Welcome to Shetland Digital School Hub. This site is intended to provide guidance and support  to parents/carers, staff and pupils during these unprecedented times.

In April 2020 the OECD Published a report ‘Quality education for all during Covid-19 crisis‘. Within this report it states:

‘However, the mental and emotional shift for teachers, parents, and students is massive. While educators scramble to set up ‘homeschools’, it is necessary to realise that a stressed mental state is not productive to teach or learn. Educators, parents, and students need to focus first on adjusting to new healthy routines and environments, which will take time to develop. With little assurance when emergency homeschooling will end at this stage, we should take the time we need for our safety and well being first and foremost.’

The following documents, produced by Children’s Services,  provide guidance on:

Remote Learning
Learning at Home in the Broad General Education

Supporting Pupils, Parents And Teachers – Learning During Term 4 – 20 April 2020                     This document prepared by the Scottish Government and Education Scotland, with helpful advice and input from COSLA, Solace, ADES and professional associations, gives an overview of the shared expectations at a national and local level of what we will all do to support children and young people in Scotland. It outlines how we will ensure that learning continues for children and young people during Term 4.

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