Number 5 and Autumn fun!

Primary 1F have been working really hard on our counting and learning about number 5. To help us form number 5 we have been practising our rhyme and using whiteboards.

To help our counting, we have been playing a range of counting games on the Interactive Whiteboard or board games. Here are a few photos of our hard work.

Playing the seashell counting game which has been helping us count to 6 and number 1 to 6 recognition. We have had fun playing this game with our friends.

The Interactive Whiteboard has allowed us to learn about ordering numbers 1 to 10 as well as counting. The children enjoy counting the sweets on the gingerbread man as well as the underwater counting game where they are counting the sea creatures that they have been learning about during topic time.

This has been a new activity for the children this week and this will be an activity that they will become familiar with next week. Our 1 to 1 correspondence activity has allowed us to recognise a number  from 1 to 10 and put the correct number of raindrops or sprinkles (pompoms) on the cards.

The children have been learning about the changes in autumn. We went outside in the playground to look at the trees and seen that the leaves have been changing colours and beginning to fall. We picked up some leaves to look at the different shapes and sizes then brought them back to the classroom to help with our autumn pictures. You can see above how much fun we had painting the leaves and printing them on our picture.

We have been learning ‘was’ and ‘cross’ this week and we have enjoyed using our new Stage 2 words (pink) and our Stage 1 words (white) to make sentences and some silly ones too!

Next week is  focusing on  STEM as a whole school. There will be lots of fun activities for the children to enjoy and photographs will be posted on the blog.

Miss Farley

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