Snowy Warddykes

Cosy Stanley!

We were off yesterday due to all the snow. Quite a lot of children couldn’t make it in today because the snow is very deep and the paths are all very slippy.

Luckily Stanley was dressed for the weather!

In the morning we had fun painting some seasonal snowmen.

The snow started to fall really heavily at lunchtime. We were all sent home so we could build some real snowmen!

12 thoughts on “Snowy Warddykes”

  1. Hello, I really like your snowmen pictures. I hope that Flat Stanley doesn’t get a cold with all the snow! The paths are slippy where I live too, I nearly slipped when I was coming out of my house this morning! OOPS

  2. Thank you Kay. I am wrapping up in my warmest clothes and drinking lots of hot shocolate to keep cosy! I hope you are too! Flat Stanley x

  3. Mrs Stewart was kind enough to get me some new cosy clothes and boots so I am very toasty. It must be very cold in Shetland, Lucy. Maybe I can come and visit you? I would really like to find out about school on an island. Let me know! Flat Stanley x

  4. Dear Superstars,
    You must have been so happy to have a snow day. We haven\’t had much snow here yet in Montreal, Quebec but it is getting cold. I think we might get some this weekend.
    I really like your Flat Stanley. He does look warm and cozy.
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful snowman pictures, too.
    Have a fun weekend.
    Mrs. Lynch

  5. Dear Superstars,
    Hi my name is BB but my real name is Bianca and I am from 2KM. Miss McGeady’s grade, I have my own blog and here is the link to check it out I hope you enjoy looking at my blog.

    Flat Stanley came to Australia Victoria to visit me. A wonderful teacher (Mrs Lynch) sent me Flat Stanaley and I took him everywhere with me.

    Then I sent him back to Canada to Mrs Lynch.

    Flat Stanley must be cosy in the snow. In Australia we do not have snow.

    I love your snowman pictures they look like a real snowman.

    Hope to hear from you,

    From Bianca BB.

  6. Hi Bianca. Thank you for posting on our blog. We love hearing from children in other schools around the world. We will have a look at your blog in class next week. You are very lucky to be in Mrs McGeady’s class – she looks likes she does really interesting things with you. Is it today she is getting married?

  7. Hello Mrs Lynch. Thank you for your message. We have had the most snow here that I can ever remember!! Don’t you get lots of snow in Canada too (when it comes)? We are glad you liked our snowman pictures. Our class loves art! I see that your blog has lot of different art sites to visit – we will have to have a look at them.

  8. @ Mrs Stewart,

    Thank you for replying back to me.

    Yes your are correct it is today Miss McGeady is getting married. The weather here is perfect today.
    Your new blogging buddy,

  9. @ Mrs Stewart,
    Sorry yes it was the 4th Miss McGeady got married, she has put up a wedding slideshow.
    You might like to view it.
    OPPs she is no long Miss McGeady it’s Mrs Morris.


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