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Mould investigation

As part of their topic about scientists and inventors, the pupils in P7B have been learning all about microorganisms and the work of Alexander Fleming.  To further develop their knowledge of the factors which cause mould to grow, the pupils carried out their own investigations. They worked in groups to plan and conduct a fair test by deciding upon independent and consideration trolled variables. The pupils are going to monitor the development of the mould of the next few days and record their findings.

Scientists and Inventors

This week, as part of their topic on Scientists and Inventors, the pupils in P7B were learning about the life of Daniel Hale Williams and his work in relation to the heart and circulatory system.  The pupils learned all about the heart and it’s functions before completing diagrams to show their understanding of this using art straws.


Can you help at our summer fayre?

The children in P7 have been hard at work preparing for our school Summer Fayre. They are taking part in the Virgin Money Make £5 Grow project and have worked in groups to create their own business. The children are planning to sell a whole range of products and would be very grateful if you could come along to help them with this. If you could set up, work alongside them on a stall or help to promote their products to increase sales, it would be grately appreciated.

The great homework debate

This weeks debate focussed on the subject of homework. The majority of the class voted to ban homework, with most learners arguing that children have too many other commitments after school. However, some children believe that there are many benefits to completing homework tasks. Take a look at some of the points that were raised below.


Teachers v computers

The pupils in P7B have been developing their debating skills. They have been working on using evidence to justify their opinions and using techniques to influence and persuade their audience. Today the pupils took part in a debate on whether teachers should be replaced by computers. Some very valid points were raised and Mrs Benton was delighted when the majority of the class voted in favour of keeping teachers. Phew!

Evacuation letters

As part of our WW2 topic, P7B have been learning about evacuation. Mrs Benton issued some very important letters to the class to let them know that they were going to be evacuated. After receiving the upsetting news, the class worked in groups to discuss and record their thoughts and feelings. They then took on the role of an evacuee and wrote letters filled with emotive language. These wonderful letters have been edited and will be included in snapshot jotters this week.


Scots Language in P7B

The pupils in P7B had lots of fun during our reading lesson today. We used the I-pads and worked in pairs to read an ‘Oor Wullie’ comic strip. We then worked together to write a summary of the text and some of us even started creating our own comic strip. There was lots of laughs at some of Oor Wullie’s antics and we have now added some new Scots words to our vocabulary.

American Civil Rights

As part of their 1960s topic, the pupils in P7B have been learning about the American Civil Rights Movement. Today, at the beginning of our lesson, pupils took part in a discussion about whether or not it is ever acceptable to break the law. They then went on to learn about the story of Rosa Parks and how she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus. Pupils then reflected upon the question from the beginning of the lesson again and many of them had changed their views. The pupils then worked in small groups to create a short scene demonstrating what they had learned about Rosa Parks and her role in the American Civil Rights Movement.



The pupils in P7 studied the work of Graffiti artist Banksy. They learned  that Banksy uses his work to send out powerful messages which convey his views on important issues.

After learning about Banksy and looking at his work to identify the messages he was trying to convey, the pupils then took part in a debate about whether Banksy’s work is art or vandalism.  They used their talking and listening skills and used evidence to justify their opinions. The outcome was that most of the class believed Banksy’s work to be art.

The class then used their art skills to create their own work in the style of Banksy. Take a look below and tell us what you think.