P4/5 ‘Design Engineers’ – Collaborative Learning

The class have been learning all about what it is to be a design engineer. In the role of design engineers they were set the task of constructing a tower, to be as tall as possible,  using only art straws and plasticine. They were given scissors at the group table and a time limit of 45 minutes was given.  I observed and recorded their progress and some comments made throughout the task. No adult support or intervention was allowed.  How did they do?


When finished the class decided they need to continue to work on their group skills of communicating with each other before and during a task, their planning before starting a task, deciding group roles based on individuals’ skills and staying positive and persevering regardless of the challenges they face. Although they were not all pleased with their completed tower they learned so much about what it takes to complete a group task successfully.  This should be reflected upon when they are given their next practical group task. Watch this space…….

Choosing time fun

The children have been working their socks off this week and they had some well deserved choosing time in the class with some new toys and fun in the quadrangle while the weather is nice.




Happy 5th Birthday to Layla who celebrated her birthday at school on Tuesday.  We hope you had a lovely day and lots of fun!

Also wishing a happy birthday to Patrick and Kelsea-Lee  who both are turning 5 on Sunday! We are looking forward to finding out how your birthday went during our weekend news time! Have a great day.

We have a fun filled week next week so look out for the blog!

Miss Farley

P1 workshop

It was lovely to meet you all and to see all the fun things that you did during the summer. The posters look amazing and it was lovely to chat about the pictures. The children all ready enjoyed working with you to create such a fabulous piece of work and are very proud.  Here are a few pictures from the morning.

The children have also been enjoying their submarine during  choosing time and they have all been enjoying learning about the clownfish. Look out for our clownfish creations at parents evening.


Happy Birthday Lucas!
Hope you enjoyed your birthday in school and we all were happy to singing happy birthday to you.


We have lots of fun planned for next week.

Miss Farley


Working hard in P1F

We have been working and learning a lot to do with our under the sea topic. We have been learning about submarines and why submarines can help us with learning about under the sea. We created a class submarine for us all to have fun in during choosing time but we also designed our own submarines and put ourselves as the drivers.

The children really enjoyed showing each other the objects they brought in that began with ‘p’, ‘i’ or ‘n’.  There were so many different objects that helped us have a discussion on the initial sounds. The children wanted to show you all their items too.


The children have been working really had on number 2 and we have been practising forming the 2 many different ways. Here we are forming the number 2 on the whiteboards and showing each other.


The children have been working very hard that Miss Farley has been making sure they are having choosing time too. Here are a few of the things we are enjoying.


Happy Birthday Ronan! We had a great time celebrating your birthday and enjoyed singing happy birthday to you. Hope you enjoyed your birthday party.

Looking forward to next week and seeing all the learning we will be doing.
Miss Farley



Working hard in P5C!

Some examples of what P5C have been working on this week.

In maths we have been looking at Place Value and Partitioning numbers.  We have been working on our times tables and Learn Its for homework.

In ICT we have been creating Health and Safety leaflets connected to our Dr Seuss topic.










In music we were learning how to sing and we were introduced to new songs.



We were working on our Listening and Talking skills as we discussed our Dreams and Goals for this year and for the future.

Road Race Primary 6 and 7

SSAA Road Race

Are you in Primary 6 or Primary 7? Do you like running? Are you keen to run in a race?

Let Mrs. Kellas know if you would be interested in entering the SSAA Road Race as part of a relay team. The school does not provide transport but applications do have to be submitted through the school. Further information available below:

Date Event/ Venue

28th October
Primary Schools Road Relay Championships
Grangemouth Stadium
Closing date for application end of September.