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Professional Learning and Leadership – COVID 19 – School leadership in disruptive times.



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The articles below may be useful if you are considering implementing Play Pedagogy in your setting – these are just examples of reading which may be useful for background knowledge.







1 in 4 children are living in poverty in Scotland and this was before the current pandemic. – Can we put the ‘poverty of aspiration’ myth to bed now – Dr Morag Treanor


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EEF Metacognition

1- What are metacognition and self – Metacognition and self-regulation

Recommendation 1 – Metacognition

Recommendation 2 – Metacognition

Recommendation 3 – Metacognition

Recommendation 4 – Metacognition

Recommendation 5 – Metacognition

Recommendation 6 – Metacognition

Recommendation 7 – Metacognition

Image result for free images familyParental Engagement – Parental Engagement in Children’s Learning Narrowing the Achievement Gap – Dr Janet Goodall

Cost of the School Day

How are you considering Cost of the School Day in your setting and promoting equity for all?

The Northern AllianceNorthern Alliance


Additional Support Needs

Training for LSW

Training for teachers

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Powerpoint: Here

Introduction to Zones of Regulation Powerpoint: Here

ADHD Powerpoint: Here

Image result for free images websitesOther links: – Is coronavirus affecting your education or work? Explore online courses to continue studying, build professional skills, and connect with experts. – Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences            Early Trauma Online Learning

Free online STEM training List of available courses here

Education Scotland has recently launched their new Numeracy and Maths Professional Learning Community. It may be accessed through glow via this link:


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 When the Adults Change, Everything Changes – Paul Dix

 How I wish I’d Taught Maths – Craig Barton