STEM fun in P1F

This week has been filled with lots of fun and creative activities that have been linked with our topic and STEM.  The children used a range of materials from chalk to pipe cleaners to make their name. This allowed us as a class to discuss the shape of the different letters and look at uppercase. Here you can see the children are hard at work with their names.

The children in drama have been focusing on how to portray the different characters from the Three Billy Goats Gruff using their facial expressions and body movements. After getting the children to act out a character of their choice, the rest of the class had to guess what one they were. After this activity, the children had to work in their drama teams to make the bridge from the Three Billy Goats. The children were challenged with having to make their bridge stand. The children worked really hard and made some fantastic bridges.

As a class we created our own little ocean in a vase where the fish were swimming and the water was clear. I started to explain to the children that rubbish, oils and toxins are being thrown into the ocean and are affecting the fish. I then began to show the children by adding ‘rubbish’ into the vase which led to a discussion of how we could help the fish and their home.

Our last STEM and topic activity was to create jellyfish! We learned some interesting facts about jellyfish and that they have no bones or a heart! The children discussed the details of the shape of the jellyfish and that the tentacles do not look all the same. The children worked in pairs and could use a variety of materials to create their wobbly masterpieces.

After all our hard work, we deserved fun in the garden with P1S

The children have worked so hard this term and have been joy to teach. Hope you all have a lovely October holiday.

Miss Farley


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