Fire Fighter Scott visits Primary 5

We had a good time listening to Fire Fighter Scott as he told us about his job as a Fire Fighter.

Alfie C – thought it was really funny seeing Mrs Scott in the fire fighters uniform.

Firemen wear steel toe capped boots and Rana tested how strong they were and jumped on Mrs Scott’s feet.   Mrs Scott reports that it did not hurt!

Sam said that it felt really heavy and really hot wearing the uniform.

We learned about different jobs in the Fire Service – Aimee.

Lewis said that he learned what happens when a 999 call is answered.

Thomas found it interesting that once a 999 call was received, the control room then sent a signal to the fire station giving details of where  and what.

William Mac liked to find out about the uniform and how quick firemen can put it on.

Oliver J felt that the information about Retaining Stations and firemen in Peebles was interesting as they had to keep their pagers with them at all times and no matter what they were doing they would have to drop everything and get to the station as quickly as possible.

3 thoughts on “Fire Fighter Scott visits Primary 5”

  1. I really enjoyed Mr Scott telling us about the 999 service, it was really helpful incase we ever need to use it.

  2. Many thanks for allowing me the opportunity to come along and talk to all of the primary five pupils about a career in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. A fantastic morning filled with enthusiasm and great listening. Excellent questions along the way. Glad to see so many thinking about becoming future firefighters!

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