Over the past 2 weeks…..


Primary 4/5K have been working on Coin Multiplication which involves the multiplication of 2 digit numbers by 1,2,5,10,20,50 and 100 – the value of certain coins in pence. It is beneficial to know how to multiply, double and half numbers to complete the coin multiplication cards. The class have been practising using taught strategies and by playing educational math games on the i-Pads.


Our Science and Technology lessons continued with the recording of our pulse before and after exercise to test the hypothesis, ‘Does exercise increase your heart rate?’ Our results showed that for the majority of children it did, however we realised that taking your own pulse is quite difficult to do. So with the help of Mr Grant the class are going to build a sensor from computer parts that can do that for us!


In pairs the children used the laptops to research key facts about their chosen form of animation and created a document to share their findings with the rest of the class.  They have now made a thaumatrope and a zoetrope in school, which were 2 forms of early animation. Unsure what they are? Ask your child to explain how they work….

Congratulations to our Primary 5 children in the class who were awarded certificates for their personal achievements in swimming.

Well done boys and girls!




Over the next 10 weeks P7H will be taking part in a very exciting project called SCLINGOSHORTS. This project will help the pupils to develop their understanding of French language and culture in a very interesting and unique way. The pupils will work on creating their own French animation and also designing a pupils friendly website which will help other pupils with their language learning.

On Friday, the pupils were joined by Rory, Miriam and Naomi for their first session. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed this session where they worked on sound and recording with Rory, animation with Miriam and experienced story telling with Naomi. The pupils also worked to evaluate an existing language website to help them to generate ideas for their own webpage.

They are already very excited for the next session.