P3C Burns Supper Moments

Apologies for the poor sound but we hope you enjoy a wee flavour of our Burns Supper.

Immortal Memory by Cameron

Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne


Finlay, Katie and Erin with the Reply from the Lassies

Ryan with the Toast to the Lassies

Annabel with the Vote of Thanks


The pupils in P7H are thoroughly enjoying their new topic on WW2. We have already learned about The Road to War and Evacuation. We have been using the i-pads to carry out research and  have worked in groups to use what we have learned to create informative displays around the school.




The class also experienced their first Air Raid this afternoon


A week in P5C.


This week in P5C we had fun with Mr Orr and Mrs Barratt in music.


Mr Orr let some of us have a go on the trumpet. He taught us what way we have to blow and the shape our lips have to be. It was good fun.







We took each other’s pulses for our science experiment.  








Aiden was our Star of the Week this week due to his hard work, particularly in writing.


In maths we have been adding tenths and hundredths using our PIMM addition Big Maths strategy.

In writing we are looking at speech marks and had fun trying to guess famous quotes.

We continue to practise our Think Dance and we are looking forward to performing at the MacRobert in February.







Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum! A friendly giant visits Primary 1!

Primary one are thoroughly enjoying their new topic Fairyland.  Since the first Friendly Dragon visit, the children have been very busy transforming their classroom.

Today the children welcomed, a very tall, Paul Farley (Miss Farley’s brother) into their class.  The boys and girls wanted to make a giant to display with their Jack and the Beanstalk work  but needed a very tall  person to draw around. Paul very kindly agreed to help us.

The children loved comparing heights!

We’ve got the right size! All that’s needed now is some paint.

Thank you Paul!


P5/6 Have been learning about Floating and Sinking

P5/6A have been learning about Floating and Sinking.

Firstly we made various shapes from plasticine .

We then made predictions about their abilities to float or sink and then tested these predictions in water.





After testing the shapes we were given, we were then asked to use what we had learned to make a shape that would both float and could carry an object without sinking.

After a few clues and a few sinking shapes we all found at least one shape that would stay afloat while holding an object and we had great fun!