Primary 4K 2018: Italian Art

Having researched Italy over the past few days the class have become familiar with the geography of the country and many key facts. This afternoon after a lesson on Leonardo da Vinci, and the painting of The Last Supper, the children were asked to paint in the style of an Italian Artist or paint an image that they related to Italy.

The Mona Lisa was chosen by a group, colourful houses like those found in Portofino, scenes of Venice and the Leaning Tower of Pisa were popular. They finished off the lesson painting the Italian flag.


Word Aware Activities

The class have enjoyed putting their Word Aware activities to good use this week.

They made ‘fortune tellers’ and chose words that were relevant to Islam, Science and Technology or the Aztecs to do the associated tasks.

They wrote descriptive lists for characters from a book or a film and played Guess Who. The better the description the easier the characters could be identified. Miss Lambert, our student from Forth Valley College, was excellent at guessing the cartoon characters from the television as she has two younger siblings so knew all the names.

There was lots of fun involved as the children developed their knowledge and understanding of words and their descriptive literacy skills.


Over the past month the class have been learning all about Islam. Miss Whiteside, a student teacher in Religious Education from Stirling University, has been delivering lessons on Islam. This has been particularly relevant as it is the month of Ramadan and Eid shall be celebrated this week.

The class have shown their knowledge and understanding throughout when they were placed in the ‘hot seat’ to answer questions on each lesson once completed.


The children worked to design and create a collaborative prayer mat using geometric shapes.

Fizzah brought in her copy of the Qur’an and her own prayer mat today.

The children have really enjoyed learning about another world religion.