School closed: Have fun in the snow and the cold.


Looking for something to do in the cold weather and snow?

Creating a frozen bubble:

Find an area that is sheltered from the wind. Even the slightest breeze will carry your bubble.
Blow the bubbles high in the air so that as they float to the ground they have time to freeze.
Depending on your temperature/weather ~ it can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few moments for the bubbles to freeze and start forming crystalline patterns.

Try blowing bubbles early in the morning or in the evening. This is the colder part of the day and will help your bubbles stay frozen.
Wave your wand instead of blowing into the wand to make bubbles. The warm air from your lungs causes the bubble to take longer to freeze.

Keep trying and see how it goes!

Snow Volcano Science

Snow Volcano


A cup or plastic bottle
Baking soda
Food colouring (if colour is desired)
To make a snow volcano you will first need snow.  Take a plastic cup and set it on the ground in the snow. Then,  pile snow up and around the cup to form “the volcano”.

Once the volcano is formed add baking soda and food colouring to the cup which is now acting as the volcanoes core.Now, it is time to make it erupt! Pour in vinegar and then step back.

Or make some Disney snow sculptures for fun……….

Take a photograph to record your attempts!


The pupils in P7H have been very busy working on their French animation over the last few weeks. The pupils have enjoyed a wide range of learning experiences.

They have developed their literacy skills and understanding of the French language when working with Ronan to write the script for their animation.

They have developed their ICT skills when working with Rory to create sound effects and digital images.

They have also developed their art and design skills by working to create both 2D and 3D characters for their animation. They also worked to create bold prints after carrying out research to ensure that their designs were culturally accurate.

The pupils are very excited to continue with this excellent project over the coming weeks.

The Latest in P4/5K



Over the past week the class have continued their Health and Wellbeing investigations on heart rate. By attaching their finger to a sensor machine, built by Mr Grant, and viewing the results on a computer screen the children could see what their resting heart rate was. This sensor reading eliminates the errors that can occur when trying to take your own or another person’s pulse.

Our topic lessons saw the children working in their groups to design a logo, a company name and a poster to advertise their forthcoming short animation films. Filming shall begin this week as the scripts are now complete and the role each member shall play allocated.

Think Dance Rehearsal.

Just to let you all know that the children will be going to the MacRobert Theatre on Tuesday for a dress rehearsal.

We should be back in school in time for lunch. However, there is a chance we may be late back.

Could you please make sure your child has a packed lunch on Tuesday. If they are a school dinner I will ensure we provide a packed lunch for them.

Thank you.

Mrs Calway

P4G Viking Research

This week we did some research about different Viking people and jobs.  We worked very well in our research groups and completed factfiles and a character profile for each group.

Super work!

What did a Viking Trader do?

Finding out about Viking Warriors. Exciting!

Viking Children had a different life to we do.

What can we find out about Viking Gods?

Learning about the job of a Viking Blacksmith.

Where did the Viking Explorers go?

Learning about Viking Women.

P5C – Think Dance

Just a wee reminder to let you know our Think Dance performance is on Tuesday 27th February at the MacRobert Theatre.

The children have to be at the MacRobert for 6.30pm where they will be met by a member of Active Stirling. I will also be at the theatre.

I have a parent who has 4 extra tickets for anyone who may have been too late to  purchase any.  Please let me know if you are interested in the tickets.

The children have been working very hard on their performance and are really looking forward to sharing it with you.

Mrs Calway