Wow! We have built an amazing Egyptian pyramid in our classroom.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr. Herd who helped us to build a strong pyramid in the corner of our room. He talked to us about the P4 design ideas. Then he took photos of the corner and drew an engineering drawing of a plan for the pyramid. Joseph helped him at home with this.

On Thursday 27th October Mr. Herd came to our classroom with lots of boxes and some real engineering drawings. Wow!

All the P4s helped. They started with 2 metre long bamboo canes. They taped two together to make it strong. They made an entrance, which you have to crawl through. They added boxes like Egyptian stone blocks to make part of the wall. The outside is covered with sandy coloured material.

We plan to add paper to the wall and then decorate it with our Topic words and hieroglyphics.

Thank you so much Mr. Herd, Joseph, Joshua, Adam, Ruaridh, Paddy, Lucien and Jay. It’s a masterpiece!


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