Staff find themselves in unchartered waters and all trying to do what is best for the learners in their class(es).  Some staff have spent a significant amount of time engaging in professional learning around the use of technology to deliver remote learning. This hard work and dedication will ensure that learning can continue through the difficult and challenging weeks or months ahead.  It will also ensure that learners have access to their teacher for support and guidance.

During this time schools remain responsible for the education of their children and young people.  Learning materials and support must therefore be provided by teaching staff. However, supporting the health and wellbeing of pupils is paramount.  It is likely that children and families will be experiencing significant levels of anxiety at the moment, and focusing on health and wellbeing must take priority.

A number of pages have been developed to support staff:

Curriculum Support  – this page pulls together links to a wide range of websites offering learning materials which can be shared with learners or downloaded and adapted for learners. The Pupil Website Page may also provide some useful and worthwhile links.  A Nature Nudge has been added to encourage learners to get outside and engage with nature.  The page contains locally produced videos which  provide learners with information about nature in Shetland. There are also some activity ideas that you may wish to encourage the learners in your class to do.

Digital Skills  – this page offers support for staff to develop their digital skills. It also includes links to professional development opportunities

Staff Welfare – this page signposts staff to welfare support available to them during these difficult times.  Staff may also find some of the links on the Health and Wellbeing page useful to support their physical and mental health.

A page is also available to support staff with their professional development and professional reading. 

Additional Support Needs – this page will contains links and advice for supporting learners with additional support needs.

The GTCS have published a guide for online good practice.  – useful resources for staff and to share with Parents

Education Scotland have recently produced a document providing guidance, advice and considerations for all practitioners who are engaging in the delivery of teaching and learning online.

Delivering Teaching and Learning Online

Education staff  are encouraged to share views on what additional support they require. A new workforce support group created in response to Covid-19 is surveying Scotland’s education workforce, including early learning and childcare, to find out what additional training and wellbeing support is needed. A support document and link to the survey can be found here: Professional Learning and Wellbeing Support and Survey