Hygiene Experiment

Do you always wash your hands when you should?

Well, we did an experiment to see what happens when you don’t!

We took 3 slices of white bread and put them into sealed plastic bags.  One had not been touched at all, except by a clean rubber glove, and was our control slice.  The second we all touched BEFORE we had washed our hands.  The third we all touched AFTER we had cleaned our hands really well.  We left them for 2 weeks.

Look at the results – pretty disgusting!!

Art Ex Feb 043 Art Ex Feb 040

The slice we passed round AFTER washing our hands also had a bit of mould on it but wasn’t quite as horrible!  We have learned to always was our hands before we eat and after using the toilet.  We also need to wash our hands when we cough or sneeze on them!!


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