Cross Country Results

Congratulations again to all who participated in the races on Tuesday 6th February.

Here are your race times:

P7 Girls                                                                                                                     Time

634  Kara O Neill                                   St Mary’s (RC)                               9.53

633  Sophie Murphy                            St Mary’s (RC)                               10.44

635  Aliyah Rashid                                 St Mary’s (RC)                              11.56



490  David Goodbrand                       St Mary’s (RC)                               6.56

491  Charlie Gray                                  St Mary’s (RC)                               6.57

489  Zak Abernethy                              St Mary’s (RC)                               7.35

661  Ian Fletcher                                    St Mary’s (RC)                               7.55

492  Lewis McLuskey                           St Mary’s (RC)                               8.21

493  Shaun Menzies                             St Mary’s (RC)                               11.31


P6 Girls

295  Bailey Cooper                                 St Mary’s (RC)                               8.16

297  Carmen McKeown                      St Mary’s (RC)                               8.44

296  Lara McIntosh                               St Mary’s (RC)                               9.11

P6 Boys

659  Ruairaidh Docherty                   St Mary’s (RC)                               6.5

145  Connell O Hare                              St Mary’s (RC)                              10.12


What’s been happening in P5C?


We had fun making our Thaumatropes as part of our Disney & Animation Topic.


We designed and created Disney Fact Files for our display.









We enjoy our active comprehension lessons using working collaboratively and co-operatively with our group.







We are really enjoying the new songs with actions we are learning with Mr Orr and Mrs Barratt.



We had fun using the i-Pads during our active maths lesson. We played halving games and decimal games.







Mollie and Matthew were our recent Stars of the Week.

Well done to both of you.







The tickets for Think Dance are now on sale and can be purchased from the MacRobert Arts Centre.

Enjoy your February break!

Will it sink or will it float?

This week at Science Club we were learning about why some objects sink in water and why other objects float.  As a starter, we watched a SGI version of the Titanic ship sinking and why one side of the ship  started sinking first .  We carried out a class experiment and made predictions if the objects would float or sink.

The children then had to work in teams or individually to create their own floating device. Here you can see the children hard at work!

We had lots of fun finding if our creation could float! We all made predictions first and we all enjoyed being right.

The Science Club members were very proud of their creations and wanted you see them too!

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday and we will start back for more fun on Tuesday 20th February.

Miss Farley

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Workshop In P5/6

P5/6 had a fantastic Science workshop led by Mrs Sherard from SERC.

We learned about pneumatic and hydraulics in a practical, fun way. It taught us a lot more about solids, liquids and gases.

 We tested compressing solids, liquids and gasses.

Then we made an tested a simple pneumatic system.

We added water to our system to make a hydraulic system which we had to bleed and test.

Mrs Sherard showed us a model bat whose mouth opened and closed with a simple pneumatic system.

We each got our own materials to design and make our own models.

We had a great time.

These are Mrs Sherard’s examples we will post ours when they are fully designed.

P5/6 Fantastic Homework!

P5/6 have produced some amazing homework based on their Titanic topic.

Bailey and Ryan had a quick draw Titanic lesson to win a prize.

Orla prepared the most amazing Iceberg cupcakes to decorate in class.

Mrs Abraham really enjoyed eating her cake!


We had to put cream icing on top of a lovely homemade cake.

Then we shaped and placed blue icing on top for the sea.






We then used a tool to cut white icing into an iceberg shape to place on top of the sea.