What a surprise in P1F!

P1F had an exciting surprise left in their classroom yesterday by a surprise visitor who had came at night.  This visitor had left glittery footprints leading to a chair with a burnt letter and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ fairy tale.



We read the letter that was left to find it was from The Friendly Dragon who was very sad as Fairyland is disappearing and he doesn’t have a castle to protect.  The Friendly Dragon thinks that Fairyland is disappearing as children aren’t believing and are not reading enough fairy tales.  The Friendly Dragon has asked us to read more fairy tales and help rebuild Fairyland. 

The children were  so surprised to see the Friendly’s Dragon’s footprints and can’t wait to help!

We read Jack and the Beanstalk in class together  and decided that wanted to build a beanstalk for Fairyland. We have started to help rebuild  Fairyland but we know we have lots more to go. We are looking forward to what the Friendly Dragon will want us to do next!

Looking forward to our Fairyland adventures next week! Check back here to see more next week!

Miss Farley

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