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Green fingers in P1F

All the children were very excited as we had a lovely surprise in our classroom this morning. The Friendly Dragon left us the Dmail box with some interesting things inside. The Dragon left us everything we need to grow our own beanstalks!

The children were very excited to grow their own beanstalks and all got stuck right into it!

The children were delighted with planting their beans and we are looking forward to watching them grow just like our class beanstalk below that we all made together!

We are looking forward to more Fairyland filled adventures next week!

Miss Farley

What a surprise in P1F!

P1F had an exciting surprise left in their classroom yesterday by a surprise visitor who had came at night.  This visitor had left glittery footprints leading to a chair with a burnt letter and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ fairy tale.



We read the letter that was left to find it was from The Friendly Dragon who was very sad as Fairyland is disappearing and he doesn’t have a castle to protect.  The Friendly Dragon thinks that Fairyland is disappearing as children aren’t believing and are not reading enough fairy tales.  The Friendly Dragon has asked us to read more fairy tales and help rebuild Fairyland. 

The children were  so surprised to see the Friendly’s Dragon’s footprints and can’t wait to help!

We read Jack and the Beanstalk in class together  and decided that wanted to build a beanstalk for Fairyland. We have started to help rebuild  Fairyland but we know we have lots more to go. We are looking forward to what the Friendly Dragon will want us to do next!

Looking forward to our Fairyland adventures next week! Check back here to see more next week!

Miss Farley

What can you see ? What can you hear?

This week, we have been working super hard in our literacy and numeracy stations. We have been counting up to 50 and adding to 5 and 10! Here we are writing our numbers in our workbook at one of our stations.

In Literacy, Miss Farley has been blown away with all the fantastic reading I’ve been hearing. We are sounding our the letters if we don’t know the word and we have been answering the questions to help us understand the story more. Look at us reading.

The children have been working really hard for Miss Collins this week.  P1F have been focusing on feelings and the way our faces look when we are feeling happy or sad.

The children have loved finding out about the five senses and how superheroes have enhanced senses. This week , we focused on seeing and hearing. We used a megaphone to make our voices louder and binoculars to help us see things far away. Here are a few pictures of us all having fun!



It’s official! We are all now superheroes in P1F. WE designed our own superhero masks and made our best superhero pose. Here a few of our new superheroes.


A big happy birthday to Zofia and Ciaran this week! They both celebrated their birthday with the class and we had some choosing time to celebrate. Hope you both had a lovely day!

Snapshot jotter next week where you will see all the fabulous work we do in one week!

Miss Farley

Superheroes hard at work in P1F

This week the children have been having lots of super fun!

The children have been learning the number 9 this week. We have been practising our number formation on the Interactive Whiteboard and on our whiteboards. The children know that numbers are represented lots of different ways; we have been writing the number and the same number of dots on our whiteboards. The children found this activity lots of fun.


This week, we have been working super hard at our reading and writing. Not only did we learn two more sounds ‘g’ and ‘o’, we also have got books with words in them! The children were very excited about reading their books as well as answering questions and drawing their favourite part. We have be building 2 and 3 letter words on our magnetic board and writing our words using coloured pencils. Miss Farley is very impressed at their writing of their letters.


All the children in P1F have now created their own superhero identity! We have own superhero names using alliteration and designed our own superhero masks.  Our superhero Head Quarters is up and running and we are ready to help!


It has been a superhero filled week and we have another one coming up next week! Look out for our new adventures in the next blog.

Miss Farley


Spooky fun in Primary 1

The children have been working super hard this week on learning number 8 and our new sound ‘d’. The children have been using lots of different resources to help form the number 8. This week, writing on the ActiveInspir board has been our favourite! P1F have even been critiquing Miss Farley’s number 8  and telling me what I need to do for next time.

P1F were very lucky to have a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween party with our friends in P1S. We had some dancing, music, laughter and lots of fun!

Look at our wonderful costumes and dancing below!


We have a superhero filled week coming our way in P1F and we can’t wait!

Miss Farley

Superheroes in training in P1F!

This week the children found out that our new class topic is ‘Superheroes’. We will be looking at our 5 senses as well as everyday superheroes and the children in P1F are very excited. We will also be looking at our talents, what makes us unique and what makes us special. Below you can see that we have been practising our superhero poses in gym with Miss Collins.

We also got to wear our superhero capes during our lessons and during our free time outside! We think we look super awesome!

Here we are practising our superhero dance and helping us think like superheroes.

The children this week have been working really hard on creating fabulous artwork for the art gallery in November! Their masterpieces are looking fantastic.


Happy 5th Birthday to Orla! We hoped you had a lovely day and we enjoyed celebrating with you.


We have some exciting Halloween activities next week and Miss Farley can’t wait!

STEM fun in P1F

This week has been filled with lots of fun and creative activities that have been linked with our topic and STEM.  The children used a range of materials from chalk to pipe cleaners to make their name. This allowed us as a class to discuss the shape of the different letters and look at uppercase. Here you can see the children are hard at work with their names.

The children in drama have been focusing on how to portray the different characters from the Three Billy Goats Gruff using their facial expressions and body movements. After getting the children to act out a character of their choice, the rest of the class had to guess what one they were. After this activity, the children had to work in their drama teams to make the bridge from the Three Billy Goats. The children were challenged with having to make their bridge stand. The children worked really hard and made some fantastic bridges.

As a class we created our own little ocean in a vase where the fish were swimming and the water was clear. I started to explain to the children that rubbish, oils and toxins are being thrown into the ocean and are affecting the fish. I then began to show the children by adding ‘rubbish’ into the vase which led to a discussion of how we could help the fish and their home.

Our last STEM and topic activity was to create jellyfish! We learned some interesting facts about jellyfish and that they have no bones or a heart! The children discussed the details of the shape of the jellyfish and that the tentacles do not look all the same. The children worked in pairs and could use a variety of materials to create their wobbly masterpieces.

After all our hard work, we deserved fun in the garden with P1S

The children have worked so hard this term and have been joy to teach. Hope you all have a lovely October holiday.

Miss Farley


Number 5 and Autumn fun!

Primary 1F have been working really hard on our counting and learning about number 5. To help us form number 5 we have been practising our rhyme and using whiteboards.

To help our counting, we have been playing a range of counting games on the Interactive Whiteboard or board games. Here are a few photos of our hard work.

Playing the seashell counting game which has been helping us count to 6 and number 1 to 6 recognition. We have had fun playing this game with our friends.

The Interactive Whiteboard has allowed us to learn about ordering numbers 1 to 10 as well as counting. The children enjoy counting the sweets on the gingerbread man as well as the underwater counting game where they are counting the sea creatures that they have been learning about during topic time.

This has been a new activity for the children this week and this will be an activity that they will become familiar with next week. Our 1 to 1 correspondence activity has allowed us to recognise a number  from 1 to 10 and put the correct number of raindrops or sprinkles (pompoms) on the cards.

The children have been learning about the changes in autumn. We went outside in the playground to look at the trees and seen that the leaves have been changing colours and beginning to fall. We picked up some leaves to look at the different shapes and sizes then brought them back to the classroom to help with our autumn pictures. You can see above how much fun we had painting the leaves and printing them on our picture.

We have been learning ‘was’ and ‘cross’ this week and we have enjoyed using our new Stage 2 words (pink) and our Stage 1 words (white) to make sentences and some silly ones too!

Next week is  focusing on  STEM as a whole school. There will be lots of fun activities for the children to enjoy and photographs will be posted on the blog.

Miss Farley