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Welcome back!

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to

school on Monday 20th August at 9am.

New P1 children should gather at the P1 entrance for 9.30am.

We hope to have the school blog updated in the next week.

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum! A friendly giant visits Primary 1!

Primary one are thoroughly enjoying their new topic Fairyland.  Since the first Friendly Dragon visit, the children have been very busy transforming their classroom.

Today the children welcomed, a very tall, Paul Farley (Miss Farley’s brother) into their class.  The boys and girls wanted to make a giant to display with their Jack and the Beanstalk work  but needed a very tall  person to draw around. Paul very kindly agreed to help us.

The children loved comparing heights!

We’ve got the right size! All that’s needed now is some paint.

Thank you Paul!


The Friendly Dragon visits P1

Today something very strange, but exciting happened in Primary One.  We arrived into class this morning to find that we had had a visitor through the night!


All that was left were very large, glittery footprints, a copy of Jack and the Beanstalk and a letter.

We read the letter to find that it was from a friendly dragon who lived in a faraway place called Fairyland.  The dragon told us he was very sad because Fairyland was disappearing as a result of children not believing in or reading enough fairy tales.  He has asked us to try our best to rebuild Fairyland in our classroom, read lots of fairy tales and, of course, keep believing in them!