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Postcard Project

A walk in the sunshine to post our cards.

We have joined a new postcard project where we can send and receive postcards all around the world.

It was started By Mrs Leakey and her class in New Zealand. Click here to go to her class blog and read more about it.

We started receiving postcards very quickly after we had joined the project. So far, we have had postcards from our friends at Burravoe PS in Shetland, Hawaii and other American states, Canada and Australia.

Today, we posted cards back to all these classes and some more to those on the list such as Russia and New Zealand.

Some of the postcards we have been sent.

We used all this postcard activity to discuss the ways in which postcards differ from letters and looked at the layout and features of a postcard. We practised writing postcards to tell people all about Arbroath.

This postcard was to the band AC/DC.

Instructions and leaflets

This term we are concentrating on non-fiction writing and the features of non-fiction books. In the morning we worked in groups to write instructions for the bird feeders we made on our special Eco day. This group worked really well together and produced a super set of instructions. They reached all the writing targets by numbering their instructions and writing about the steps in order, including all the important information while making sure it made sense and using bossy verbs. Well done!

In the afternoon we discussed some of the features of non-fiction books using our library topic books about Antarctica. We looked at the contents page and the purpose of a glossary. We also looked at how the cover might differ from a fiction book.

We then began to make leaflets about Antarctica. We chose penguins to decorate the cover of the leaflet. We will finish these over the coming weeks.

Some of our leaflets.

More toothy activities!

This term we will be concentrating on non-fiction writing. Today, we wrote our own instructions for brushing our teeth. We spoke about the importance of making sure our instructions are written in the right order.

In the afternoon we learned about the structure of a tooth. We learned that the outer layer is called enamel, the layer under that is called dentine and the middle is very soft and called pulp. We made our own paper models of the layers of the tooth and labelled them.

Concentrating on the tricky bits!
The inside of a tooth.

Here is a good website for learning about the structure of a tooth.

Letters to Santa

Our letters are ready!

Today we wrote our letters to Santa. We are learning the correct layout for a letter and how to address an envelope correctly. We also had to remember to use our best handwriting and spelling as Mrs Stewart said Santa is very fussy about these things! After we had finished we went to post them. We will be checking our post at home every morning for our replies.


Storybird is a fantastic website which enables you to write books using the illustrations of established artists.  You can even get the books printed properly and then buy them if you want to!

We have started to work in groups to create our Storybirds.  As we have been learning about adjectives, we had to try to use as many as we could in our book. Click on the links to have a look.

Our book of adjective creatures by Lewis, Sean, Lauren and Chloe on Storybird

Our Book of Adjective Creatures By Roxie, Archie, Heather and Taylor on Storybird

We will be putting more Storybirds on the blog as we write them.

The website allows collaborative storytelling which means one child can complete a page and then pass it on to the next to complete another page. We will be exploring this later in the year.