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Our allotment is making progress. The students from Angus College came to rotivate the soil and the boys in Mrs Finlayson’s class have tidied away some of the rubbish.

A big improvement!

We are hoping that some of the children in our class can go over in the coming weeks and help spread some compost on top.

We are planning to grow some potatoes to start off with. Mrs Finlayson came through to tell us about “chitting” potatoes. Chitting is the process of placing seed potatoes in a cool, light place to encourage strong sturdy shoots to grow before they are planted in the ground. We have placed some potatoes upright in an egg box in our classroom to “chit” them. We have two varieties called Maris Bard and Duke of York. We are hoping that these will be ready to harvest before the summer holidays.

2 thoughts on “More allotment news”

  1. Hello P3S Superstars, I have browsed my way here via your friends in Shetland. I am Headteacher of a small school in North Yorkshire, England. Thank you for posting about chitting! I didn’t know anything about it and thought I was too late with my seed potatoes at school. You have saved the day and I am going to ‘chit’ them a little longer now we are on half-term holidays) and then they will be planted.
    We really must get some plant sgrowing in our grounds.
    Do you do a lot of gardening at your school? What is the most exciting/successful thing that you have grown?

    Mr E
    Hawes CP School

  2. Hello. Thank you very much for visiting our blog. We didn’t know about chitting either but fortunately we have a gardening expert in Mrs Finlayson who can help us.
    We are just getting our plot cleaned up and ready to plant but we will be keeping everyone up to date with our successes and allotment news via our blog. We will let you know what grows best!

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