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The Light on Dumyat / The Great Outdoors

Primary 6 and Primary 7 participated in a walk up Dumyat on Friday organised by Stirling Council and SP Energy.

The project began with the pupils reading The Light on Dumyat and undertaking related activities at school.  Throughout the walk the children were entertained by actors, who performed aspects of the story, and who gave the pupils clues to solve a code.

As part of our Great Outdoors topic my class had to record the wind speed at various points, using anemometers they made in school, photograph the landscape and record what they could see on their journey.

The weather was glorious and the views breathtaking as we made our way to the top. A great day was had by all!

VIE- Very Important Eggs

P5/6A and P5 have been busy designing a safe method of transport for a very important egg whose mission would be to fly over and active volcano.

Their mode of transport will be tested by Mr Brown or Mrs Abraham dropping Eggy in his carriage from the  top of a ladder.

Each design will be scored on safety, design, VIP decoration and comfort.

Starting to create our designs below.

Stay tuned for the results to follow later….will Eggy be able to complete his mission….

Science Showcase




Throughout Science Week each class undertook a project based on the theme of ‘Journeys’. St.Mary’s pupils showcased their learning in the school to family and invited guests.


 P1: On Cinderella’s Coach

P1/2 & P2: Through the Rainforest

P3: From the River Nile to the Field

P3/4: Under the Ocean

P4: Over the Ocean

P4/5: Fighting as a Jacobite

P5 & P5/6: Safely over the Sea

P6: Travelling by Train

P6/7 & P7: Round the Racetrack




We know everyone  enjoyed sharing in our learning experience today. We loved Science Week and our Showcase.

Mrs. Kellas would like to take this opportunity to thank Alistair Grant, a Science lecturer at Edinburgh University for his continued support. His guidance and practical skills have enabled numerous school projects to be undertaken over the past 3 years.

Finally I would like to thank all the staff and the children for their enthusiasm and commitment throughout Science Week. It was a pleasure to see pupils and family members engaged in educational discussion and having fun.