Electrical Circuits

The class were given the challenge this week to build electrical circuits using a bag full of electrical parts. Each group had to work together to create a series circuit and/or a parallel circuit, introducing switches when appropriate. Every group managed to build a working circuit as a team. They then explained how they did it, the knowledge and understanding behind each type of circuit and finally the skills required for the task.

Note taking in P2R/D

Primary 2 watched a video on the animals in the Amazon Rainforest.  They took notes so that they could write them up later.


Science Showcase




Throughout Science Week each class undertook a project based on the theme of ‘Journeys’. St.Mary’s pupils showcased their learning in the school to family and invited guests.


 P1: On Cinderella’s Coach

P1/2 & P2: Through the Rainforest

P3: From the River Nile to the Field

P3/4: Under the Ocean

P4: Over the Ocean

P4/5: Fighting as a Jacobite

P5 & P5/6: Safely over the Sea

P6: Travelling by Train

P6/7 & P7: Round the Racetrack




We know everyone  enjoyed sharing in our learning experience today. We loved Science Week and our Showcase.

Mrs. Kellas would like to take this opportunity to thank Alistair Grant, a Science lecturer at Edinburgh University for his continued support. His guidance and practical skills have enabled numerous school projects to be undertaken over the past 3 years.

Finally I would like to thank all the staff and the children for their enthusiasm and commitment throughout Science Week. It was a pleasure to see pupils and family members engaged in educational discussion and having fun.


Science Week

Over the past week the class have had visitors with an expertise in Science, undertaken their ‘Journey’ project, carried out experiments, researched inventors and inventions and used i-pads to record all the learning that has taken place. They are looking forward to sharing their learning with others during our Science Showcase on Monday the 18th between 2pm and 4pm.




Making Slime

Primary 3/4 were learning the chemistry behind the making of slime.  Mrs. Horne discussed the molecules involved using visual aids before she assisted the class in making slime using a variety of ingredients.

These young scientists managed to produce 4 types of slime successfully.  They will showcase their slime on Monday, as we celebrate the end of Science Week, and share the learning that took place.


Great fun was had by all!