and full stops in all sentences!

Jessica-Lily- we also complete some Hallowe’en addition.







A Spooktacular Week For P7a!

Another group of P7’s went to St Margaret’s Academy as part of their transition program. First of all we went to the science department where Dr MacCallister showed us how to use the Bunsen Burner’s we also conducted an experiment to find out the best insulator by putting boiling water into a copper can and checked the temperature every 30 seconds to find the best insulator. We also went swimming and played the game to find as many ‘sinkers’ as we could for our team to win the game!

For Halloween on Thursday we took part in a maths challenge to find the mystery putrid pumpkin poisoner who turned to be Bailey Butternut! We have also been practicing for our presentations which take place on Monday and Beth’s dad Andy Weir will be coming to watch us. Harris read us a spooky story called The Curse of Cogston house we are excited to find out what happens at the end. We also typed up our learners statements for parents evening explaining what we have learned so far as well as what we have achieved. At the end of the day we had some Halloween fun by eating sweets and doing some just dance!


Primary 7a Fun Filled Week!

20 students from primary 7 had the chance to take part in a transition day to St Margaret’s Academy. First of all we went to science the teacher was called Dr McAllister, she explained the names and uses of the scientific equipment for example Bunsen burner, beaker, test tube, boiling tube, measuring tube, tripod stand, heat proof mat and thermometer. We conducted an experiment to find out which material – cotton wool, felt and bubble wrap – provided the most insulation. We found that the cotton wool provided the most insulation. We also went swimming, first of all we did a swimming assessment then played some games and did handstands etc.

Miss Norman came into our class on Thursday from St Margaret’s maths department to do a maths starter challenge with us. We had a certain amount of numbers to either subtract, add, multiply or divide to make the numbers from 1-24. However, we did not find out the answer to 22!

We started our World War 2 project by creating a wall display. We drew and cut out silhouettes of bombs, paratroopers, planes and zeppelins.

We also created some autumn tree art we had to draw lines and used yellow,orange and red paint to paint the background. We added glitter and painted on the tree with black paint we think they look very effective!

P3 Weekly Round Up

This week in P3 we have been very busy after our October holidays. Keep reading to find out more…

  • We have been learning about missing numbers in addition. We found it a little bit tricky because we thought we had to add the numbers together but now we know we have to find the difference! (Weronika & Ethan)
  • We have been learning all about Padre Pio and the prayer to our Guardian Angels. We can pray to them to look after us. (Jessica-Lily)
  • We have been thinking about what we already know and would like to know about our new topic ‘Sun, Moon & Stars’. We also thought about some activities we could do to help us with our learning. (Sadie & Lena P.)
  • In handwriting, we have been learning how to write the letters m,n and o. We found o the trickiest because we had to double back on ourselves when we were writing.
  • For reading, we had different passages to read and we had to answer comprehension questions in sentences. (Rayan & Chloe)
  • In art, we used oil pastels to draw a picture of our favourite animals to create a McZoo. These were inspired by Steven Brown’s McCoo’s. (Emma)
  • In digital learning, we have been learning all about how to find the keys and type. We used Dance Mat Typing to help us.

P5’s Weekly Update

In the last two weeks in gym we have been learning how to play proper basketball matches (very competitive!). We had eight teams playing against each other, this really helped us understand the rules of the game a lot better.

In maths we have been working with money and calculating the change we should get from different types of money tasks. We have also been making Number Talk posters showing all of the addition strategies that we can use.

We have been getting prepared for our assembly too but we can’t tell you too much about it at the moment, all we can say is we’re practising a lot! We are very excited for the big day! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

(written by Niamh and Kyle)

Busy week in P2…

We wrote prayers thanking God for looking after us and our family-Caiden

We have been learning about Place Value. We were showing how many tens and ones are in a number-Jack

We were writing Autumn Senses Poem. I can see leaves falling from the trees- Matty

We have started learning songs for the Nativity- Orla

In Science we are learning about our senses. Our senses are taste, sight, smell, touch and hear- Alyssa

Zero is very important in place value. 40 would not be 40 if you did not put the 0 it would just be 4- Lauren

We have been practising our tricky words by writing them in shaving foam and playing Twister. We had to read the word when you stepped on the coloured circle- Ethan

Lots of team work and problem solving going on!!

Another busy day in the nursery.  Today we had great fun outdoors getting the garden ready for the winter months. The planters were tidied up and to our surprise our potato planter still had lots of potatoes hidden in the soil.  The children were estimating how many potatoes there might be. The amount we harvest were phenomenal. Lots of counting, sorting, measuring and weighing went on.  One child asked ‘what are we going to use these potatoes for’. This sparked off discussions about different types of potatoes and ideas of what we could do.  It was decided we are going to roast them with butter and use the herbs we are growing in the garden.  We also had great fun measuring our sunflowers growing in the garden.  ‘This is bigger’, ‘I can’t reach’. Mathematical language and problem solving skills are developing. Quality group discussions went on among the children. The children all worked collaboratively. What a great day we had.

Our Week Of Learning in P5


We have been practising our times tables, mainly the 7 and the 9 times tables. We have also been journalists for our paper ‘The Broxburn Bugle’, it was fun pretending to be a journalist covering an event and interviewing people for our reports.

We have been learning and practising songs (we also discovered that it’s really important to do a vocal warm-up, just like we warm our muscles up before PE, we have to warm our voice up before we exercise it!).

There was great excitement at the book swap today and now lots of us have a new book to read over the holidays. Our Literacy Circle groups reviewed the novels that we have been reading this term and we gave our honest opinion, with evidence, of these books.

Have a great holiday everyone and see you in the new term!


(Written by: Hanza and Gaby P5b / Zofia and Umaima P5a).



Last Day of term!


This week in Maths we did some rounding to nearest 10 and 100. – Julia B

We’ve also been writing stories. We were thinking carefully about setting, character, build-up and ending. – Cem

We enjoyed learning about Saint Bernadette. October is the month of the Rosary and we prayed the Rosary with Peter and Moira. We also went to church to pray and sing beautiful hymns – Alfie, Julia, Isabella P

We learned some Spanish. We played a card game to practise the numbers and another game to learn the names of the animals – Isla.

In Music we practised pizza talking rhythms. – Damian

We learned about the history of football and made a timeline with the facts. – Megan

In PE we did dodgeball and line-tig. – Olivia

We also celebrated the last day of term with a cookie! Yum!!

Busy and fun week in P3!

We have had a very busy week in P3. We have been learning lots of new things.

Logan – we have created posters about the SHANARRI indicators as part of our health and well being topic.


Chloe – we have been practicing the letters k and l in cursive script.  The letter was quite tricky.

Emma – in Music we have been learning to make our rhythms.  we were using the notes ta, te-te and ta rest.

Sadie, Wiktoria, Lena S and Logan- we went to the woods.  we had to find 5 natural objects that we liked.  Then in our groups we had to chose a way to sort them.  we could try size, colour and age. Then we made pictures with our objects.  It was fun! We learned to sort objects.

Weronika – we created cards for the residents of Holmesview Care Home.  We had to write about what we do and where we go to school.  Then we had to draw a picture.

Andrew – in P.E we had to throw the hoops to each other.  We also had to jump into the hoops.

Mara and Emma- in RERC we were listening to the story of Joseph and his amazing coat. We learned that his brothers were not mice to him but he was also not nice to them as he told tales on them.  WE learned not to be mean to each other.  We also learned that God looks after us all even if we are not perfect.

Elias – In Science we were thinking about sounds we liked and didn’t like.  We liked the sounds of water and wind as they are relaxing.  we didn’t like the sounds of dogs barking because it is really loud.  Most of us like relaxing sounds and don’t like loud noises.

Chloe – In Spanish we were learning about animals. We were learning a song in the wrong order to see how well we know the song.  The song was about a man and mouse and a button.

Sophie and Andrew – In Maths and Numeracy we have been learning about function machines.  We know different strategies for adding on. We can use counters, cubes, number lines, 100 squares, empty number lines and our number bonds to help us.  We have also looked at missing number sums and tried to find the answer using different strategies.

We are looking forward to our well deserved week off!


P1 Update 11/10/2019

We have had another busy week in Primary 1. Here are some activities we did.


Marcel sorted all the different ways to make 2 and 3. He was working hard on his cutting skills too.


Eliza – ” we had to move the letters to sound out words”


Ava P – ” I listened to little red riding hood and then I drew a picture of the woods.”

We had really busy time this week. Here what we have been learning…

We have been learning about patterns-Zofia

We know how number patterns looks like e.g.2,4,6,8,10-Caitlyn

We were learning how to count in 5`s e.g.: 5,10,15,25- Lily

We have been learning about making predictions. We know to use the title and front cover to help us predict the story.-Lauren

We made the Recipe for Friendship e.g. 1 pinch of love, 1 handful of hope, 1 litre of kindness-Inaaya

We have been learning how God made people and also we know that God created us-Alyssa

At PE we have been learning how to play `line tig and disco tig games`. This was lots of fun.-Lauren, Harvey, Arriana
We have been learning about our feelings and emotions e.g. sadness and happiness etc. We know now that we all have emotions and this is normal- Murron and Arriana

P7a Weekly Update

This week was very exciting for some primary 7 pupils who were the first to visit St Margaret’s Academy for a transition day. We were lucky enough to visit the science department and use the bunsen burners to conduct an experiment by using a copper can, pouring hot water in it half way and putting different materials around the copper can to investigate how well the materials insulated the water. We also learned about the different equipment used in science and how to illustrate scientific diagrams. We found that the cotton wool was the best material for insulating the water. We were also lucky enough to go swimming in the pool. We did lengths of the pool and were set challenges to do tricks and flips. This was very fun!

On Wednesday we had a circle time and shared our emotions about moving to high-school, problems within the classroom and any worries that we had. We learned that everyone has different problems that we might not know about so to be kind to everyone and include them. It also helped to clear our minds and get things off our chest.

In maths we learned different strategies for multiplication including the grid and formal method. We found that different people found different strategies easier to use highlighting differentiation in our learning journey. We also started a Daily 10 Maths Challenge on multiplication – we have under 7 seconds to answer each question and anyone with 10/10 gets a house point!


P5 Another Wonderful Week!

(Written by Lara, Matthew, Cameron and Haroon )

In P5 we were learning to write a newspaper report, it was about a basketball match, we were being sports journalists! It was fun to pretend to be a real member of the Press.

We also made posters to advertise the Coffee Morning that we were hosting today, we hope that we have raised lots of money for the Macmillan charity. We will let you know how it goes!

P5a and P5b have been focusing on Money in maths this week. We learned how to budget, calculate different amounts of money using notes and coins and we played money games with a partner.



P7a Weekly Update!

We are looking forward to visiting St Margarets for our first transition day next Wednesday.

On Thursday we created some poems on a magical garden. We had to include similes and metaphors, for example the river was a ribbon of moonlight and we also drew our moonlit gardens using oil pastels. We also created magazine articles on different topics such as dogs, football, the future and swimming. We also created simile and metaphor posters to show our understanding of this figurative language.

In maths we created tessellation posters, we drew lots of different shapes to create a pattern leaving no gaps. In PE we toke part in a pre-tennis tournament in preparation for our end of topic tournament.


P1 Update 4/10/2019

P1 have to complete a “star job” everyday for both literacy and numeracy. After completing their star job, the children take a picture of their work. We look at these pictures on the board at the end of each lesson.

Here are some of the pictures the children have taken

Amy- “We were finding different ways to make 6”

Marcel- “I was doing letters”

Nela- “I used yellow and purple to make a pattern. A pattern has to go in an order”

Adrian- ” We made a house”

Jenson- “It had a chimney”

John- ” Mrs Brown came along  to visit our house”

In this week P2….

We have been learning about the number sequences on number lines-Lauren

We have been learning about Mary as October is the month of Mary-Oscar

We have been learning about gifts and talents that God has given us . We all have different gifts and talents- Emily

We have been learning how to write the letters ( handwriting lesson) Yy and Zz- Zofia

We went to the library to get some interesting books which we can read at school-Joseph

On Wednesday we had a hymn practice and learned new hymns. – Inaaya

In  literacy we had a  tricky words spelling test on Wednesday and on Thursday we had a Big Writing about our favourite toys- Harvey L.

We have been learning about being responsible and respectful. We know  that we need to keep our hand to ourselves, this shows respect. – Jack


P3’s Busy Week 30.9.19-4.10.19

P3 have been very busy this week, read more to see more about what we have enjoyed.

  • We have enjoyed doing our cursive handwriting this week, we have learned to write the letters, h,i, j. (Sadie)
  • We have enjoyed practising our spelling words on the laptops. (David)
  • We have enjoyed learning how to add bigger numbers in maths this week, we have used our  number bonds to help us with this. We have also been playing a game called Num Tanga to help us to subitise bigger numbers. (Tinashe & Owen)
  • We enjoyed going to the library this week, we got to choose a couple of books to read while we were there. (Lena P)
  • We enjoyed doing some outdoor learning this week, we had to build a den that a teddy bear could fit in. We all worked together very well in our teams. We used sticks, stones, leaves and grass to build them. (Nina)
  • We have enjoyed our Number Talks this week, we used the doubles and near doubles strategy when finding a total on tens frames. (Oliver & Elias)
  • In RERC, we talked about Mary and how we could be more like her. We learned a little bit about the Rosary and the Joyful Mysteries and we looked at the story of Anna and Simeon. We know that we have to be patient for things that we really really want. (Emma, John & Rebecca)
  • We enjoyed doing a science experiment this week to help us to learn more about sound. We used beaters, buckets and rice to be able to see, feel and hear vibrations. (Leylan)
  • We had a hymn practice this week, some of the hymns we sung were Amazing Grace, Lord I Lift Your Name on High and Lord I Enter Your Gates with Pride. (Mara)
  • We have been enjoying learning more about ball skills this week, we played Hula Hut to practise these skills. (Ethan)
  • We  we were creating our own rhythmic patterns in music this week, we had lots of fun. (Kyle)
  • For writing this week, we wrote a letter to our Reading Bears (Charlie Bear & Mr Cuddles) who wanted us to teach them all about friendship. (Weronika)

The Swimming Pool – Version 2

Primary 6 made the biiiiiggggeeessstttt artwork in the school ! We were inspired by the artist Matisse who is famous for ‘painting with scissors’ when creating collages. We learned all about Matisse because he has some of his work on display at the Modern Art Gallery in Edinburgh.

We worked collaboratively to create a marine scene using shapes of sea creatures and swimmers. If you wish to see this art work coming together then watch our time lapse clip on Twitter.

Tangramtastic in Primary 6

For our STEM activity we tried out different tangram puzzles. It is a traditional Chinese game. It was difficult to move the shapes to make a square. We used cardboard, apps on our devices and a website on the Smartboard. If you would like to try it at home here is the link:


It was fun working together.

P1 Update

P1 have chosen to update everyone on the on the progress of their cress!

We have been taking care of our cress, making sure it has enough water and sunlight and we are very excited to see that it has grown :). This has generated a lot of discussions around the different parts of plants and why some may have grown more than others.

We will be sampling the cress next week.

Working hard in P2

We have been learning about the properties of 3D shape.- Caiden

A square based pyramid has 5 vertices, 5 faces and 8 edges.- Matty

We have learned how to predict what is going to happen in the story.- Zofia

We have been learning about being nurtured. It means how is looking after us at home and at school. – Caitlyn and Lily

We were showing all the different ways to make 12 in our Maths Journals.- Jack

We learning about an artist called Piet Mondrian. – Inaaya

He paints lots of things with squares and rectangles. He only uses 4 colours which are red, blue, black and yellow.- Harvey L

Piet Mondrian was a primary teacher before he became an artist.- Alyssa

When he was older he went to art school.- Niall

We learned that John baptised Jesus in the river Jordon.- Ethan

We have been learning how to make the numbers 8, 9, 14 and 16 in the most effective way using a Rekenrek.- Freya

We learned how to edit pictures using an app on the Ipad. We changed the effects of the picture- Lauren

Visits, Multiplication, Writing and more in Primary 4

We learned the 4 times table with arrays, cubes and a song – Matthew, Julia and James F

We discussed climate change because it was on Newsround. – Daniel M

We learned about the commutative law. – Isla

We had some visitors who talked to us about our learning. We talked about what we were doing well and what we could improve on – Lovisa

We’ve been writing autumn settings. We know a good one should have adjectives that describe what you see, smell, touch… – Roman and James H

In Spanish we learned how to say your feelings. – Dermott

In Music we learned ta-a which is a minim. –Jie-Rui


Primary 7’s Fantastic Week

Primary 7’s Week

Our sport education teams have written their own statements to tell you about their week.

The Top Servers’ Say…
This week Top Servers decide who goes to the tournament and that is Megan and Maisie, Ethan and Archie. the player of the week is…NIA! This week has been has been busy practising for the tournament. We have also been really busy learning subtraction strategies in Number talks. We have also been learning about the squared numbers in the times tables.


The Slazengers’ say…
We have been getting on great.
Our Player of the week is: Alicja 😎
We have been playing tennis matches to decide who goes to the tournament,
Our 4 players going are.. Liam, Callum, Julia & Millie. The teams are Liam and Millie & Julia and Callum.

The Sport 19’s say…
We had a great week. We wrote a poem about are childhood.
We watched a movie with our buddies which was Inside Out for our health and well being.
Our pupil of the week is Freya.


The Net’s say…
This week we have been writing poems about our childhood,
We watched Inside Out as a treat and to learn more about emotions with our buddies.
Our player of the week is Melanie.

P5’s Week of Learning!

This week in p5b we have been dealing with money and learning how to budget. Sometimes this was quite difficult but it was really enjoyable and something we will use all the time, especially when we’re older.

I am really more confident with budgeting and using Google shopping` said Catherine


We also used SWAY to practice our Spanish skills, we focused on the weather El Tiempo!!

I am more confident in using ICT and SWAY`  said Mya.

In p5a we have been revising the rounding of numbers to their nearest 10s, 100s, 1000s and 10,ooos, we also started to look at rounding numbers up to 100,000. Some of us found rounding quite difficult and will practice more, however, some of us have increased our confidence with this task.

`I used to think that rounding was quite hard but now I'm confident in rounding to the nearest 10,000s`  said Raqab

A few of the class made up their own rounding game:-


In 5a we had fun creating a chant for our Maths Champ game, it uses the tune of Queen’s We Will Rock You` but we are using the words

We’ll do, we’ll do…MATHS CHAMP!!!

Well done Niamh for creating the winning chant.


In p5b and p5a, we are learning to create QR codes, we can now create these codes and display them. When you read our QR codes it will show everything that we are learning.

P3’s busy week

We have had a buy week in P3.

Chloe – We have been learning to do the cursive letter f.  It is very tricky.

Rebecca – We have learning how to solve conflicts.  We could share the thing we both want.

Lena – We have been learning about friendship.  We made a recipe for a good friend.  A good friend needs to be treated the way you want to be treated.

Sara – We have been doing a QR hunt to find famous friends and enemies.

Elias – We have also been practicing the letter g in handwriting.

Lena – We have made poster about how to be good friends.

Sophie – We made a friendship potion.  You need to be playful and helpful to be a good friend.

Emma – We have been learning how to count 1, 10 and 100 more than and less than a number. We have used 100 squares, deans materials and number lines.

Jacob – We have been learning how to log onto Glow.

Sadie – This week we watch the film Inside Out because we have learning about keeping our body and mind healthy.

Jessica-Lily – We have worked with our reflective reading partner s to find the silly word in a passage. We then came up with a word that would make more sense.

Lena – We have created a picture using the key information from a passage about Fantastic Mr Fox.  Some of us tried to use a green screen to create our picture!

We have had a very busy but fun week.

STEM Challenge fun!

We did a STEM challenge with Mr Heather on Thursday. We were building catapults to see if they worked by putting a ball in a cup and seeing how far it could go. We only had elastic bands to tie up the poles so it was quite challenging but fun working in teams. We also did escape the room maths challenge with Mrs Heather in which Maisie, Harris, Ethan, Luke and Isla.M managed to escape!

To celebrate European Language Day we created posters which included different flags and ways of saying hello!

We also had a great time at the movie afternoon watching Inside Out!

On Tuesday we started writing a poem about where we are from which was all about our childhood based on the poem ‘Where I’m From’ by George Ella Lyon.

P2 Weekly Update!

We have had a busy few days in P2.

We were practising our ball skills and skipping in PE- Orla

We were using drumsticks in Music to tap the beat of the song- Macie

We have been learning how many edges and vertices different 2D shapes have.  We have been looking at parallelogram, square, octagon, rectangle, circle and a triangle. -Matty and Penny

We made Chatterpix to tell everyone about the properties of 2D shapes.- Lauren

We learned how to say different healthy food in Spanish. Potatoes is Patatas, fish is pescado and orange is naranja- Ethan

We have been talking about the values of our school. Our values are friendship, honesty, trust, kindness, respect and fairness.- Jack



Re-drafting our writing in P6

We learned how to improve on our volleyball club leaflets. Our teacher gave us some tips and showed us what a good one looks like. Here are some tips we found useful:

  1. Choose three complimentary colours to make the leaflet eye catching.
  2. Use graphics and bubbles to make the important information stand out.
  3. Bullet points help to organise information. We used them to list the benefits of the club.

We could all see an improvement in our second draft and will use these tips again.


P3 Weekly Update w.b. 16.9.19

Primary Three have had a very busy short week, keep reading to find out more:

  • We enjoyed painting Autumn trees this week, we used paint brushes for our tree trunks and cotton buds for our autumn leaves. (Zuzanna and Orla)
  • We have enjoyed Spanish this week, we were playing games and sing songs. (Weronika & Andrew)
  • We have been enjoying using the Rekenrek for our Number Talks this week. We found that the most efficient strategy was the counting on strategy, we have also been making friendly numbers (Tinashe & Lena S.)
  • As part of our Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds topic, Lena S’ mum came to speak to us about Diabetes, we enjoyed learning lots more about this (Aaliyah).
  • We enjoyed going to assembly this week because we got to hear updates from the Eco, Health & Sport, Justice & Peace and the Pupil Council committees (Sadie).
  • In Music, we enjoyed learning about rhythm, we had to read the notes on the board and drum along while saying the names of the notes as well, (Sara & Daniel)
  • We have been enjoying learning about ball skills this week, we learned to bounce a ball on a bat to help us play tennis. (Sophia & Jack)
  • We enjoyed going to the library, we all chose a book to keep in our classroom until our next visit. (Sophie)
  • We enjoyed doing our Picture It activity for Reflective Reading, we had to read a text and pick out key words to help us create a picture of the main character, Blart. (Joshua)
  • We are still enjoying learning our cursive script, we are trying really hard to keep our letters the right size. (Weronika)

P1 Weekly Update

Despite having a short week, P1 have been very busy! Here are some of the things we have been learning about this week:

Cameron- We were learning about an artist.

Nela- The artist used some fruits and vegetables to make a face.

Ava P- His name was Giuseppe (Arcimboldo).

Lena- We planted some cress.

Logan- We put cotton wool in the bottom of a cup.

Travis- We put some water in the cup.

Maya G- We put the cups on the window after we plated them.

Artur- They need the sun.

Kyle- We were putting numbers in the right order.

Amy- We have to start at the smallest number and then go to the biggest.

Zack B- We have been learning the sound “n”.


We have also been learning about our school values this week. Here are some of our values:

Ava B- We need to share to be fair.

Ollie- We have to be kind.

Zara- Be a good friend.

Zak K- Be honest.

Ava P- Trust is one of them.





Primary 5’s Wonderful Week !

Image result for basketball clipart

It has been a short week but still a busy one in Primary 5.

In literacy we have been writing, writing writing ! We wrote great newspaper articles again and are really enjoying being journalists!

In numeracy we did ‘Number Talks’ and place value games as well as practising our times tables with our ‘Perfect Partners’.

In P.E we worked together in our basketball teams and played matches.  We used the skills that we have been taught including how to pivot, dribble, shoot, pass and score.  We are really enjoying our P.E sessions.

We had a quick litter pick around our school playground.  We didn’t have lots of litter we are pleased to report!

P5 have been asked to organise a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan.  We are really looking forward to working together to organise this next week. Watch this space for more details !


P7a had a ‘mathy-mathematical’ maths week!

On Thursday, we learned about 2D and 3D shapes in maths, our learning included going on a shape hunt to take photos using the I-pad of shapes in our school environment, naming shapes and their properties and creating shape riddles – can you figure out this one?

‘I have 3 sides of different lengths
I am a 2D shape with 3 sides and 3 vertices, what am I?’
– Scalene Triangle (Maya)

We have been focusing on our Number Talks with Mrs Heather, especially addition. Some of the strategies we used were compensation, partitioning, friendly numbers and rounding up. We also did a clapping game to practice our times tables this was very fun and multiplying 2 digit numbers and 1 digit numbers.

In writing we have been learning how to write a news article these are the things that we need to include: headline, byline, lead, body and tail. Things that might enhance our article are quotes and facts.

We were also introduced to debating this week. The subjects that we debated were seasons that are more fun e.g winter and summer, that school canteens should only sell healthy foods and should students be able to pick their own subjects at school.

Busy week for Primary 2

Primary 2 have been very busy this week. This is what we did…


We were learning about our our handwriting-Niall

We were learning about our punctuation-Joseph

We have tasted some healthy foods, my favorite was mango-Ben

We also made posters about keeping healthy- Inaaya

We made literacy and numeracy targets to help us with our learning- Macie

We learned that God called Abraham to leave home and go to another country- Inaaya

We had a football taster. We practised dribbling the ball.-Harvey D.

P1 Target

Today in P1 we have been setting our first literacy targets! We chose between the following:

-learning our sounds

-improving our listening

-becoming more confident speakers

-writing our names

P3 Weekly Update 13.9.19

We have been super busy this week in P3, keep reading to find out more about what we have been learning!

  • We were rainbow writing our sounds this week. Word Wizards were learning the ‘ea’ as in break sound, Master Minds were learning the i_e sound and the Spelling Stars were learning the ‘sh’ sound. (Aroush)
  • We wrote Autumn Acrostic poems this week. (Orla & Lena S.)
  • We have been doing some reading this week with our groups and we have also started doing guided reading.  (Andrew)
  • In Maths, we have been learning all about Place Value. We have been looking at 1 before and after as well as 10 before and 10 after. (Samuel)
  • We have been learning about what makes us special, we completed a Pieces of Me task made up of jigsaw pieces that make us who we are. (Maisie)
  • We all had a football taster this week, we learned to dribble forwards and backwards, stop the ball, scoring a goal, toe taps and keepy uppies. (Daniel & Ethan)
  • In Art we learned all about hot and cold colours. We made pop art style pictures to practise this skill. (Julia)
  • In Science we discussed how different sounds are made. We investigated different musical instruments and sorted them into categories depending on how these sounds are made.

Primary 5’s Weekly Round Up

Image result for children clip art

Primary 5 have had another busy week.  What have we up to ?

In Literacy we have used Literacy Circles again and learnt how to be an Illustrious Illustrator and practised the other roles too including Word Wizard , Character Cop and Summariser Sergeant.  We are reading a lot more in general and are enjoying this.  We have practised our spelling words using lots of active spelling cards.  Some of our favourites include: ‘Other Handed’, ‘Rap your Words’, ‘Buzzing Bees’, ‘Colourful Words’ and ‘Upper and Lower’.  These activities are fun to complete and help us with the spelling of our words.

We have been learning the skills of what it takes to be a journalist in our writing this week.  We were given scenarios and wrote headlines for them.  Catherine’s headline, ‘St Nics Steal Sports Award’. Super use of alliteration here !

In Number  Talks we have recapped strategies to help us to solve more complex calculations.  We are very good at explaining our methods and really enjoy this.  We have also learnt how to identify 6 digit numbers and know that their value changes depending on their place.

In our Sports Ed topic, Basketball we have been working in groups to research a famous basketball team.  Once we have completed our research we ill make posters/Sway presentations to share our findings.

In R.E we learnt all about St Therese of Liseux and watched a clip of her relics arriving in Edinburgh.  What have we learnt ?

Image result for st therese of lisieux


‘She was born in France’ – Lucas C.

‘She died at the age of 24’  -Liam.

‘She died of tuberculosis’ – Gerard.

‘She had four sisters’ – Natan.

‘She is also known as Little Flower’ – Catherine.

‘She became a nun when she was 15’ – Leonard.

‘Her last words were, ‘Oh God I love you’. – Hamza.

‘She cried a lot as a child and struggled’ – Brooke.

‘She did lots of good deeds every day and prayed hard’ – Oliver.

Lots of hard work and learning going on in P5, we are definitely ready for our long weekend.

This Week in P3 w.b. 2.9.19

Primary Three have had a very exciting week and have been very busy. Keep reading to learn about something of the things we did.

  • We  have been using the rekenreks for our Number Talks this week. We were counting the beads and then describing how we saw them. We also began looking at what numbers are made of (Hundreds, Tens, Ones). We learned that zero is a very important number and it can be used as a place holder. (Andrew and Tinashe)
  • We went a walk to the library this week and we all chose a book to stay in our classrooms. (Lena P.)
  • We have been learning how to use cursive handwriting, we found it quite challenging but we will keep trying our best. (Chloe)
  • We wrote chapter reviews about Fantastic Mr Fox, we wrote a summary of the chapter  and then gave it a star rating to encourage other people to try it. (Logan)
  • We made leaflets about  how to keep healthy based on our Healthy Body, Healthy Minds topic. (Jamie)
  • We made our own Eatwell plates after looking at the Eatwell guide, we also talked about foods we need to eat to keep us healthy (Weronika and Lena S.)
  • We have been learning about the Nativity of Our Lady this week. To celebrate her birthday, we wrote a sentence about what we think of when we talk about Mary. Some of us thought she reminded us of our families, while other people thought she helped us to remember to be kind.(Emma, Julia  Alexsander)

Primary 5’s Weekly Update

Class Clip Art

This week has been exciting because we have learnt so much !

In Literacy we have been learning new sounds with the phonme ck and ch.  We spent time practising these words using rainbow writing, bubble writing, back writing and then we sorted these words into their categories. We are becoming more familiar with some of the roles in Literacy Circles including Pirate Predictor, Summariser Sergeant, Word Wizard and Character Cop.  ‘This is better that just reading a book because it is more fun and you can do different jobs’, Flynn, P5a.

In Numeracy we have been continuing with place value and rounding numbers up and down. We have found some great games on Top Marks too to help with this.

Image result for monet

In art we have started learnming about Claude Monet.  This is what we have learnt so far :

‘Claude Monet is French.’ – Baillie

‘He was born in Paris in 184o.’ – Erica

‘He has a famous painting called ‘ The Impression Sunrise.’ – Matthew

‘He liked to paint the same scene over and over again in different seasons.’ – Catherine

‘He liked to paint outdoors.’ – Anna

‘He died at age 86.’ – Cameron

‘He was one of the founders of Impressionism.’ – Thomas

Primary One Weekly Update

This week in primary one we have been learning about:

Noah McK – “we are still learning about being healthy”

Ryan- “we used fruit and vegetables to make our pictures”

Sophie – ” we moved our bodies about to keep healthy”

Ollie- ” we learned about s, p and a”

Ava P – ” we started learning about shapes”

Igor – ” a 2d shape is flat”

Cameron- ” a 3d shape sticks out and is not flat”

Zack B – ” we learned about a cylinder”

Aariz- ” we learned about a cube”

Ava B- ” and a cone”






P4’s been very busy!

Lucas- I enjoyed drawing the patterns in art this week
James F- I liked doing the football strips and the the sports ed topic
Matthew-I enjoyed the bleep test because I enjoyed the challenge and got better at it
Oona-I enjoyed reading and talking about James and the Giant peach.
Lovisa-I enjoyed the Maths where we had to order numbers from smallest to largest
Olivia-I liked the visit to the library because I reading books


Lots of learning in P2!

We have been learning to say and write our number bonds up to 20- Matty

It is important to learn maths for jobs in the future. We need maths to be a farmer because we need to be able to count the sheep and to be a doctor because you need to  know how much medicine to give someone – Niall

You need maths to be able to work at an airport so you know which terminal you need to go and work at- Zaine

We made posters to tell everyone in the school about internet safety. You should not talk to strangers on the internet. – Jack

We have been learning ai/ay sound this week. We learn how to spell hair, play, rain and tray.

We have been learning about being healthy. It is important to eat healthy food like carrots, broccoli, cheese and apples.- Ethan

We went to the library to get new books. – Ben

We had visitors in to P2 to tell us all about eczema. We learned that putting cream on your skin helps you to stop itching.- Lauren

We learned that our biggest organ is our skin.- Leonie

We talked about baptisms. We know that the priest has baptised some of us in the church when we were little.-Arriana


Artsy Attraction in P7a

This week we used chalk to draw a tennis racket and tennis ball for our tennis topic. Using chalk was difficult at first as in the past we have used pencil or pen to draw. However the more we used it the more comfortable we felt drawing with it. We also found it challenging to get the correct angle and proportion of the tennis racket as it was an unusual shape and was quite big. Although the tennis racket art work turned out very effective – I’m sure you will agree – and it was very fun.


On Wednesday we created number talk posters with Mrs Heather to show different strategies for mental maths. Callum thought this was useful to remind himself of the strategies he had forgotten from primary 6.

We also did literacy circles for the first time in primary 7 which differed from the previous times such as in primary 5 and 6. We have also been designing a news report in Spanish and have been allocating roles for this project.

Ethan, Harris and Jack had basketball try-outs and will find out on Monday if they make the team but think they done very well!

Our first full week as Primary 7a

As primary sevens one of our responsibilities is to help our P1 buddies. At break we have been helping them to get ready for break by putting on their jackets, shoes and getting their snacks. Luke found that his buddy Bartosz was very shy at first but he helped to bring him out his shell and make new friends. Amie-Lee helped her buddy Sophie to be responsible by picking up litter but have fun while doing so. Ethan felt his buddy  was shy at first but by the end of the week they played together and got along well. Molly helped her buddy Ava to make new friends in her class.

In class this week in art we drew our own tennis players and used paint to create a water colour effect. In maths we did place value challenge and code breakers in order to find out the numbers and break the code. In literacy we wrote our new prayer and learned how to use synonyms and in writing we wrote an imaginative diary entry based on our class novel.

Mrs Heather played a name game with us on Wednesday where we had to remember all of the names of people in our class with an adjective in front of it – Nice Nicola, lovely Laura, Incredible Isla…

Over all we had a great full week back!

Off to the Canal… or so we thought!

Mrs Thomson, Miss Mannion and some children set off to explore and discover the wildlife and habitats around the Canal surrounding. On their way the rain started to pour down so we made the decision to visit the cosy library instead!

The children had lots of fun listening to a story about ‘A Scaredy Bear’ the children decided on this story by voting for it out of a choice of 3 other stories.

The library even gave us some books for free to bring back to the nursery. Hopefully we will go to the canal another day.

After School Clubs

Our Health Committee organising our after school clubs. Some super leadership skills!

Mindfulness In The Nursery

Today in the nursery we had our first mindfulness session . After lunch, the children relaxed in our mindfulness space which has soft lighting and relaxing music. Ensuring all children were comfortable, we began our session focussing on our breathing .Using their own imagination, the children imagined they were smelling a flower and then blowing a leaf away. Continuing the breathing theme the children demonstrated Bubble breathing, Bumblebee breathing and Rainbow breathing with gentle guidance.

Thinking Readers in Primary 6

Today Primary 6 were developing their literacy skills with their thinking reader partners. Our focus was a factual text about honeybees. We were given the opportunity to discover the importance of bees in our environment and how we can help them to survive. We also developed our reading skills by learning new words, using facts to create a visualizer,think about the  products we get from bees, creating questions and summarising.

“My favourite task was the summarising as I had to say what had happened in twenty words. It was fun making questions for other groups. I think doing these tasks will help me to understand the text better. I did not know that a young bee was called a larva.”

Meet our new primary ones!

Primary one have had a great first week at school. They have settled in well and made lots of new friends already. They have been learning their new school routine and getting to know all the staff. #p1stnics

Healthy Tuckshop

At our school every Monday to Thursday we provide a healthy tuck shop where you can buy a snack.  We have a great choice of snacks available: water, fruit juice, yoghurt, oranges, apples, grapes, fruit salad, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and melon. Everything costs 20p.  Primary 6 are happy to serve you each day and give you help choosing a delicious snack that is good for you. Hope to see there !

1st Prize for St Nicholas’ Aladdin Gala Float!

An amazing achievement for St Nicholas this morning coming first place for our Aladdin Galaday Float!

Thank you to all of our amazing parents, pupils and teachers who supported in creating the fantastic float.

Welcome back P3

P3a and b have had a great few days back at school.  We have been reading the story of Fantastic Mr Fox and have completed a character description and a visualisation task.

We have started our class charters and talk about our ‘Our Trusted Adults’.


We can’t wait to see what next week will bring.

Our First Week in P5a

We are already working hard to get our classroom set up for the year ahead. We have completed our first week and we are still smiling…even our teacher!! There will be lots of hard work ahead but also lots of fun, we can’t wait!

A message from Active Schools

Would you like to help your school? Do you have an hour a month or an hour a week? Do you enjoy sport?  If so please contact Ross in  Active Schools for information on helping at your child’s school.  As little or as much as you like. If you would like to come and watch a sports club and have a chat about how you could help or just fancy  some more info please just get in touch with me on 07990 565 846 or ross.logan@westlothian.gov.uk .  visit us at www.activewestlothian.com

Checking in at the Cactus Hotel

Primary 6 have been working on a book study this week. We have been learning all about the giant Saguaro cactus which is found in Arizona.

“These cacti can grow up to 50 feet tall and live for over 200 years. They can weigh the same as 5 cars. Lots of animals use the cactus as a home. We have been researching the Gila Woodpecker, Jack Rabbit and coyotes that are animals found in this desert.” – Zachary

“I really enjoyed doing the art about the cactus. I had to draw the details on the cactus and the holes where the animals would live.” – Mirin

“I had to find the meaning of new words that were in the book and some of them were quite challenging. I then had to find these words in a wordsearch. The next task was to find out about the animals who use the cactus as a home.” – Marwa

“Basically I never knew that so many animals lived in a cactus and even when it dies and falls over different animals move in to live in the cactus. Another amazing fact is that people can eat cacti.” – Charlie

Forest skills

We drove to Beecraigs for our Forest skills activity. Our instructor Mike taught us lots of cool facts about plants, animals, mini-beast and even history… we hugged trees, made dens, jumped about, went under a bridge… but our favourite but was getting mucky! 🤣

Low Port adventure begins!

We went to see Linlithgow Palace. We enjoyed walking around and seeing the dungeons, great hall, kitchen court and the gorgeous fountain! We look forward to our Forest skills activity this afternoon. -Nia

A round up of the last two weeks in Primary 3

We have had a busy few weeks in Primary 3. In ICT, we have been learning how to create a Sway. To find Sway we had to remind ourselves how to log onto Glow using our individual usernames and passwords – please continue to allow us to practice doing this at home. Sway is a programme which we can use to create a presentation, we can add text, photographs and videos. We have posted our Sways on our Teams page, why don’t you go and check them out!! Furthermore, we used this as an opportunity to then practise our note taking skills in literacy, so that we could then write a set of instructions on how to make a Sway.

In numeracy we have been looking at patterns within numbers and we used the smartboard to use an interactive hundred square to look at what happens when we add on tens and hundreds. We know that when we add on tens, the ones stay the same and we also know that when we add on hundreds, the ones and the tens stay the same. These rules are the same for subtraction. We enjoyed playing lots of games to check these rules!

We are now coming to the end of Fitness Fortnight. We have taken part in a variety of activities over the past two weeks. We challenged ourselves to take part in a live body coach routine with Joe Wicks and we tested our co-ordination and mirroring skills by doing a Just Dance challenge video. During Balloon Tennis we found it challenging to keep the balloons in the air, and we had to try and hit the balloons hard enough to get them over the net, but not hard enough that the balloons burst! On Monday, Primary 5 came to visit us to give us a fitness challenge, they had made up lots of fun, challenging activities for us to do. Yesterday, we visited Neil at Gymtastics to have a taster session of gymnastics. Our favourite piece of equipment was the bars! Lastly, a personal trainer visited us to put us through our paces. At the beginning of the lesson a few of us were being a bit chatty and the forfeit was to do burpees! Needless to say we made sure we had our listening ears on after that!

We have just finished our 5 week block of lessons with James Pegg as part of Fun Start Fitness. Each week we focused on something new. Here is a short round up of what we have learned.

-The BIG word was encouragement and we had to work together as a team to encourage each other to do our very best.

-We learnt how the most important resource in the world is Water.

-Alongside our Health and Wellbeing lessons we investigated the Eatwell plate and discussed how much we should be eating from each section. The important sections of the plate are the green section which represents fruit and vegetables, the pink section which represents protein and the yellow section which represents carbohydrates. We also know that we should be eating only a little from the purple section, which is fats!

-Week 4 was all about physical activity and how people are less active now than they were years ago. We all made a plegde to try and spend less time on our tablets and more time outdoors being active!

Lastly we would like to thank Primary 4 who came to see us as part of transition. This allowed us to develop our questioning skills as we were able to ask them any questions we had about next year.

We have a busy few weeks left before the end of term, check back again to see what we have been up to!


Primary 5’s update

This week we have been learning about fractions.  We have looked at fractions of a shape and how to find them on a number line.  We have also been comparing and ordering fractions.  It is a bit tricky.

We have also been looking at data handling.  We have been using tally marks and creating bar graphs.  We collected data about our favourite colour, eye colour, hair colour and favourite country.


We have been writing a recount about our favourite holiday or day. We know you have to write a recount  in the past tense, include details about who, what, where and why and how you are feeling.  We also know you need to remember punctuation!


We have also learned about Ascension Thursday and know this is the day when Jesus ascended into heaven.  We celebrated Mass on Thursday.


In Guided reading we have completed our novels and are starting new ones.  We can’t wait!


With Mrs Baty, we have started to make our own games for our gaming topic.  We didn’t realise how many steps are involved in making a game.


In Number Talks with Mrs Heather, we were looking at a sequence of numbers and trying to work out which number was the odd one out.  We discovered it could be more than one number.


We have created presentations about food and the calories and energy found in food.  We then presented the presentations to the class.  Some of use made a PowerPoint, while others used sway or made a video or poster.


In P.E we have been learning about playing different types of rounders.  It was fun!











Busy Week in P2!

We drew self-portraits and used leaves to make our hair – Lena P

In our topic work we have learned the names for different parts of a flower- roots, petals, stem and leaf – Chloe

We have planted sunflowers and are keeping a diary about them growing- Alexsander

We have been learning to use the exact amount of money to pay for different items- Jay

We have enjoyed going to Mrs A’s shop to pay for yummy items using exact coins. The bubblegum was 17p, I used a 10p, 5p and a 2p to pay for it – Jessica- Lily

We have learned about Ascension which means that Jesus went up to heaven- Danyal

In literacy we were learning about past tense- we know that you need to add ‘ed’ on the end of the word to make it past tense- Lena S

We went to the Library to pick new books, I picked My Little Pony: Friends Forever. –Emma

We learned that Jesus grew up in a town called Nazareth- Jack

We had to predict what was going to happen in the story ‘Stuck in the Mud’. I thought Dad, Biff, Chip, Wilma and Floppy would get stuck trying to save the sheep- Zuzanna

The green group have been reading a book called ‘In the Sun’. Meg went to the beach with a bucket and got wet. – David

Primary 3 Weekly Update

We have had a busy few weeks in Primary 3. Last week Marcia came to see us to teach us some Reflexology. We enjoyed learning the different moves especially Indigo Glide, Red Squeeze, Silver Sweep and Violet Circles.

In Numeracy we finished off looking at multiplication. We know that we can make links between the 2 and 4 times tables for example if 2×6 = 12, we know that 4×6=24, because it is double. Some of us need to keep practising these facts so that we are confident at recalling our times tables. We have also been looking at measuring the area of shapes using non-standard units such as counters, cubes and the squares in our maths jotters. Furthermore, we also know that for squares and rectangles we can use multiplication to calculate the area.

In Literacy we have revisited what a verb is and have been learning about adverbs. We tried to think of some amazing adverbs such as peacefully, fiercely, beautifully, grossly and excitedly.

In Science we have recently been learning about our Skeleton. We used Forms to create a quiz all about the Skeleton, we even created a QR code to share our quiz with Mrs Brown! We enjoyed using digital technology to play Kahoot! to check our knowledge!

As a stage we have been working with James Pegg to take part in weekly Health and Wellbeing lessons called Fun Start Fitness. During these lessons we focus on a different theme, such as Healthy Hearts, Water, and Food and Energy. We play a variety of games, and we are learning to use encouragement to make each other feel better, even if we are not winning.

We have a busy few weeks coming up with Fitness Fortnight, so check back next week so see what we have been up to!

P5b’s digital week

This has been a busy week in P5b. We have really enjoyed digital week and learned lots of new things.

Some of the activities we took part in are coding, debugging, a silent disco, QR hunt and a VR experience.

Chloe – My favourite part was the silent disco.

Charlie – My favourite part of the week was QR hunt as we had to go around the school to find all the different parts of the story.

Ellie – My favourite was the silent disco because it had lots of different music to listen to.

Daniel – My favourite part of the week was making a presentation about solids, liquids and gases. I worked well with my group.

Szymon – My favourite part of the week was when we did the hour of code because it was fun.

Alex – I learned about solids, liquids and gases and made a presentation using powerpoint.

Erin – I learned how to use clips this week.

Kacper – I learned how to debug this week.

Cameron – I learned how to use scratch this week.

We also had a day on Friday where we only used digital technology. What a busy week! We have learned so much. Thank you to our digital leaders for helping us.


Digital Week in P5


We have been having such a fun time this week playing with and learning about everything digital! And it’s only TUESDAY!!!! So far we have experienced a Silent Disco and then discussed why would this be designed? Why would people want this? And what technologies would be needed to make it…we also danced a lot! There was also an opportunity to Code and today we collaboratively developed part of a digital story that will be added to by every class in the school. Here are some pictures of our classes.





P4a’s Learning

We have been working with our learning partners to help each other learn. We will have a new partner each week to help us talk about our learning and share ideas. From now on we will do TOP TEN every morning [ten maths sums]. We will work with our learning partners for this to share strategies.

We have started a new topic in Maths and that is measurement. We will do length for now but we will do different types of things like weight and distance.

In Literacy, we have been writing an adventure story called ‘Tom Trueheart and the Land of Dark Stories’. We have tried our best to describe the settings and characters using adjectives and adverbs, and to write in paragraphs. We will create front and back covers for our stories next week.

On Thursday we went swimming for our swimming assessments. If we get a letter in the next week or so, that means we are being offered free swimming lessons.

We have also been lucky enough to learn about Ramadan from some children in our class who are celebrating this Muslim festival. We now know that during Ramadan, Muslims pray more, give to the poor and fast. Adults fast everyday between dawn and dusk!

Written by Matthew and Zofia (P4a)

P5’s week

This week we have been very busy even though we have only been at school for 3 days!

Ellie- we designed and then made a stop and go sign.  We were only allowed to use one kitchen roll tube, 4 pieces of paper or card, 1 pair of scissors and sellotape per group. After we made the sign we had to write about how we made it.

Sam – we had visitor this week to see us complete a number talks lesson.

Connor – in Numeracy we have dividing and using the chunking method and expanded method to solve sums. I like the chunking method when dividing.

Paula – we had an author visit from David McPhail. He told us about Vikings. We had the chance to buy one of his books.

Leo – we looked at Mary and coloured in some stained glass windows and thought about we think of when we think of Mary.

Ciaran – in P.E we have been doing athletics and running races.  We have been sprinting and doping sprint starts.

Marwa – this week we did some reading routes and looked at punctuation.  we looked at why it was important and rated the authors use of punctuation.

Mirin – with Mrs Baty we started to make scratch projects and made the characters communicate with each other.


P2 love to read!

This week in P2, we were really excited to send home our reading teddies Charlie and Paddington. Lena and Joshua took them home this week and have been reading them lots of stories. Soon, the bears will be going home with someone new!

We also visited the library and Diane, the librarian, was very impressed with how sensible we are and what super readers we are.

Aroush- I like reading ‘The Big Bunny Surprise!’

Lena P- I like reading my school books.

Owen- I read the Titanic on my Kindle.

Elias- I read this as well on my Kindle too!

Danyal- My daddy reads a newspaper!

Daniel- I’ve got a new book and I’m excited to read it. It is called ‘The Train To Impossible Places!’

David- I like reading ‘The Bug In The Rug’.

Weronika- I like reading Biff, Chip and Kipper books using the netbooks.

Ethan- My favourite thing to read is my football comics! Sometimes I look at the football scores in the newspaper.

Chloe- My favourite books to read are books that teach you all about the world. My favourite one is about China. These are non-fiction.

Image result for animal reading a book gif

Image result for reading gif

P2 busy back at school!

Primary 2 have had a very busy first week back!

Jacob- We were looking at the sound ‘qu’ and going over all of the sounds we already know.

Jessica-Lily- We wrote a ‘Recount’ of the Easter story. Jesus has now risen from the dead!

Ethan- A recount is when you are retelling a story you already know.

Wiktoria- In literacy, we were text explorers and we did a new activity called ‘Blankety Blank!’

Sophie- We have been giving people directions in maths this week! You tell them which places to go by using lots of different words.

Rory- Like forwards, backwards, left, right, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Joshua- We did the ‘cha cha slide!’ because it gives you lots of different directions and movements to go in!

Lena- We also learned about symmetry. Asymmetric means the shape is different on both sides and symmetrical means its the same on both sides. We used mirrors on our symmetry hunt.

Leylan- We learned how to wash our hands properly for health and wellbeing. You always have to use soap and water and you don’t rush, you take your  time!

Maisie- Mrs Alexander sprayed us with a water bottle to show us how far germs travel when we don’t cover our mouths. Everyone thought it was really funny because we got soaked!

Logan M- Rory had talcum powder on his hands and we pretended that it was germs. He spread the ‘germs’ to other people and around the classroom and the talc went everywhere!

Jack- This shows us how far germs can go if you don’t wash your hands and cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing.

Image result for washing your hands cartoon gif

P3’s Busy Week

We’ve been so busy since we got back after the Easter holidays and we have crammed lots into this week’s three days already. In numeracy we have been learning to round our two digit numbers to the nearest ten – we know that if a number is greater than 5, we round UP to the nearest ten and if the ones are less than 5, we round DOWN to the nearest ten.

In literacy we have been working hard to develop our reflective reading skills: reading passages and then drawing it out, so that we build a picture of the scene in our heads; filling out missing words to ensure the passages make sense; and a spotting the silly word game where we put in appropriate words to finish the sentences.  We went to the library to take out new books that we will read at home for pleasure.   Our reading BEARS (Being Excited About Reading) Mr Cuddles and Charlie will be coming home with us from next week onwards.  We are hoping that parents will send in pictures of us with our bears reading bedtime stories together – nobody is too old for a bedtime story!

In art we learnt a new technique – quilling – to complete a spring picture.  This technique involved rolling paper through our fingers and thumbs – it was a little tricky but we got the hang of it eventually.  We are all looking forward to a full week, next week.

P5s Buoyant Boats!

After all our Titanic research, P5 have been learning about what makes a boat buoyant. We tested out our theories using tin foil to make the boats and weighed them down using pennies. The record was 42 pennies in one tiny tin foil boat!

Primary 4b’s Week.

Image result for duncarron fort

It has been a great week in P4b, jam packed full of learning and fun ! We particularly enjoyed our trip to Duncarron Fort.

Here are some of the things that we did this week.

Catherine – On Tuesday we went on a trip to a mediaval village.

Gerard – On Wednesday we practised hymns for our Stations of the Cross Service.

Gaby – I learned about the weapons that would have been used long ago.  I enjoyed having a shot of the axe (YIKES !).

Shay – I enjoyed learning about Mary’s Meals.  A man called Magnus started it off.

Liam – We learnt that Jesus travelled to Jerusalem on a donkey with his disciples.

Brooke – I learnt that salt was used a lot in a long time and it cost a lot of money.

Holly – When Mary Queen of Scots was alive you had to take your spoon and cutting  knife with you when you went to dinner.

Lucas L – We visited our Church for Stations of the Cross.  There are 14 altogether.

Olivia – We visited the Shrine next to our Church and it was peaceful.

Image result for happy mother's day

We also made a wee something for all of our lovely mums. Have a good day on Sunday !



P5b’s busy fortnight

We have been very busy the last few weeks in Primary 5.  We have covered lots of different things.


In literacy we have been learning about different phonemes that make the ‘s’ sound. We have looked at s, ss, ce, se, and c.

Poppy – We have been learning about the story of ‘Invasion’ in Literacy. We have been looking at the character Rollo and predicting what we think might happen.

Leo – we worked with a partner and discussing the story and our predictions and what we know and want to know about the characters.

Kacper – we have been researching women in engineering  and writing about why they are important and what they invented.  I researched Victoria Drummond.  She was the first woman Marine Engineer.


Numeracy and Mathematics

We have been learning about compass directions and angels.  We learned some rhymes to help us remember the directions –

  • never eat smelly wellies
  • never eat shredded wheat.

We have been learning about different turns and even went outside to direct each other around the playground.

Max – we have been learning to multiply two digit numbers by two digit numbers. It is quite tricky but with practice I can do it!


Christy – We had visitors from Stirling council to see us doing a number talks lessons about multiplication.  We can break factors into smaller factors to help us in number talks.

Leo – We have been measuring the length of different things in and around the school.  We estimated then measured the objects.



Other areas:

Ciaran – we have been creating titanic quizzes and fact files as we are finishing the topic.


We had a theater production about Simon, Martin and Sharon.  It was all performed by one man. It was called Pondlife.  It was very good and entertaining.  We were amazed that the man could perform more than one character.

In Religious education we looked at the seven sacraments and when people receive them.

Max – we have been practicing the hymns for the Stations of the Cross and took our class picture for the Stations of the Cross service next Wednesday. We used the green screen.

Leo – we went to the Church and Father Frances led us through the Stations of the Cross.

Sam – in P.E we have been skipping – we have been learning jumping skipping,  running skipping and hopping skipping.  Some people tried cross over skipping.

Today was ‘Feel Good Friday’ and we designed our own happiness t-shirts.




P2 have been busy!

Sadie- We had a craft afternoon yesterday and we made something special which we are keeping a secret until Sunday.

Chloe- We had visitors from a school in Stirling who came to see our Rekenrek lesson. We did really well and the visitors were impressed!

Tinashe- We were using prediction in literacy. The book was called ‘The Storm’ and we had to predict what happened in the story.

Lena P- Our topic is called Forces and this week we did the ‘Car and Ramp’ experiment.

Joshua- We found out that building a big structure for a ramp, making it higher, made the car go faster and further.

Jacob- Friction stopped our car on the big ramp because it bumped into the carpet.

Orla- We have been working on subtraction and addition together.

Daniel- 18+2=20, 2+18=20         Sara 20-2=18, 20-18=2

Ethan- We have been learning all about the Stations of the Cross. There are 14.


Image result for scientist gifImage result for cartoon car gif


Families Connect (Week 7) – Number Names

Car Registration plates, bus timetables, road signs, clocks, phones, house numbers, post boxes, shop windows, remote controls, cereal boxes, food packaging, microwaves, televisions.…These are just a small illustration of the places that our children can see numbers every day. And by taking the opportunity to point out these numbers and name them, we can really help our children when they are learning to count.

But even more than this, we can help our children learn the names for numbers. Again, this is something that we as adults probably all take for granted. But how many times have you heard children count and refuse to include, 11, 12 or 15! This is because not only is counting complex, but our names for numbers are quite confusing too. Sadly, as you will come to see, there are no shortcuts when it comes to learning number names and not much logic either, so it is just something that our children have to learn. The more they hear and see numbers, the easier it is for them to learn them.

So, what’s so difficult about our number names? Consider the following oddities:

* How does “eleven” and “twelve” relate to “one” and “two” – and compare this to “four” and “fourteen” which is far more logical?

* Why are 13 and 15 not “threeteen” and “fiveteen”? And why are 30 and 50 are not “threety” and “fivety”?

* Why are teen numbers spoken with the unit number first but numbers in the 20s, 30s etc are spoken with the tens number (which comes first!) first – i.e. 14 (1 ten then 4 units) is “fourteen” but 43 (4 tens then 3 units) is “forty-three”?

* Why do we say “one hundred and eleven” for 111, but “Twenty-one” (not twenty and one) for 21?

As we found in Families Connect, the more you think about the English way of naming numbers, the more complicated it gets! And this is what our children are trying to tackle, at the same time as learning the order of numbers and also that they represent a value for something. It is no wonder they find this all a bit confusing! So, any games you can play, any chance you can take to spot and name numbers, to count things when you are out and about really are the least, we can do for imposing such a crazy system on our poor children!

Families Connect (Week 6) – The Importance of Counting

Do you remember learning how to count? Do you have to even think about what 5 take away 2 is? The answer is probably no to both these questions. Most of us can’t remember a time when we didn’t know our numbers up to twenty; when we didn’t somehow automatically know that 5 take away 2 was 3. And this is why we might find it hard to understand that learning to count for our children, is really quite complex.
In Week 6 of Families Connect we tried to bring this home to our parents by playing a little game where we no longer had numbers, just the alphabet. So 1,2,3… became A, B, C and there was no cheating and trying to translate back to numbers! In the game, we started off easy counting from A to Z, from G to M. Then we tried counting backwards from Z to A or even K to C…and it got a bit tricky. By the time we came to counting in B’s and E’s (akin to counting in 2’s and 5’s) we were really toiling and the final straw was doing sums: F plus M equals…., B plus G equals….?? Give up was the response from most parents!
When our children begin to count this is exactly how tricky it can be for them. And this response of ‘give up’ can be a common one. So, it is important for us to remember this, to be patient and support them as much as we can to just keep on trying. And critically, don’t think that your children are ‘just not good at maths’ as all they need is a bit more practice.
The best way to do this is simply by counting together as much as possible, and to make it fun. There are loads of opportunities in everyday life to include some counting and for you to help reinforce your children’s learning. In the group, we discussed counting toys, counting steps, counting plates at dinnertime and even counting socks, because apparently some children are already trained to put away the washing! We also played a counting game where we counted different objects in and out of a gift box, trying to win all the objects from the other player. Simple games like this are a great way to give your children a good maths start. The only downside….you might need to refresh yourself on the messages from Week 1 of Families Connect when we looked at managing feelings, because it seems like most children do NOT like losing games!

Families Connect (Week 5) – ‘Beyond the Page’

Finding time to read together just for fun (over and above homework!), isn’t easy. But research shows us that reading together, little and often, can have a big impact. There are several things we can do to support reading at home, like trying to share books at different times of the day, telling stories together and using technology. All of these things will have just as good an impact on your children’s vocabulary, imagination and reading skills, as dare we say, homework!

In Week 5 of Families Connect we chatted about fun ways of sharing stories. One idea was to try to fit in sharing a book at different times of the day. Reading at bedtime is probably the norm and can help establish a bedtime routine. But by this time, parents are normally flagging and either falling asleep or negotiating down the number of books! Alternative suggestions were to read during bath-time and maybe even pick a fish or pirate themed book. Or to read together during mealtimes, with the added bonus of helping to keep the children at the table. For one family, trying books during dinner went down a treat and gave them a welcome break from the long-running game of eye-spy!

Telling stories when you are on the move, is another great idea to broaden literacy skills and really stirs up children’s imagination. Our Families Connect families thought that making up stories together helped to keep their children interested when out on a (boring!) walk, or on a long bus journey. But making up stories can be quite daunting for us adults. So, we looked at things we could use to help our story-telling, like cutting out pictures from a magazine or using old photos to use as prompts when at home, or using what we see around us like road signs, animals, people etc when we are out and about. We also got the chance to use the photo cards pictured below to have a practice, as well as looking at the CBeebies Storytime app as an example of how we can use technology to widen our reading experiences. Parents can have mixed views about using technology but as long as we are joining in with our children, apps and audio books etc can just be different ways of sharing stories.

So, if you are one of those parents falling asleep during bedtime stories, why not try sharing the ‘extra’ stories promised at a different time of day or making up a story together when you are going about your everyday activities. This will be great for your little one’s reading skills, can make things more fun for you too and can even help manage situations where tricky behaviour might be expected – like mealtimes, bath times and plain old boring times!

P3 Weekly Update

This week we have been really artistic!  We have made some surprise creations for our mum’s for Mother’s Day and we were also inspired by Pablo Picasso and we made our very own interpretations of his work.


In Maths, we have been continuing to learn about time as we have been finding it a bit tricky, especially quarter to on a digital clock.  We are going to keep practising this at home too so that we are more confident in telling the time!


In PE we have been learning how to skip forwards, backwards and in groups.  We need go co-ordination to do this.


In Literacy some of us wrote about our mum’s and how they are superheroes and some of us created a fact file about some Egyptian pharaohs.


Some of us visited the church twice this week.  Once was to practise and prepare for The Sacrament of Reconciliation and secondly we went to Stations of the Cross with Fr. Francis.


In Digital Learning this week we were making animated cartoons using Scratch on the netbooks and then we got to show our creations to our classmates.  It was cool!


Lastly, we have been singing lots this week in preparation for the Stations of the Cross service which will be in school next week.

PFFA – The gift of Wisdom

Today Mrs Fitzpatrick answered our questions on the gift of wisdom. We invited her into our class as this was one of our tasks for the Pope Francis Faith Awards. She told us about the many subjects and experiences that had helped to make her wise.

Mrs Fitzpatrick told us that her dad made her wise as he taught her great things and gave her advice. She enjoys reading autobiographies and she found the book about Alex Ferguson to be inspirational.

We enjoyed having Mrs Fitzpatrick in to talk to us today and she gave us good advice for our lives. We have written a report on the advice that she shared with us.

Jack and  Hubert

Remarkable Rotary Quiz!


Second place in the Rotary Quiz!

P4a’s Week

Our Friday music sessions with NYCoS are coming to an end next week. We have been enjoying learning about beat, rhythm and musical notation over the past few months. Today we worked in groups to create and perform our own music!

Tavia – ‘We’ve been learning to write our own music.’

Leon – ‘We were in groups to do this and my group used the shakers.’

Zofia – ‘We were playing altogether like a band.’

Baillie – ‘We had to sing the musical notes so, mi and la.’

Michael – ‘We had 4 beat spots and we had the choice to use ta, te-te and rests.’

Santiago – ‘We finished with the song ‘There’s Someone Living on a High, High Hill’ which is one of our favourites!’


In topic this week we have been learning about the mystery of Lord Darnley’s murder. Some people believe his wife, Mary Queen of Scots, was guilty but to this day we still don’t know for sure. It really is a mystery!

In class, we looked at the evidence, re-enacted the trial and put forward our own opinions of who we believe was guilty. We took a vote:

Mary, Queen of Scots – 1 vote

Queen Elizabeth I – 3 votes

James, Earl of Bothwell – 17 votes

James, 1st Earl of Moray (her half-brother) – 1 vote

Someone else – 4 votes

We are really looking forward to our trip next week to Duncarron Medieval Village where we will learn more about what life was like in these times!

Hot off the press – St Nic’s Quiz Champs scoop another award!

A huge well done to the children who attended Rotary Club Quiz at Broxburn Primary School, where our P6 quiz champions scooped 2nd place.  They were beaten by just 1/2 a point.  Well done boys and girls – we are so proud of you.  You have great team spirit and are a credit to your school, your parents and yourselves.

Families Connect (Week 4) – Book Talk

Be honest, have you ever found yourself groaning at the sight of reading homework? Reading together doesn’t only have to be about ‘decoding’ the sounds and letters. Whilst this is an important part of your child learning to read, and requires a fair bit of patience, books don’t need to feel like hard work!

The most important thing that you can do for your children is make them feel positive about books. The more fun they have, the more they want to read. The more they read, the more their vocabulary expands, their imagination runs riot and their comprehension gets better.

There are lots of different things you can do together to make books fun. Why not try some of these:

* Let your child join in with key words or repeated phrases – ‘There’s no such thing as a grufallo’’

* Let them finish the sentences by guessing the rhyming word at the end – ‘His eyes are orange, his tongue is black, he has purple prickles all over his ????’

* Ask them to guess what happens next – making sure they know that there are no right or wrong answers, just to use their imagination

* Do some arts and crafts related to your book – you can do this after the story or to use whilst you read the story together e.g. make a mouse puppet for reading the Gruffalo

* Don’t be shy – make up actions, sound effects, strange character voices and even act the story out!

All of these things make reading together more fun for everyone, and many parents will just do them automatically. Another thing that often comes naturally, we call ‘Book Talk’ in Families Connect. This is when you chat about a book as you are reading it together and ask some questions to help your child understand and relate to the story. So, asking open questions like ‘What do you think the mouse is feeling here”, “Have you ever felt scared like that” and “What plan might you come up with faced with the Gruffalo?”. Again, this shouldn’t feel like a quiz as there are no wrong answers and you shouldn’t feel pressured to come up with a question for every page either!

We tried all of these techniques in Week 4 of Families Connect and really had lots of fun reading together. We found that a really important thing is to let your child pick a book based on their interests – any reading is good reading! To our surprise we even had one little boy who didn’t really like reading and at the end of our exercise asked if he could have another story. Well done to all our parents, that’s what success looks like!

Parent Council St Patrick’s Night

A huge thanks to our committed and hardworking Parent Council who organised a wonderful event for the St Nicholas PS. community on Friday night. We had a ceilidh (run by our PE teacher, Mrs Smith), Irish dancers, raffle, Irish Bingo, a disco and delicious hot food by the Canon Hoban staff.  A huge thank you to the following partners who helped make this happen by donating to our raffle: Potter Around in Kirknewton; Houston House Hotel, Uphall; Kirsty Loves Hair, Broxburn; Final Touch Beauty, Broxburn; Florist in Argyle Court, Broxburn (10% off Mother’s Day Flowers plus free delivery if you mention St Nicholas); Lawson’s Butchers; Tesco, Bathgate; Morrison’s Livingston; Scotmid, Broxburn, Lindt Chocolate, Livingston; Dance Store; Broxburn.

We are very lucky to have our Parent Council who work tirelessly alongside us to improve outcomes for our children.  Children, parents and staff all had a ball! Looking forward to the next community event.

P5’s weekly reflection

We have had a busy week in P5b.  This week we have been continuing with Multiplication in Number talks and in our Numeracy lessons.  In Number talks we have used the strategy partial products this week and also used friendly numbers, doubling and halving and repeated addition. Mrs Heather came into class and worked with us on Thursday. In Numeracy we have worked on the formal written method of multiplication.

Marwa – there are different ways to do the written.

Mirin – this method is easier than a vertical sum for me.

We have practiced this week and are getting really good at it. In maths with Mrs Renshaw we have started to  looked at measure and started to estimate the length.

In Literacy we have completed spot the silly word in two different pieces of writing.

Sam – one was a job advert and the other was about Harry Potter.  Phoebe – you need to read the whole piece then look for words that don’t make sense.


Paula – we have continued with literacy circles and are improving with our group discussions and peer assessments.

In writing we wrote a diary entry about when the Titanic hit the iceberg.

Max – In a diary you must discuss your feelings.

Connor – you must use ‘I’ when writing a diary entry. It also has to be in the present tense.

In Health and Well being we looked at advertising and how companies advertise products to get people to buy them  We discuses different strategies like buy one get one free, half price, toys in boxes and tokens to collect.

Ellie –  We then created our own cereals and next week we will create an advert for our cereal.

Sam – we also discussed what makes a good friend and created a ‘wordle’ about friends. Some of the things we think they need to be are- kind, caring, honest and trustworthy.

In our Titanic topic we created adverts for Titanic. We talked about communication on board the Titanic and how important it was. We also looked at the technology on the Titanic. We also completed a cross section of what was inside the Titanic looked like and looked at where things were placed for first and third class passengers.

We also visited the library this week and had a look for Titanic books.

These are only some of the things we have covered this week.  What a busy week!





Primary 4b’s Week.

Image result for exclamation mark poster

We have had another great week in P4b.  We have been learning how to spell words that need a prefix and working on the proper use of exclamation marks.  We have been learning that it is more effective in writing to use one exclamation mark and not lots !!!!!!!!! (ha!).

In numeracy, we have moved onto telling the time in one minute segments and are still practising our times tables as we know important these are.

Image result for mary queen of scots clipart

We are just loving our topic, ‘Mary, Queen of Scots’ so much. She led a very interesting life.  This is what we have learnt so far :

Liam – She was born in 1542.

Cameron  – She was born in Linlthgow Palace.

Natan – When she was 6 days she became Queen of Scotland.

Catherine – She married three times.

Lily – She moved to France when she little because her mum did not want her to marry Price Edward.

Hamza – Her cousin Queen Elizabeth the First was jealous of her.

Alicia – She was a Catholic.

Lucas L – She was imprisoned for 18 years.

Shay – The axe fell on her head three times.

Oliver – She watched her friend, David Rizzio being murdered.

Freyja  – Her mum was Mary of Guise.

Leonard – Henry the 8th the King of England wanted his son to marry Mary Queen of Scots.

Holly – Her first husband was the Dauphin of France.

Mya – Her second husband was Lord Darnley.

Gerard – Her third husband was the Earl of Bothwell.

Wojciech – She was beheaded.

Gaby – She did not have a good life.

Olivia – Her mum was born in 1515.

Lucas C – Her mum died in 1560.

Haroon – When she died one of her dogs was found hidinhg under her dress.


Fun at P6b

We did some measuring- we estimated and measured the perimeter  of large rectangles in the classroom. We Made some paper clovers for St Patrick’s day and paper chains. We enjoy reading for pleasure and this week we went to the library. We have been doing research on careers and we are now working on a presentation about it. In writing we did a recount on Frankenweenie and in HWB we wrote questions to ask our parents. By Melanie and Victor


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