The great adventurers week 24

Last week the social skill was talking nicely to one another. The children played a memory game in their groups where they had to try and find two cards which were the same. They practised taking turns and saying good job when someone else found a match.

In numeracy some of the children are practising sequencing numbers to 20 and finding missing numbers.

They enjoyed doing some planting on Wednesday morning and afternoon at stay and play.

A number of children have enjoyed playing with the new wooden cart in the garden.

Some children worked together to build a wall. Postman Pat carried the bricks they needed on his van.

In big noise the children enjoyed playing to the beat and singing different rhymes.

Dahlia and Oscar have been practising counting out different quantities.

Sophie and Ivy found different sticks in the garden comparing them by appearance and size. They also used them to practise counting.

Kayla enjoyed painting a picture.

Leila-Rose and Zac were helping to prepare snack.

The children had lots of fun this week playing with boxes.

Some children enjoyed mixing making their own potions.

Jorgie and Jack enjoyed playing football together taking turns to pass the ball to one another.

Some children enjoyed playing on the crash mat in the garden.

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