Measuring a Tree

Primary 6 continued their outdoor learning by finding out how to measure the height of a tree and the circumference of the trunk.

They watched a video clip on the procedure, that I had made with the assistance of Miss Collins, we discussed the resources and skills required then we made our way outside.

It was interesting to see which role each child in the group undertook. The most flexible pupil as discussed in class used the upside down method, the most observant used the metre stick, someone with patience and focus used the trundle wheel, 2 pupils worked together to put the string  around the trunk and as a team they recorded their measurements.


Sports Day: Thank You

Thank you to all the staff, pupils and parents for making St. Mary’s Sports Day a success. The weather was even kind to us on the day!

I would also like to say a big thank you to the St. Modan’s Sports Leaders for their support at each of the activities and the work experience students who distributed the stickers at the end of the competitive races.