The great adventurers week 22

This week the great adventurers were learning about the word lonely meaning you are sad because you are on your own. They had to decide whether different play situations would make them lonely or not lonely. They talked about ways to stop their nursery friends feeling lonely by talking to them if they are on their own or inviting them to play with them.

In numeracy they were practising counting out quantities using different objects.

The social skill for last week was to take turns. The children played dominoes in their groups and has to wait until their turn to play.

The children had lots of fun out in the mud looking for worms.


The children were practising their gross motor skills and enjoyed some time in the school playground having greater opportunities to climb.


Some children enjoyed building models using mobile following instructions.

In the water tray they used the soapy water and sponges to clean the windows.

Jack did some drawing and practised writing his name.

Cole and Carson enjoyed a visit to the great adventurers room exploring the trucks and doing some mark making.


The children also developed their gross motor skills out in the garden on the bikes and scooters and climbing on the boat.


Oscar enjoyed doing a puzzle.

A group of children enjoyed doing an alphabet puzzle. Freddie showed he knew all of the letter names and the sounds each letter makes. He was able to match capital letters with small letters.

Radwan enjoyed experimenting with different liquids and mixing them together to see what happened.

This week our new fire pit was also set up in the great adventurers garden. We are looking forward to sitting round it together.

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