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Welcome to Nature Nudge.

We absolutely love hearing your feedback and are delighted to see so many of you getting out into nature.  Have a look at the Nature Nudge in our Community page to see what people are doing and finding in nature.  If you would like to share your activities with us:  perhaps a story you wrote; a photo of what you found or a drawing you did please send them, or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future Nature Nudge video let us know.

Note to teachers/parents/carers: Click on this link for the Nature Nudge Chilli challenge. NN-Chilli-Challenge.The Chilli rating suggests difficulty of task or challenge it might offer. This summary sheet should help you find suitable age appropriate activities for your pupils/children and there should be something for everyone.  More detail and helpful info for each topic are in the links below that video. 


Purlin ida ebb activity ideas:

Nature Nudge – ebb 1 info

Questions from Conservation Education newsletter

ANSWERS Conservation Education newsletter

Explain the tides to your family

Make Your Own Seaweed Art

Look at it dis wye – Activity Ideas:

Look at it dis wye

Make a Sound map


Starlings are brilliant mimics.  Karen caught Starlings mimicking a local dog on the video.  I heard one mimicking a Lapwing but I didn’t get it recorded.  Listen closely to the Starlings – you never know what you might hear….  Click the link below to meet Stella and see what we mean….

Dell Deeper – Activity Ideas:

Nature-Nudge Dell Deeper activities



Questions on Fat in Soil bacteria Article

ANSWERS Fat in Soil bacteria Article

Dell even Deeper – Shetland’s Soils

(The full interview with Jonathan Swale SNH)

Dell even Deeper – Germination

Caroline explains germination in more depth and grows her own tatties and strawberries

Hugely impressed with the Jamieson boys for going and finnin dir ain maet and then eating their whelks with such enthusiasm. WELL DONE YOU boys. Your video is absolutely brilliant. The question is… did your dad aet up his whelks too?? 🙂

Fin your ain maet:   activity ideas

Nature-Nudge-Fin your ain maet-activities

Kelp Crisps

Nettle Soup

Soorick Pesto

Shore Crab Bisque

Questions Seaweed Article

Answers Seaweed Article

Peerie Hames – Activity Ideas

Nature Nudge- Activities for Peerie Hames


Bumble Bee Survey:

RSPB Wader recording Sheet: Nature_Nudge_Wader_recording_sheet

Troo Peerie Eyes – suggested activities

Troo Peerie Eyes activities

Lost Words

The Lost Words Blessing Lyrics

Crangs and Thangs – suggested activities

Nature Nudge- Crangs and Thangs Activities




Wirkin wi Nature – suggested activities

Activities for Wirkin wi Nature


Sit Spot and Story

“It’s a skill as old as time—to go out into nature, find amazing things and bring them back to your tribe. But it’s not enough to lay down your find and hope your people understand, you have to share how you found it and what happened inside your heart when you did.

K MacKelvie

Encouraging the mindful practice of sitting still and quiet in one spot can be so rewarding, as wildlife gets to know you and starts interacting with you. Telling the stories of what happened in your daily sit spot deepens the experience and connects us all together – especially important in these COVID times.

Sit Spot and Story encourages children and young people to feed birds, find a daily sit spot and observe the birds in Shetland then to tell the story of what they have observed. The following links and ideas can be used for children and young people of any age:

Sit Spot Story_guidance


BGBW Shetland bird ID

Big Schools’ Birdwatch registration is now open and this year is even more exciting as we are offering live lessons in partnership with BBC Two’s Winterwatch.

Check out the link below to find out more about the live lessons…/big-schools-winterwatch…/zv8vn9q

For those teachers delivering some form of in school learning, to register to take part in Big Schools’ Birdwatch follow the link below…/for-teachers/schools-birdwatch/

For those doing home learning, families can take part in Big Garden Birdwatch by following this link…/for…/schools-birdwatch/…]




8 thoughts on “Nature Nudge – Videos and Activities

  1. Super video Mrs Simpson and Karen, really enjoyed seeing the different crabs! Thanks for the information on the sea anemones! Our favourite place to hock in the ebb is down at the Hamnavoe pier. Ross & Magnus

  2. The boys haid a brilliant day Ida ebb yesterday! They raved aboot it aa night! So much to fin if you joost tak the time to look fir it!
    Thank you.

  3. We absolutely love watching the clips on Nature Nudge. You can definitely expect to get more photos from Annika! Thanks so much to Caroline and Karen for their fab efforts putting all this together. 🙂

  4. It’s half past 5 in the morning & me & Mam have just been listening to the dawn chorus! It was absolutely brilliant! Here is a list of all the birds we heard: lapwing, geese, crows, pigeon, starlings, seagulls, shalders & curlews

    1. I am delighted to hear that Ollie, well done you! That’s quite an impressive list too! Isn’t it amazing how noisy it is at that time of morning? 🙂

  5. We loved watching your video and had an ‘extra great’ time, when we made for da ebb steens! Alexander was in his element we da rock pools, different seaweeds and idder bits dat he minded you speaking about in da Purlin aa ebb video!

  6. Great videos Caroline and Karen, thought I would watch one and got hooked in to watch the rest! Loved seeing the Jamieson boys doon at da pier gathering whelks and trying them too.


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