What is the best soil for plant growth?

We have set up an experiment to find out what is the best soil for plant growth.  Is it top soil, peat, compost with zinc or compost with potassium?  We made sure that we had only one variable – the soil and everything else was exactly the same (amount of water, amount soil, pot and seeds).

We have predicted what soil we think will produce the best plant growth and we are really looking forward to observing the growth of the sunflower seeds.

3 thoughts on “What is the best soil for plant growth?”

  1. The nursery have been learning about planting too! We would love to come and see what your class have been up to!

    1. We’d love to have the nursery boys and girls come and visit. They could help us water and measure our tomato plants.

  2. Wow I loved making the plants 🌱 it was awesome my plant was the “Compost with potassium” my friend Aimee’s was the tallest until it snapped and she had Zinc then my one was the tallest the tallest one was about 14cm it was really tall

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