Primary 7 Shared Learning

Primary 5 had an exciting afternoon when Primary 7 came into class to share their learning.  Each group had worked hard preparing a presentation which actively involved our class.  We enjoyed a tectonic plate activity with crackers and cream – we actually enjoyed eating the tectonic plates and the magma!!  We identified the Pacific Ring of Fire on a world map.  We watched a volcano erupt.  We witnessed the devastation to Pompeii after Mount Vesuvius erupted.  We learned about the 2015 flood in our own town, Peebles and how there is still some damage visible.  There was a little drama to explain a tsunami and we got to practise a drill to keep safe during an earthquake – Drop, Cover and Hold.   There was also a quiz at the end to see if we had been paying attention!

Well done  Primary 7 and thank you.   You have worked very hard on  your presentations.  You explained everything clearly and enthusiastically.  It was great seeing you demonstrate and apply your knowledge and understanding.  This has also helped to reinforce key learning involved in our topic on Natural Disasters too.

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