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Postcard Project

A walk in the sunshine to post our cards.

We have joined a new postcard project where we can send and receive postcards all around the world.

It was started By Mrs Leakey and her class in New Zealand. Click here to go to her class blog and read more about it.

We started receiving postcards very quickly after we had joined the project. So far, we have had postcards from our friends at Burravoe PS in Shetland, Hawaii and other American states, Canada and Australia.

Today, we posted cards back to all these classes and some more to those on the list such as Russia and New Zealand.

Some of the postcards we have been sent.

We used all this postcard activity to discuss the ways in which postcards differ from letters and looked at the layout and features of a postcard. We practised writing postcards to tell people all about Arbroath.

This postcard was to the band AC/DC.

Postcards to America

Walk on Wednesday

We have finally managed to get all our postcards for America ready. While we were out for our Walk on Wednesday we stopped by the postbox to send them.

We have had about 20 postcards from different American States but, since there are 50 altogether, we are still waiting on a few to arrive!

We have also joined another postcard project where we will be able to send postcards to different parts of the world.

Sending the postcards.