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Flat Stanley visits the Dentist

Open wide Stanley!

Flat Stanley has been very quiet lately. It seems that he has been eating lots of sweeties from Mrs Stewart’s cupboard and not looking after his teeth very well! He has had a bit of toothache.

Luckily one of our Superstars was able to take him to the dentist.

Stanley was feeling a bit nervous!

Stanley was a bit reluctant to open his mouth at first but eventually the Dentist was able to have a good look. He didn’t need any fillings this time but the Dentist had to scrape away some of the plaque and said that he will neeed to try much harder at brushing and flossing in the future.

Now that the Supertstars know all about teeth they will be able to give him some good advice about looking after his teeth properly.

Snowy Warddykes

Cosy Stanley!

We were off yesterday due to all the snow. Quite a lot of children couldn’t make it in today because the snow is very deep and the paths are all very slippy.

Luckily Stanley was dressed for the weather!

In the morning we had fun painting some seasonal snowmen.

The snow started to fall really heavily at lunchtime. We were all sent home so we could build some real snowmen!

Anti Bullying Week (2)

Today we used our drama time to practise some techniques that could be used to deal with bullies.  We learned about the “broken record” and “fogging” methods. In groups of three we used role play to try these out.  We thought the techniques worked really well in our role play scenarios.

For more information go to: www.kidscape.org.uk

Role playing in groups.

During the week we had also discussed the importance of having good friends and what makes a good friend, especially after having watched the video “Whose side are you on?” on CBBC earlier in the week.

We all made friends for Flat Stanley so he had someone to look after him in the classroom when we are not there. We also wrote speech bubbles about ways in which we could be a good friend.

A Friend for Stanley

Flat Stanley Visits Arbroath Abbey

Flat Stanley is visiting our class.  He arrived in an envelope last week,  together with a copy of his book explaining how he became flat.  The book was written by an author called Jeff Brown.  Flat Stanley had written us a letter explaining that he wants to find out more about where we live.  We are all taking him home so that he can get to know us better.

On Friday, 27th August we took Flat Stanley to Arbroath Abbey. Arbroath Abbey is an important landmark in Arbroath and very famous in Scottish History because of its association with the Scottish Declaration of Independence.  You can find out more at these websites:



We dressed up as Monks and Brother Andrew paid us a visit from the past and told us what life was like in the Abbey more than 800 years ago.

You can see more photos of our visit by clicking on the link to the right. 

Hello from Primary 3S

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Flat Stanley is visiting us this year.  You can read his blog at:   https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/an/FlatStanleyandtheP3SSuperstars/ 

Mrs Stewart

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BLOG UPDATE (14th August, 2012)
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The P3S Superstars

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