P7B Review of the Week 21.8.20

We’re at the end of our second week back and it has been full of hard work. Reflect on the following questions to review your week.

  1. When were you at your best this week?

  2. What surprised you the most this week?

  3. What can you do with what you learnt?

  4. What suggestions do you have for next week?

5 thoughts on “P7B Review of the Week 21.8.20”

  1. I was at my best when It was quiet in the class.
    What surprised me this week was drawing a self portrait and how it came out
    Lots of things
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  2. 1. I was my best when we were doing PE because I liked jumping over the hurdle and I liked sprinting.

    2.The weather because most days it was raining and then one day it was very hot.

    3.I can do more harder maths sheets.

    4.To try my hardest and to concentrate on my work.

  3. I was at my best when I was quiet
    What surprised me this week was that we had to not use our script for the video
    I can use my iPad better
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  4. 1.When I was doing my self portrait
    2.I haven’t really been surprised
    3.learn more about the topic
    4.I don’t have any ideas for suggestions sorry

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