Nativity volunteer costume makers and baseball caps needed


Do you have old baseball caps at home? We could convert these into cockerel or owl heads. For our 2 owls – white and brown would be ideal, but other colours are possible. For the cockerel – white or green or brown would be great.

The costumes are simple. We are mainly asking the children to provide a t-shirt and trousers and we supply the rest. We already have several fantastic sheep, donkey and mice masks.

It would be a great help to us if a group of parents could come in next week to make 2 camel masks  and a cow mask (Mrs. Ryalls will have made one of each for you to copy) and to cover the baseball caps as owl eyes and a cockerel head.

Does anyone have

a onesie that would look like a dog?

onesies for our 2 cows?

black leotards for our 2 cats or cat costumes from Halloween?

a white judo suit for our snowy owl?

a grey tracksuit for our donkey?

Most of the children have animal roles so we shall require quite a few black or brown t-shirts.


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