Mud snails

Mud snails 🐌

Bug life came in to speak with us and spoke about mud snails. There going to leave us some mud snails to look after for them to grow up to adult snails to increase the population.

Buglife explained what there about, mud snails are rare and there only 7 ponds in Scotland where they live.

⁃ Activity 1) Colour a snail in and put a fact on it’s shell then name them.
⁃ Activity 2) Match snails by there adult and there baby snail.
⁃ Activity 3) Word-search things to do with mud snails and colour 3 bugs/insects in.

“Lost Words” Poems

We have been reading some of The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane. We wrote acrostics poems of our own. Click the thumbnails to see bigger versions.


Update: We had a nice comment on Twitter from Robert Macfarlane


BBC big bird watch 2018

BBC big bird watch Primary 4-7

One day we went to participate in the BBC big bird watch so we went round Banton not right round so we went past every single house but we did go round the majority of the village. Mr Carter was here because he helps us with the nature sort of stuff at our school. We went round after lunch time it took us a while.

We seen loads of birds like
• Blackbirds
• Robins
• Blue tits
• Street pigeons
• Collared dove
• Starlings
• Jackdaws
• Chaffinch
• Crow
• House sparrows
• Rooks
• Carrion crows
• Wood pigeons

There was 109 different birds we spotted the most common birds we spotted were starlings and jackdaws it was quite fun some people had binoculars with them like people took shots of Mr. Johnson’s and Mr. Carter also had some and me too. It was a amazing time for some of us but some people moaned about how sour there feet and legs were.

you can read about some of the birds we see in Banton Birds. 

By Emma