Busy week in P5C!

This week we have been working on decimals, looking at adding tenths and working with money.

The children had fun using the I- pads to play money games.















We have also been looking at our talking and listening skills. We focussed on our questioning skills using the old fashioned version of ‘Heads Up’. We used post it notes stuck to our foreheads and we had to guess who the person was, using good questioning skills. Only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers were allowed.











All children have worked hard in swimming and this week was no exception when they had to wear pyjamas in the pool and then use the trousers as a buoyancy aid.



Green fingers in P1F

All the children were very excited as we had a lovely surprise in our classroom this morning. The Friendly Dragon left us the Dmail box with some interesting things inside. The Dragon left us everything we need to grow our own beanstalks!

The children were very excited to grow their own beanstalks and all got stuck right into it!

The children were delighted with planting their beans and we are looking forward to watching them grow just like our class beanstalk below that we all made together!

We are looking forward to more Fairyland filled adventures next week!

Miss Farley

Busy as Usual

All the children enjoyed their Christmas Holiday and have been working hard since they returned.

Our current focus for Maths and Numeracy is working with numbers up to 2 or 3 decimal places. We have identified the value of the digits, their position in a number line and why decimals are important to recognise; measurement and money are examples.  The class always enjoy the interactive games we play to consolidate their learning.

We are starting a new topic on Animation and Disney; the children worked within 3 groups and created mind maps to show me their current level of understanding and what they would like to find out. Watch this space!

Mr Grant is back with us again this term to support our Science and Technology lessons. We are currently planning our Health and Wellbeing experiments and the equipment we shall need to support each.

Miss. White, our Music Specialist, worked this week with a group of children who volunteered to perform at our forthcoming Scottish Assembly.

This morning we took part in Week 1 of our Cricket Taster Session.  Lots of fun was had by all.

For Literacy I introduced direct speech by playing a ‘Guess Who Said’ game. First a ‘post it’ was placed on the back of a child and the class had to say a statement or expression associated with the famous person/character until they could be identified. Next each child wrote 3 different expressions in their jotter that they knew could be identified by their classmates. They continued to play this during lunch time.  Why don’t you try this at home…..

Rainforest Art Work

This week we found out our brand new topic for this term will be the Rainforest.

We thought carefully about what we already knew about the Rainforest and what we wanted to find out over the course of the term. We then looked at different pictures, photos and paintings of the rainforest to get an idea of what the rainforest looks like.  We particularly liked Henri Rousseau’s famous painting of a tiger hiding in amongst some long grass so we decided to create our own art work inspired by this painting.  Here are some of the finished pieces. Aren’t they wonderful?


First Week Back in P5C.

We have enjoyed our first week back in      Primary 5C.


Mr Grant was in to begin our Computing Science lessons. We discussed experiments and began planning our first experiment.








We had fun in music playing the Ukulele and singing a new song in Gaelic.







We discussed our New Year Resolutions and created our goals for 2018.







We listened to speeches from our three Eco candidates and voted for our class representative.


Amelie became the P5C class rep. Well done Amelie!




I would like to personally thank you all for the wonderful cards and gifts I received at Christmas time. It was very thoughtful and I was overwhelmed by your generosity.

Happy New Year !

What a surprise in P1F!

P1F had an exciting surprise left in their classroom yesterday by a surprise visitor who had came at night.  This visitor had left glittery footprints leading to a chair with a burnt letter and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ fairy tale.



We read the letter that was left to find it was from The Friendly Dragon who was very sad as Fairyland is disappearing and he doesn’t have a castle to protect.  The Friendly Dragon thinks that Fairyland is disappearing as children aren’t believing and are not reading enough fairy tales.  The Friendly Dragon has asked us to read more fairy tales and help rebuild Fairyland. 

The children were  so surprised to see the Friendly’s Dragon’s footprints and can’t wait to help!

We read Jack and the Beanstalk in class together  and decided that wanted to build a beanstalk for Fairyland. We have started to help rebuild  Fairyland but we know we have lots more to go. We are looking forward to what the Friendly Dragon will want us to do next!

Looking forward to our Fairyland adventures next week! Check back here to see more next week!

Miss Farley

The Friendly Dragon visits P1

Today something very strange, but exciting happened in Primary One.  We arrived into class this morning to find that we had had a visitor through the night!


All that was left were very large, glittery footprints, a copy of Jack and the Beanstalk and a letter.

We read the letter to find that it was from a friendly dragon who lived in a faraway place called Fairyland.  The dragon told us he was very sad because Fairyland was disappearing as a result of children not believing in or reading enough fairy tales.  He has asked us to try our best to rebuild Fairyland in our classroom, read lots of fairy tales and, of course, keep believing in them!