Working hard in P1F

We have been working and learning a lot to do with our under the sea topic. We have been learning about submarines and why submarines can help us with learning about under the sea. We created a class submarine for us all to have fun in during choosing time but we also designed our own submarines and put ourselves as the drivers.

The children really enjoyed showing each other the objects they brought in that began with ‘p’, ‘i’ or ‘n’.  There were so many different objects that helped us have a discussion on the initial sounds. The children wanted to show you all their items too.


The children have been working really had on number 2 and we have been practising forming the 2 many different ways. Here we are forming the number 2 on the whiteboards and showing each other.


The children have been working very hard that Miss Farley has been making sure they are having choosing time too. Here are a few of the things we are enjoying.


Happy Birthday Ronan! We had a great time celebrating your birthday and enjoyed singing happy birthday to you. Hope you enjoyed your birthday party.

Looking forward to next week and seeing all the learning we will be doing.
Miss Farley



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