Science Week

To prepare for British Science Week I would be grateful if you could hand any of the following items, that you may be recycling,  into the school:

Clean plastic bottles or containers of various sizes with their lids

White polystyrene packaging – blocks/sheets

Cardboard boxes

Thank you for your support.

Fairtrade Fortnight : Rice Challenge

We have now received our delivery of 90kgs of rice. Order forms were given to the classes today to enable the quantity and choice of rice to be identified as well as the price. The form should be completed and returned to the school, with the appropriate money included, before Wednesday 6th March.

£3 a kilo enables us to give the farmers a fair price for their rice. Please support this good cause .

Personal Achievements

Congratulations to Emily Sorley, Ruaraidh Docherty and Bailey Cooper who all were placed in the top 20 of their category at the recent Stirling Council Cross Country Event. They have secured themselves a place in the Forth Valley Schools Cross Country at Bannockburn High on Wednesday 13th of March.


Remember to bring in medals, certificates and trophies to enable us to recognise and celebrate your personal achievements too.

This week Ruby and Ivy Horne were able to show us what they were recently awarded for dance. Well done girls!

The Language of Maths

The class started the morning with a ‘Make 24’ task. A few of the children managed to complete this successfully and Emily showed us on the whiteboard the way she made 24 using the digits given, 7, 8, 1 and 5.

Our learning intention today was to identify key language used in maths in order to aid our understanding of word problems. We identified different terms that relate to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

When given different examples orally the class identified the method required to solve the problem before going on to write their own word problems and have one of their peers solve it. It was evident that many clearly understood the task asked of them and they created a variety of problems related to addition and subtraction.

We identified our next steps:

ensure everyone can identify the method to solve the  word problem from the vocabulary in the question

groups will continue to create and solve more challenging problems.




British Science Week 8th – 17th March 2019

The theme for Science Week this year is ‘Journeys’. All children in the school will undertake a science project ,in school, with each stage following a different design remit.

P1-P3 will design and create a vehicle powered by a balloon or a rubber band.

P4 -6 will design and create a rescue vehicle that includes the use of a lever or pulley.

P7’s design will include a lever,pulley and a motor.

Watch this space to see what our budding scientists will produce!

Other events will run throughout the week including guest speakers, a poster competition, and lots of exciting,fun learning opportunities.