Chocolate Data Challenge

There has been lots of excitement in class since we found out we were taking on the Chocolate Data Challenge.

First we had to collect the data on how many varieties of chocolates there were in our tub and then show the results in a table.

Next we surveyed the class to find out which chocolate each person would choose as their favourite. This was not easy as we all had different brands!

We then made a comparison graph to display the data we had collected. We compared the amount of each type in our box with the ones that people liked best.

After that, we analysed our data to answer questions from Mrs Brown. We shared our findings with the class. We found that the chocolate which occurs most in the box is usually the heaviest and not the favourite. Lots of us had different favourites though so this could vary.

Our final task was probably the hardest!! We had to divide the chocolates equally between our group so we all went home with the same amount but had to decide on how we could each get the chocolates we preferred. It was not as simple as just dividing up the chocolates and we came up with lots of different ways to do this so it was fair and kind.  We definitely won’t be eating them all at once!

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