P6M Harry Potter lessons continue….

We’ve had lots more lessons over the past 2 weeks in P6M. Ellis and Elle provided us with a fantastic insight into a potions lesson as we learned how to mix different solids and liquids together to create a delicious edible body scrub!

A massive well done to Ava, Hugh and Lara for their extremely delicious lesson on creating a ‘Golden Snitch.’

Millie, your lesson on mixing potions was amazing!!! We still don’t know how adding different solids and liquids managed to change the colour of the solutions!! It must be magic!

And finally, Callum, Carmen and Cameron thank you for teaching us how to create magical pencil brooms. We loved the competitions to see how far our brooms flew.

What can you see ? What can you hear?

This week, we have been working super hard in our literacy and numeracy stations. We have been counting up to 50 and adding to 5 and 10! Here we are writing our numbers in our workbook at one of our stations.

In Literacy, Miss Farley has been blown away with all the fantastic reading I’ve been hearing. We are sounding our the letters if we don’t know the word and we have been answering the questions to help us understand the story more. Look at us reading.

The children have been working really hard for Miss Collins this week.  P1F have been focusing on feelings and the way our faces look when we are feeling happy or sad.

The children have loved finding out about the five senses and how superheroes have enhanced senses. This week , we focused on seeing and hearing. We used a megaphone to make our voices louder and binoculars to help us see things far away. Here are a few pictures of us all having fun!



It’s official! We are all now superheroes in P1F. WE designed our own superhero masks and made our best superhero pose. Here a few of our new superheroes.


A big happy birthday to Zofia and Ciaran this week! They both celebrated their birthday with the class and we had some choosing time to celebrate. Hope you both had a lovely day!

Snapshot jotter next week where you will see all the fabulous work we do in one week!

Miss Farley

The Body

The class have started a new topic about the body. At the moment we are finding out about some of the internal organs , where they are located and their function.

Our first investigation after exploring the lungs was to blow up a balloon and see how big we could make it. There was a great variety in their size. We discussed the reasons that may have had an affect on size and wrote a report on our investigation.