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Returning to School

Nurture; reconnection, recovery and resilience

About me: Here

Parent/Carer Journal: Here

Primary Workbook: Here

Primary Wellbeing: Here

Secondary Workbook: Here

Secondary Wellbeing: Here

Social Scenario Tool: Here

Useful links about returning to school including NHS Grampian Parent Resource Pack and Third NAIT: Here

Wellbeing Advice and Resources for Parents: Talking to Children About Coronavirus

Shetlands Islands Council: Educational Psychology Service Here

Supporting Children with Autism Through Uncertain Times: Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute Here

Supporting Children and Young People with Autism at Home: Autism Toolbox Here

UNICEF- A helpful guide to having conversations with children Here

Information for children around Coronavirus BBC Newsround Here

Supporting Children and Young People at Home – Covid 19 – Addressing Dyslexia: Here

CAMHS Resources: Here

Looking after yourself: Here

What is the Coronavirus: Here

Information about coronavirus: Here

Social Stories

Pandemics and the Coronavirus: Carol Gray  Here

Coronavirus- a social story for younger children Here

School is closed social story Here

Groups & Activities: Here

Learning at home: Here

Learning at school: Here

What is social distancing?: Here

What do I do if I sneeze or cough?: Here

Learning about the coronavirus: Here

Managing Anxiety and Self Regulation

Resilience Boat worksheet from YoungMinds

3Rs: How to support a child in distress: Here

NAIT Anxiety Related Absence Guidance: Here

Pandemic toolkit: 8 Expert tips to help families stay regulated Here

Advice for helping young people and their families manage their anxiety about COVID-19

NHS Scotland, COSLA,NCP, Young Scot and Youth Link Scotland Here

Dave the Dog learns about Coronavirus from Nurse Dotty- a story for anxious young children Here

A Coping Calendar for Health and Wellbeing: Action for Happiness Here – Help me – My Learning and Support during Coronavirus: Here

ZEN Schools Leaflet Here

ZEN Schools Guidance Here

ZEN Schools Training Here

Mindfulness: Activities for at home Here

Worry Monster Toolkit: Here

Worry Monster Toolkit Word Version: Here

Managing Emotions Toolkit: Here

Managing Emotions Toolkit Word Version: Here

Survival In school Here

The Zones of Regulation Resources: Here


Advice on talking to bereaved children and young people whose anxiety may naturally be raised around Coronavirus: Here

A video guide to supporting bereaved children through difficult times. Here

Contact Support Organisations for parents.

This is not an exhaustive list and will be updated as required.

National Autistic Society: Here

Parentline Scotland: Here

Young Minds: Here

Young Scot: Here

 Signposting Information to Support Educational Practitioners

Education Scotland Signposting for teachers… Here

Shetland’s Mental Health Directory for Professionals: Here