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Cliff Rescue Stories

We wrote about an exciting cliff top rescue in this week’s storywriting lesson. We were concentrating on introducing characters, setting and plot.

We have used a website called Youblisher.com to publish a selection of our stories, which we discovered via Burravoe in Shetland’s blog. It lets us turn our stories into an internet book. Click on the the bottom corner and the pages will turn just like a book.

Click here to read stories by Roxie, Taylor and Elidh.


Storybird is a fantastic website which enables you to write books using the illustrations of established artists.  You can even get the books printed properly and then buy them if you want to!

We have started to work in groups to create our Storybirds.  As we have been learning about adjectives, we had to try to use as many as we could in our book. Click on the links to have a look.

Our book of adjective creatures by Lewis, Sean, Lauren and Chloe on Storybird

Our Book of Adjective Creatures By Roxie, Archie, Heather and Taylor on Storybird

We will be putting more Storybirds on the blog as we write them.

The website allows collaborative storytelling which means one child can complete a page and then pass it on to the next to complete another page. We will be exploring this later in the year.