Inter-disciplinary Learning

The chicks have caused much excitement and enabled lots of learning to take place. The class over the past week have learned about the life cycle of the chicken, from fertilisation to hatching and how to care for a new-born chick. As a comparison we learned about the formation of a baby from conception until birth and how it should be cared for.

To assess their level of understanding, and develop both their art and problem solving skills, each of the groups had to decide on one aspect of the life cycle of a chick and plan and create a 3D wall display to depict this . Gathering art materials of their choice the groups have started work on their display; I am looking forward to seeing the end result.


We also had a digital trainer in visiting the class, Dr Steven Bunce. He taught the class how to use Book Creator, an app on the i-Pad, which they will use to create an interactive book to consolidate all the learning that has taken place.

New Term

The new term has begun as busy as usual.

This week the class have been recording their resting pulse rate using the sensors, to ensure we all get an accurate reading. The class discussed why their own heart rate alters and why there can be a difference between people.

Miss. White was able to take the class once again for Music. They were keeping the beat of a song while passing a ball around the circle.

Today the class were learning about the life cycle of a hen and the reproductive system for males and females. They also looked at images of the different stages of an embryo for a chick, over a 21 day period, and a baby over the 9 months.

They enjoyed looking at the newly hatched chicks and the last egg in the incubator. Next week they will be able to visit the class again and handle the chicks too.