HWB: Physical Health

Classes were supported by parents, Dr. Williams, a G.P. and Mrs. Horne, a pharmacist, to look at the work they do and how they can support patients.

They and class teachers also looked at how we can maintain our physical health with the choices we make, including number of hours sleep required and the adverse effects of smoking.




HWB Week : Physical Activity, Physical Exercise and Sport

2 hours of P.E. were completed by all the classes with the support of Miss Collins and the class teachers as usual.

We had a former Celtic player, Peter Grant, in to share his experiences as a professional player with P7 and our after school football session  supported by Mr Dunne took place on Wednesday as usual.

We also had P5 and P5/6 visit Bannockburn High for Athletics, P4T and P4G participated in Zumba supported by Andrea from Stirling University and a group of P6  were outdoors with John from Active Stirling.


HWB Week: Food and Dental Health

Throughout the week we have had classes making soup, learning about the 5 food groups, talking about healthy snack and lunch choices and participating in taster sessions.

We also had parents in to talk about the content of food and how important it is to look after your teeth.  Do you know how many names there are for sugar? Apparently over 50!

Heartstart – Trossachs Search and Rescue

Heartstart came to the school today as part of our Health and Wellbeing Week. Pupils in P4-P7 learned who to call in an emergency, how to place someone in the recovery position, how to do chest compressions and how to aid someone who is choking.

They also now know what the school defibrillator looks like, where it is kept and what it is used for.

Here are P5K showing us what they learned:

Mould investigation

As part of their topic about scientists and inventors, the pupils in P7B have been learning all about microorganisms and the work of Alexander Fleming.  To further develop their knowledge of the factors which cause mould to grow, the pupils carried out their own investigations. They worked in groups to plan and conduct a fair test by deciding upon independent and consideration trolled variables. The pupils are going to monitor the development of the mould of the next few days and record their findings.

Health and Wellbeing Week

Health and Wellbeing Week 

Monday 7th until Friday 11th at St. Mary’s.

Visitors who will be delivering workshops include the SSPCA, Heartstart, Andrea from the University of Stirling, Active Stirling, nursery staff and parents.

Resources from our local NHS Centre were ordered and delivered  on Friday to support teachers deliver lessons throughout the week.

The week will also include  the celebration of Mass on Friday to ensure that all aspects of our wellbeing have had an opportunity to be addressed and reflected upon.

Watch this space to see what sessions your child(ren) have taken part in throughout the week.