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More planting

Careful measuring required!

Some of us visited the allotment on Tuesday with Mrs Finlayson and Mrs Stewart to plant some onions. You can see our new raised beds in the photographs.

We took our rulers and had to check that we were planting them 10cms apart.

I wonder what we will plant next?


We'll be growing some of these!

A wee group of us went over to the allotment at lunchtime with Mrs Stewart and Mrs Finlayson. We dug another trench and planted some more potatoes.

We are really excited because the raised beds are going to be built next week.

Ready for work.
Working together.


Hard at work measuring and planting.

Today we all went over to the allotment to plant the first of our tatties. We were planting the Duke of Yorks.

The boys from Mrs Finlayson’s room had already dug a trench. We had to plant the potatoes 30cms apart, so we took our rulers with us to make sure they were far enough apart.

We ran out of space to plant all of the tatties so we are hoping to go over within the next couple of days to dig ourselves another trench.

On our way to the allotment.

More allotment news

Our allotment is making progress. The students from Angus College came to rotivate the soil and the boys in Mrs Finlayson’s class have tidied away some of the rubbish.

A big improvement!

We are hoping that some of the children in our class can go over in the coming weeks and help spread some compost on top.

We are planning to grow some potatoes to start off with. Mrs Finlayson came through to tell us about “chitting” potatoes. Chitting is the process of placing seed potatoes in a cool, light place to encourage strong sturdy shoots to grow before they are planted in the ground. We have placed some potatoes upright in an egg box in our classroom to “chit” them. We have two varieties called Maris Bard and Duke of York. We are hoping that these will be ready to harvest before the summer holidays.