P4/5 ‘Design Engineers’ – Collaborative Learning

The class have been learning all about what it is to be a design engineer. In the role of design engineers they were set the task of constructing a tower, to be as tall as possible,  using only art straws and plasticine. They were given scissors at the group table and a time limit of 45 minutes was given.  I observed and recorded their progress and some comments made throughout the task. No adult support or intervention was allowed.  How did they do?


When finished the class decided they need to continue to work on their group skills of communicating with each other before and during a task, their planning before starting a task, deciding group roles based on individuals’ skills and staying positive and persevering regardless of the challenges they face. Although they were not all pleased with their completed tower they learned so much about what it takes to complete a group task successfully.  This should be reflected upon when they are given their next practical group task. Watch this space…….

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